Dating a Gamer in 2023: Pros, Cons, Things To Know

Interested in dating a gamer? Nearly anyone under 30 has been into a video game or several at some point in their life. These fandoms don’t usually fade away, either! Dating a gamer is very common, but when it comes to the serious gamers, how can you make a relationship work?

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What a Gamer is Really Like

What A Gamer Is Really Like

Like anyone with a hobby, a gamer girl or guy is very into their playing games and usually quite technologically advanced.

They are well-versed in pop culture and may be viewed as a geek or a nerd. Sometimes gamers are very competitive, too, and since lucrative careers can be made off of gaming, these competitors take their interest in video games seriously.

Being introverted is another aspect usually found within the gaming community. They spend a lot of time in front of a screen, both online and offline.

Thanks to this, most of their friendship circles are over the internet, and they have friends all over the world. Make sure to check out the relevant dating sites for introverts, which can help gamers get a date, or our roundup of the best gamer dating sites.

A gamer doesn’t get out much, but this does not mean they aren’t social! In fact, several gamers have large groups of people they know online, from Twitch streams and YouTube communities. Your gamer date may even have a few fans if they game in a professional capacity!

At the end of the day, dating a gamer girl or guy is like dating anyone else with a very strong passion, but it can be a make-it-or-break-it deal when you get to a serious gamer.

They need a lot of space and time for their craft, and you may feel a bit neglected at the end of the day. On the bright side, these gamers usually have great hearts, and they know how to appreciate someone who can accept their addictive lifestyle.

Weighing The Differences

Dating a gamer

Gamers aren’t one easy size or flavor. In fact, far from it! Girl gamers and guy gamers both differ drastically, and you can even notice big changes depending on their consoles they use or game genre they play.

There is even some animosity amidst the social scene when it comes to who plays on what platform. If you’re into xbox games but your potential date is a die-hard for the PS4, it may make for an amusing argument.

When it comes to gaming, there are so many options. Most gamers have one preferred platform, and maybe dabble in a few others here and there.

PC gamers who use steam or MMORPG games don’t typically stray from this, and there are more females in this niche than others. Twitch streamers, YouTubers, and professional paid gamers are usually PC gamers.

Xbox players don’t usually play PS4, and vice-versa. These are typically male gamers, and it’s less competitive. Xbox and PS4 gamers are more laid-back and see their video games as a hobby.

Tabletop and card gamers are the wild card of the bunch. These guys and gals are extroverted enough to participate in large DnD clubs and often meet up together, and are a good variety of genders and personality types.

Nintendo gamers have more girl fans than any other platform, and they’re pretty much adored by gamers in any niche. Nintendo DS and Switch are easy hand-held platforms you’ll see in any gamer’s hand at any time.

Pros of Dating a Gamer

It’s true that gamers get a bad rep. Everyone dated that one guy in high school who ignored them for their video game match, and it left a sour taste in your mouth. Well, with the rising popularity of both casual and professional gaming and more options being released every year, it’s almost impossible to escape the fandom.

Let’s face it, most people play games, and most people play games a lot. Don’t hastily decide this is a bad thing without looking at the positive aspects!

They are so passionate

Gamers are so passionate

It takes a very passionate soul and dedicated, loyal personality to stick with a game or series through completion. Gamers have an enthusiasm for things like none other.

They can adore and follow a character through their playable journey with their hopes set high. It’s always nice to see your significant other happy, having fun, and being passionate over a hobby. For gamers, this is always the case. Plus, you’re always going to know what to get them for Christmas and Birthdays.

You don’t have to worry about them being bored

Having a boyfriend or girlfriend usually means following each other around to events like Thanksgiving dinners, waiting rooms, work functions, and other relatively uninteresting places.

A gamer boyfriend or girlfriend always has a way to entertain themselves, and is more inclined to tag along with you to these boring functions. Plus, if you and your gamer date really hit it off and move in together, you’re off the hook for providing constant entertainment.

Gamers are not clingy in the slightest, and they’re more than happy to plug into their virtual reality for awhile. Just them up with a screen and a snack and they’re set for hours!

Trustworthy people with big hearts

Keep in mind that gamers are able to maintain several years of friendship with people from all over the world. They’ll stay up until 4AM just to play a few rounds with a friend from Australia or Asia, and they put a lot of time and care into their characters and community.

Gamers are simply reliable. You’ll always know where they are, what they’re doing, and they usually inform you of what they’re playing. It’s unusual for a gamer to lie much or sneak around, because they see no need for it. When they’re content in a relationship, they are caring and loyal!

Cons of Dating a Gamer

Of course there is tons of great things about gamers, but like anyone, there are some issues as well. Considering the potential downsides to dating gamers will prepare you for arguments, disappointments, and help you navigate the future with them. Dating a gamer girl will always be a little different from dating a gamer guy, but the cons all stay relatively similar.

