Best Mail Order Bride Sites in 2019

Some people think that mail order brides are a thing from the past. What they don’t know that it is still happening nowadays. There are a lot of mail order brides sites today that people can choose from. But one of the best mail order bride sites is Russian Brides. Getting a Russian bride is one of the most fabulous ideas that you may have just because they are stunning. Get to know more about Russian Brides by reading the information below. 

Russian Brides

Russian Brides is a mail-order bride site where men can find a Russian woman to date and eventually marry in the long run. The site has over a million members, and there are 80 million online guests yearly. Russian women are usually looking for western men so they can leave the country and start a new and better life in the first world countries. 

Why Choose Russian Brides

One of the best things about Russian Brides is that they have strict security when it comes to the authenticity of Russian women who are signing up on the site. In fact, they have spent over a million dollars on the security to ensure that they will be able to provide top service for everyone, especially in the mail order bride industry. 

Another good thing about Russian Brides is that they offer a Live Chat with Russian women. Of course, in order for you to find a mail order bride, you need to communicate with them. The Live Chat will help you do that because you can chat with them in real time. Russian Brides also offer offline messaging or emails so men who are not comfortable with live chat can message women and communicate with them.

Sign Up Process

Signing up on Russian Brides is pretty easy, and you can register using your Google account or using your own email. The site made sure that they will make things easier for people who to create an account on their website. There will be verification process along the way so you shouldn’t worry about anything. As mentioned above, Russian Brides value their members’ security very much.

Amazing Features On Russian Brides

Let’s Mingle

The Let’s Mingle feature is where members can send a short messages to a significant number of other members that will fit the description of the person that you’re looking for. You will be able to use this feature for 24 hours straight. 

Active Customer Service

The Customer Service feature is where members can issue a complaint regarding a member. They can send an email, and the customer service representative will investigate about the complaint immediately. Once proven, that member will be penalized and if there are more than one complaint is issues about the person, Russian Brides will delete the account immediately. 

Offline Messages

The Offline Messages feature will help you send messages to other members if you are too shy on sending them a Live Chat. You can use this feature if you’re not yet ready to communicate with that specific member. You can use this for as long as you want, but make sure to be prepared to handle the live chat soon to show that you’re interested with that Russian woman that you’re looking for. 

Mobile Version

The Mobile Version is perfect for people who are always on the go. This is the mobile version of the desktop, which will make users use the site even if they are away from their computers. Russian Brides may not have a mobile app yet, but their mobile version is very much user-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all. This will also give you the convenience because all you need is your phone so you can start searching and chatting with the Russian woman that you’re eyeing.

HD Photos

Of course, the HD Photos will help you check the photos of Russian women in HD photos. It’s as if you’re seeing them in real life. This will make sure that you are seeing the real them and not someone who has a lot of makeup on their faces. 

Overall, Russian Brides is an excellent site for people who are looking for a mail order bride. It’s not just because of the fantastic features, but as well as the gorgeous Russian woman that might be your bride in the future. 

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