Match vs Tinder: 2023 Dating Site Comparison Guide

Stuck between two of the most popular dating choices for online dating? Both Match and Tinder have long histories in the world of online connections, and both have received great feedback… but which is the best for you? Check out this Match vs Tinder head-to-head comparison.

Match vs Tinder: Overall Review

Match Rating: 7/10

tinder vs match

Match is a fairly straightforward app. In fact it is one of the oldest dating apps that is still very relevant in today’s world. It has a “don’t mess with success” type feel to it as they have found so much success with their simple matching style, messages, and profiles. The entire site is very easy to read, work through, and manage. Though it may be very simplistic it is still finding success both for themselves and for their users.

Tinder Rating: 7/10

Tinder has quickly gained the reputation of being a cornerstone in hookup culture. While some people are bound to be on there looking for long term, serious relationships, the likelihood of finding a lot of them has a lot to do with when and where you’re using the app. Everything about Tinder is young, sleek, and modern, you even choose your matches based on a glance at their profile. Even though Tinder is geared more towards shorter term relationships, the site is still useful and fun nonetheless!

Winner: It’s a Tie!

Both of these sites have really cool features and aspects that could make them the perfect match for you. Tinder is fun, sleek, and has an effortless feel. Match is timeless, easy to use, and simple. Both of them have such interesting features and even more interesting users. Which one is the perfect site for you is something you’ll have to choose once we look at how they deal with scammers, the dating success, demographics, and pricing of each.

Match vs Tinder: Pricing

One important thing to consider when choosing the perfect dating site for you is how much you will be paying to use it. Whether you want low cost options or can pay for the highest level memberships these sites have options for you.

Match Rating: 7/10 pricing

Unlike Tinder, you will have some type of payment needed to actually use the app. While the download and surfing the app are free, the only way you can actually communicate with other singles and potential matches is to pay for a membership. While this does seem a little more pricey than just using an alternate app that is free to communicate on, most apps save the really fun stuff for people who pay for memberships, and match isn’t any different. The different membership options are actually very affordable and probably have some kind of pricing option for everyone. Some of the different pricing options include:

  • $31.99 for a three month membership (about $10.66 per month)
  • $26.65 for a six month membership (about $4.41 per month)
  • $23.99 for a years membership (about $1.99 per month)

Matchs’ best deals are found when buying in bulk, while some people may be wary about buying a full years membership on a dating website, after all you may find your new partner in less time, it makes more sense to buy a whole year up front with Match. Even if you may not use all of it, you would be saving yourself both more money up front and saving more money per month than buying either the three or six month payment options.

Tinder Rating: 6/10

tinder pricing

Tinder is completely free to download and use, though many users find themselves upgrading at least once within their course of using the app. In fact, iTunes has reported Tinder as being one of its’ highest grossing apps. The pricing is fairly straightforward though Tinder has landed themselves in hot water for age discrimination.

Tinder Plus is $10 a month, unless you happen to be 35 or older in which case it is now $20 a month.

To achieve Tinder Gold status you will be paying an additional $4.99 a month.

Winner: Match!

Match is the clear winner, even though the shorter term options are pricier than Tinder you are given the opportunity to spend less money. They help their users save money by offering “buy in bulk” options. Not to mention the prices stay the same for everyone, regardless of age, unlike Tinder.

Match vs Tinder: Demographics

As with everyone in the dating world, people who utilize dating apps are always going to be concerned with who they might be meeting. Whether you’re looking for a fling or a long term committed relationship both of these apps have a little something for everyone. Both Tinder and Match may have stereotypes regarding their users but these should probably be taken with a grain of salt until you take a look at who is actually using the apps.

Match Members

Match has nearly 40 million registered users, this number accounts for both the paid memberships and the free ones. Match also has a lot of user loyalty as 30 million of those users are using the app on a regular basis. This shows that those who have gone out of their way to make an account actually like the site enough to continue using it. This should be a good sign to anyone looking to make an account as it shows how much other users like the platform and goes to show how many potential matches you may encounter.

The users themselves are actually a very diverse group. Match isn’t just available in North America, but actually has members from over 26 different countries, with all sorts of different languages among them. Not only are users ethnically diverse but also represent a large range of ages. In fact over 40% of all users are in the 30-49 year age range! Within these users there are a lot of them who are single parents and who have had some kind of higher education. If you’re in this age range or are looking for someone who has their life a little more established, Match is definitely worth looking into.

