Dating a Country Boy in 2023: Pros, Cons, Things to Know

In a world filled with smartphones, tablets, and houses that are smarter than most people, it’s nice to get back to the simple things in life. One of the best ways to do that is getting yourself a nice country boy. But, is dating a country boy all it’s cracked up to be? Well here are some pros and cons so you can make your own (informed) decision. We also have some tips and tricks to get you dating a country boy of your dreams.

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Weigh The Differences

Dating a country boy

Dating in rural or country areas is vastly different than dating in the city. Whether it be because of distance, lifestyle, or hobbies, the difference between country boys and city boys is quite obvious. When you’re dating in rural areas one of the setbacks is how far your potential partner may be, in the city everyone is so close together, but in the country most people may have sizable plots of land and very few neighbors. This may make it slightly more difficult than in the city, but certainly not impossible and we will touch on ways to get around this distance issue later on in the tips.

Lifestyle also tends to be vastly different in country boys than city boys, it’s kind of hard to have a big bonfire in the middle of a crowded city, and a country boy couldn’t walk down the road to get Starbucks. So obviously how they live their lives is very different, but what they do for fun tends to be different. Country boys seem to have more of a “rough and tumble” sense of fun, things like mudding, ATV riding, and listening to country music. Of course country boys are very different, but they sure have fun doing it!

Pros of Dating a Country Boy

Good Manners

If country boys are known for anything it’s good manners. You can expect a self respecting country boy to be nothing but polite when meeting just about anyone. If you absolutely swoon when you hear a man refers to his elders as “sir” or “ma’am” and follow it with a “please” and “thank you” a country boy is the perfect fit for you.

They’re Handy

country boys are handy

Does your car make a weird rattling sound, or maybe your kitchen table wobbles when you touch it, well count on a country boy to fix it. They work with their hands and boy, are they good at it. If you’re dating a country boy he is going to help his partner with whatever they need fixed.

Romantic Side

Country boys of course are tough, but they also have a soft side. While they may not be drawing themselves bubble baths with scented candles, they may do it for you. They will treat you like a princess and probably figure out romantic dates for you, too.


Between hard work, and a solid upbringing, country boys are the epitome of manly. Their work is their livelihood so they don’t have the chance to slack off. If having a manly man is important to you, start taking a look towards a nice country boy.

New Experiences

Whether it be hunting, fishing, mudding, or shooting,  a country boy can include you in all kinds of new experiences. If you enjoy the outdoors and trying things you may never have tried before this is the kind of boy for you. So, pull on your boots, grab your pole, and enjoy those impromptu dates.

Cons of Dating a Country Boy

Family Oriented

While being centered on family seems like a good thing (and can be a good thing), this can be a con. If you’re new to this guys life, and he has strong family bonds, his family, specifically his female family can be very protective over him. He may even cross over into “mamas boy” territory. The best way to combat this is to not present yourself as clingy when you meet his female family member and try to cultivate your own relationship with them.

They tend to use tobacco, in some form

country boys tend to use tobacco in some form

If you hate the smell of cigarette smoke, or seeing someone chew (and spit) chewing tobacco, then country boys might be tough for you. People in rural areas, specifically men, have a higher smoking rate than those in urban areas, according to the American Lung Association. While that doesn’t make them bad people or bad partners, if you can’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke or are sensitive to the taste of chewing tobacco, country boys may be hard to kiss.

They Get Serious, Quickly

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, country boys might be the perfect people to do it with. However, if you want to take your time and feel out the situation more, you might feel rushed with rural dating. Since most people know each other when it comes to dating in rural areas, country boys may be more inclined to make a serious commitment very quickly. If you want to take a relationship slowly, be as honest as possible, as soon as possible.

5 Secret Tips To Win Them Over

Regardless of the cons, if you want a country boy, you’re going to get one. Just like every other type of guy, they tend to like and look for certain things in girls they want to date. But, what are these with country boys and how can you use them to your advantage? Here are some secret ways to get those country boys falling all over themselves trying to get you.

1. Get your hands dirty

5 Secret Tips To Win Them Over - dating country boys

Country boys are used to working with their hands, and many of their hobbies tend to be getting up close and personal with mud and nature. Acting like you’re too good to go mudding or being afraid of learning to change the oil in a truck is a quick way to tell a country boy that his interests are not fun for you and that you may not be a match for him. Loosen up, have fun, and get your hands dirty with him.

