Top 20 Love Songs for Him of ALL Time

Have you ever listened to a song that you could feel in your heart? During the melody, you can’t stop thinking about that special someone, and each lyric seems to encapture the magic the two of you share with your love? If that sounds familiar, you’re probably a bit of a hopeless romantic, and that’s great!

For the romantics out there, music is an amazing way to get emotional, real, and sentimental with your crush or partner. Sharing your feelings through art is a very common love language, and you may already have a few songs reserved to represent your relationship.

Want to add a few more tunes to the romantic playlist? Here are the top 25 love songs you should send your boyfriend or husband!

Top 20 Love Songs Of All Time By Genre

One of the best things about music is that it’s always evolving and changing. New genres and subgenres pop up all the time, full of amazing new sounds and inspiration, and moving lyrics. With so many different types of music and art out there, it can be hard to find something for everyone. Enjoy 5 songs from each of the hit music genres that are all about your love for him, and consider throwing a few of these tunes on the next time you’re starting to feel a little lovey-dovey for your man.


Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift

Though not every man truly appreciates Taylor Swift’s ability to wave romance into music, this song is a whimsical, early-love scene that is memorable and touching.

All Of Me – John Legend

Anything by John Legend would be worthy of this list, but this is the anthem for true love, and it resonates very well with a masculine ear listening. It’s from the point of view of a man deeply in love with a woman and is dedicated to spend the rest of his life with her – perfect for newlyweds or those who are engaged.

One Kiss – Dua Lipa feat. Calvin Harris

This up-beat pop ballad with the EDM influences from Calvin Harris is both fun loving but touching, really focusing on how much intimacy within a couple can strengthen their relationship together.

Make Me Feel – Janelle Monáe

Make Me Feel - Janelle Monáe

A little on the sultry, sexy side, this hit single manages to bring to life in music the way physical energy and connection can impact an emotional, romantic bond.

I Wouldn’t Mind – He Is We

Desiring a future with someone is a very intense emotion, and this song is all about that desire to create and build a life with someone. The beautiful lyrics that sing out forever is a long time, but I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side speak the scary words that many women feel as they start to desire marriage and family with their partner.


Follow You – Bring Me The Horizon

Follow You - Bring Me The Horizon

Formerly a metal band, Bring Me The Horizon has been hot on the alternative charts for years, but surprised everyone with this softer, sentimental song that focuses on the undying, unwavering love someone has for their partner.

Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses

Though from the 80s, this rock ballad is known for being one of the most heartfelt songs a man could create for a woman. It follows the journey of a lovestruck young man who is head over heels for their sweetheart, despite their struggles.

Nothing Else Matters – Metallica

This song has been disputed by true metalheads and rock fans for a long time, but it’s lyrics still symbolize a beautiful love story.  It’s all about the connection that soul mates have together and the desire to make it work, no matter the personal cost.

#1 Crush – Garbage

#1 Crush - Garbage

Trying to wow your man? This song has a strong sexy vibe perfectly woven in with the romance, to create a sensual tune of commitment. Some may find the dedication in the lyrics almost alarming, but for a strong couple, this is a song that indicates what true, raw emotion (and lust) feel like in the heat of the moment.

More Than Words – Extreme

Ever feel like I love you isn’t enough? This song dives into the concept of emotion beyond words, and how empowering it is. Though it’s a very stripped back, almost acoustic sound, the band captures the power of rock into a ballad of true love.

Rap / R&B

Summer – Beyonce feat. Jay Z

Summer - Beyonce feat. Jay Z

Sexy, sensual, and smooth – this song will fire up a relationship and push things towards an intimate focus. Great for a date night, Valentine’s Day, or a night together after some time apart.

Morning Light – Alicia Keys feat. Justin Timberlake

Anything Justin Timberlake says could make a woman swoon. The same goes for Alicia Keys and her iconic voice, and the lyrics of this song which are powered with the promise of a future together, and hope for a good, long romance.

Your Love – Nicki Minaj

Rap songs usually lack vulnerability, but this one is full of it. It’s catchy, it’s sweet, it has references to candy and sugar, and it all comes together in a sickening tale of love between sweethearts.

Star Shopping – Lil Peep

Star Shopping - Lil Peep

The now-deceased Soundcloud rap legend has a discography full of gritty, emotional tracks, usually laced with heartbreak and love. This song in particular is an ode to couples who push through the struggle and keep making it work. It’s a bit sad, but memorable.

Best I Ever Had – Drake

A little sassy, Drake’s classic sound takes a very serious tone as he dedicates his love to an unknown girl in the song. It’s perfect for conveying emotions in a light, upbeat way, making love sound playful and new, like puppies all over again. 

80s & 90s

It’s hard not to have any sort of romantic playlist without including these iconic tracks from the 80s and 90s! Since we’re all very familiar with these classic tunes featuring powerful romance, true love, and seduction, here is a list of 5 to jumpstart the nostalgia and take a trip down memory lane!

How Music Can Enhance A Relationship

Everyone has different ways of communicating. Sometimes our words just aren’t enough, and by using music, you can explain your feelings in a way that is poetic, memorable, and heart-warming. You know the saying, a picture says a thousand words? Music can put feelings into something tangible, and oftentimes, a single song can be an important aspect of a relationship to memorialize specific dates or shared moments.

Music As A Love Language

Everyone has a different way of showing our love to our partner, and a lot of it stems from our own personal passions. Someone who is very generous and values materialistic things will show their love by buying gifts or spending money, whereas someone who is very affectionate will show love with lots of physical action. Music as a love language is when someone with a strong passion for music puts their heart and soul into a song, or several, and makes it a point to share that tunes with you. Or vice versa! Understanding the importance music has on a soul is important to get the true effect of using music as a way to enhance your love for one another.

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