Tinder Members

Tinder Members

Since Tinder has been around since 2012, it has gained and maintained a lot of popularity. On a daily basis, Tinder has about 10 million active users on the site. It has garnered a lot of attention in the media and pop culture as a hookup app, which may have some validity as most users do admit to looking for hookups or short term relationships.

However, there are over 20 billion matches that have been made on Tinder with no signs of slowing. There truly seems to be someone on there for everyone. One also must remember that your matches will also probably be a cross section of wherever you’re using the app, you’ll have a much more diverse group of people if you’re using it in a large city as opposed to a small town or suburban setting.

Tinder does seem to attract a slightly younger group as roughly 22% of users are college students as that was the original intended user, however there are adults of all ages and backgrounds now using and finding success with Tinder.

Winner: Match

Even though Tinder has a very broad spectrum of users both in background and age. Match seems to have a much more diverse group as they come from many different places, have all sorts of different backgrounds, and ages. Regardless of where you’ve come from and who you are, you’re nearly guaranteed to find someone to relate to (and maybe even date) on Match.

Tinder vs Match: Features Comparison

Tinder Rating: 8/10

Tinder is famous for its’ swipe to match set up but they have many more features than just that, it can be completely free to use but also has special features for those that choose to upgrade their account. For the free users you are about to both match and send and receive messages from other users.

One of the most buzz worthy features is only available for Tinder Gold Elite users which is the highest level you can achieve. This feature is called Top Picks, it matches you with 9 other users who are picked by an algorithm that takes into account the users activity, behavior, and prior swipes on the app to pair them with you. Other popular Tinder features include messaging, bio sections for every user, and favorite music lists that are able to link to spotify.

Match Rating: 7/10 features review

Match does require payment to use most of their features, but they have some really useful ones that cannot be ignored. For example their messaging system allows you to see when another user reads your message as soon as it happens. They also give you matches based on their algorithms that take into account your previous activity on the app, the other users activities, the success of previous matches, and your messaging activity. This means that the more or less you interact with a match the better this algorithm knows how to match you with new people in the future.

You are also free to browse multiple profiles in a list as well as using the search feature to filter different aspects of users profiles such as distance, age, or compatibility. Match will also alert you to new matches even if you aren’t actually using the app through text or email notifications. Among other features they also offer a favorites list and a guarantee that if you buy a six month subscription and don’t find someone to date you automatically get another six months for free!

Winner: Tinder

While Match has some awesome features, Tinder is the clear winner. Tinder is constantly updating and releasing new features to make the experience that much more interesting and fun!

Tinder vs Match : Dating Success

Match vs Tinder: Dating Success

While Tinder does have a reputation of being just for hookups and utilized only by a younger crowd, statistically this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact most users, some studies suggest as many as 80%, are looking for long term relationships and not just flings or hookups. Many users report success stories not only with dating but even with marriage and by some reports finding their “soulmate”.

Match is obviously a very old dating site and because of their easy to use interface they really put the focus on the relationships and not the app. Whether we define success as dating relationships, marriages, or families, Match is one of the best apps for dating success.

Winner: Match

Since Match has been around for so long it clearly has many successful relationships. This isn’t to discount Tinders success, just that Match has had a long time to create their success.

Tinder vs Match: Scam Management

Tinder vs Match: Scam Management

Tinder is run by InterActiveCorp which is a legitimate and upfront company. In fact InterActiveCorp runs many of the big name dating sites and while of course each site will vary with how it’s run and the rules they have in place, they all keep scams at a minimum. People may get kicked off of the platform for exhibiting rude or overly indecent behavior. The closest things to “scammers” they have on the site are bot profiles. They don’t actually do any scamming, all they do is fill out the site and make the users seem more perfect or diverse.

They’re easy to spot as they normally have very few details on the profile and the pictures have a stock photo type quality.

Match is a lot like Tinder in that there really aren’t “scammers” in the classic sense of the word. Even bots are kept to a minimum since most people pay to use the platform.

Winner: Both!

Both of these sites are run by legitimate companies and keep all of their users as safe as possible. While it’s always advised to use common sense when meeting people online, the chances of you being scammed on one of these platforms are incredibly low as both of these companies work hard to keep their users safe and happy!

Final Verdict! Winner Is…. Match!

Even though Match may be a simple set up it is a tried and true dating site. Between it’s safety, features, and pricing options it is clearly an awesome place to meet people and have some fun along the way. Whichever app you choose to use will inevitably be an exciting experience, but if you’re looking for diverse options and easy usage take a look at Match, you may just find your very own match!

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