They play… a lot

If you date a gamer, be prepared to let them play their games all of the time

This is an obvious one. If you date a gamer, be prepared to let them play their games all of the time. It’s what they enjoy, and sometimes it’s their career.

Giving them time and space to just get into their games for a few hours will ensure a healthy relationship, and having your own personal space is good for you, too. You don’t need constant togetherness, and if you do want to be included, pick a controller for yourself and give it a shot!

Not always the healthiest lifestyle

As harmful as the stereotype may be, there is some truth to it. Constant screen use and hunched over posture without much activity isn’t good for your health, and these are things a gamer finds often in their daily life. Sometimes you’ll notice your partner complaining of body aches, headaches, or other issues related to their extended game sessions.

You’ll also have to help them get some healthy eating habits. Snack food is unfortunately very easy to munch on while gaming.

Prefers to spend money on devices over other things

A budget isn’t something a gamer is good at. They’ll cover their bills and use the extra cash for games or digital purchases. Dating a gamer girl may have less of this impulsive spending habits, but a few thousand dollars will be dropped into any gamer’s collection. It’s their choice purchase, and you might notice they’re always broke… by their own design.

5 Ways To Win Them Over

Despite the inevitable issues that you may encounter while dating a gamer guy or girl, you shouldn’t lose hope or give up yet! They are great people with passion, loyalty, and caring souls. At worst, a little distracted at times, but it’s tolerable.

Want to snag your own gamer for your heart’s desire? Here are the 5 ways to entice, lock down, and successfully date a gamer and have a great relationship.

1. Play with them!

gaming couple

What better way to appeal to a gamer’s interest and catch their eye than participating in their biggest hobby? Playing games. Even if you guys don’t share the same game favorites or even play on the same console, you can still find ways to bond together through the world of gaming. Introduce him to your favorite series, or ask to play with him during his.

For VR and tabletop gamers and handheld systems, playing together with others is a great way to have first dates or get onto your choice gamer’s radar. Playing together will also give you something to talk about, an excuse to spend more time together, and open up the doors for more intimate interactions.

2. Introduce them to your hobbies

So, you’re not a gamer, and that’s okay! You probably have your own passions and interests, and though it might not be something your gamer date likes too, you should still share it with them. They understand what it’s like to love a hobby, and they’ll feel closer to you if you reveal your own enthusiasm about a skill or project or interest that you devote a lot of time into.

Maybe you scrapbook or garden, or maybe you’re big on baking. It can be anything under the sun, just don’t exclude your gamer partner! It can even be a way to deepen the relationship over time.

One day, you’ll grab a controller and make a Skyrim character and the next your date is making cookies with you, for example. Sharing the different parts of your lives together is a great start to a good relationship.

3. Give them their space

Nothing will turn a gamer off than feeling overcrowded or nagged at. Sure, it’s reasonable to want some attention after a two hour game spree, or if you haven’t seen them in a few days, and your date will get that. It’s just very important not to get too demanding or too needy with these requests. Gamers prefer dating people who are fairly independent and have their own lives and hobbies.

When you do feel as if it’s getting to be a problem and you are forced to enter their space, try to do so gently. Ask questions instead of complaining. Give time frames so you know when to expect their full attention.

4. Do some research

The best way to show you love and care about your gamer partner is to get involved in playing games. Pay attention to what they play and try to bring it up sometimes. If they’re into battle royale games, ask about their recent wins and matches. If they’re excited about an upcoming update or installment, look it up and skim some great things to mention with them.

Not only will you catch their eye and attention faster, you’re also showing you’re willing to accept this major part of their lives and even embrace it. This reaction is priceless, and you will shoot up to their list of priorities immediately. I like to watch YouTube gameplays sometimes so I can know what I’m seeing when my boyfriend plays.

5. Plan fun dates

Gamers are pretty laid back and simple people

Gamers are pretty laid back and simple people. They don’t put much thought into what to do, since they’re always provided with something to entertain them.

Don’t expect too much from the planning department from your date, and take it upon yourself to do the heavy lifting here. If you want a nice evening or afternoon out, think up some ideas and do the research!

Fun dates that get your gamer girl or guy out of the house, away from the screen, and back to reality will deepen the bond and encourage closeness. You’ll also get to know them very well, so hit up the roller rink or see a concert. Make a trip to the zoo or the park or the beach! These should be a monthly, at least, activity.

Wrap Up

Dating a gamer guy or girl is inescapable, but rewarding. Every personality is different but gamers are a special bunch, and you don’t want to overlook them for fear of the negatives. Understanding all angles of their mind and soul will help you not only succeed in attracting them, but prolonging your romance!

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