2. Flaunt your assets

Most country boys are very manly, and if opposites attract, why wouldn’t they want someone who is very feminine? Show him you’re a girl who can get her hands dirty, but also clean up like a southern belle. Show off your curves, match your sundress with a cute pair of boots, and show him you’re the type of girl he has been dreaming about.

3. Get along with his family

Family is so important for a true country boy. One of the most important things you could do is to ensure you start building positive bonds with his family. This makes you seem less like every other girl and more like a girl he could one day bring into the family.

4. Be ready for adventure

One of the most notable characteristics of a country boy is that they know how to have fun. To be involved with this fun it is important that you’re able to go with the flow and be open and ready to have adventures. You may not know a week in advance that you’re going ATV riding, that doesn’t make it any less fun. Be ready to have some fun, let loose, and see where your days take you. Dating an uptight, list maker isn’t necessarily the type of girl who would be fun to date from a country boys’ perspective.

5. Be yourself

be yourself

This may seem like an overly simple and obvious advice, however, it’s easier said than done. No one wants to date someone who is completely fake, or even lying about who they are. One of the most obvious traits of a country boy is that they aren’t into superficiality, and they’re very down to Earth. This means most of these boys are looking for someone who isn’t constantly pretending to be someone they aren’t. You don’t need to be a country girl to get yourself a country boy, all you need to be is real and open to trying out aspects of their lifestyle. So, be yourself, be kind, and be real and you’ll have more luck with whoever you want to date than you might ever have imagined.

6. Use a dating site

Finding the country boy of your dreams can be really difficult. Not because of lack of rural people, but rather the distance between them. There are so many options regarding dating sites and apps that you could start feeling overwhelmed.

There are even sites dedicated to matching up rural people or people from the countryside, but what’s the best option for you? Well, for the most part that’s a personal choice; however the best site for finding a good country boy that also gives you its own tips on how to successfully use the site, is Zoosk. This site is among the best reviewed, at 4.7 stars out of 5 stars, and just a little bit over $12 a month when you purchase a 6 month membership.

Even though it’s not targeted at just rural people it has a lot of advice about utilizing the site for just that reason! It is one of your best bets to finding a good country boy, close to you, without having to struggle through meeting guys in rural areas on your own. Using any dating app will help your chances of finding a guy in rural areas, but using Zoosk might be the difference between just any guy and your dreamy country boy heart throb.

7. Be his friend

This is a good tip for dating anyone. Start off the relationship as his friend. That doesn’t mean you have to be “one of the boys”, it just means that you should be there for him. If he knows his friend will be there for him through thick and thin, then he will be far more inclined to make you his girlfriend.

A big part of being a friend is simply listening to someone, without ulterior motives. If you’re being sweet and nice, only to get into his pants, there’s no point in being nice in the first place. Be his friend so that one day you can maybe have a deeper relationship, not to simply hook up with him.

Ready To Date A Country Boy?

If you’re looking for a country boy, and follow this advice you’ll probably find a country boy faster than you can throw you boots on

If you’re looking for a country boy, and follow this advice you’ll probably find a country boy faster than you can throw you boots on! If you want to date a country boy, following these tips and tricks will serve you very well. Some things to remember though is that even though we have been grouping these men together as “country boys” doesn’t mean that they’re all the same. Everyone is slightly different, with different hobbies, and different preferences. While every one of these tricks may not work with every single country boy in the world these are overarching characteristics that have proven over time to work with people who live rural lifestyles.

Some of the cons listed here may have caused you to feel a little worried, but that’s not why they’re there. They are there to let you know of some potential problems you may run into when you start dating or have a relationship with a country boy. Just like the pros and tips, however, these are not the end all be all of cons.

Everyone is different, not all country boys smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco, or have tight family bonds, but a lot do. Don’t let one con you read here turn you off of all country boys all together. Just keep them in the back of you mind as a warning and go look for the right man for you If you decide to go out and find your country knight in camouflage armour you have a whole list of what you need to do to be as successful as possible. Utilize Zoosk, show off your fun loving side, and don’t forget to be yourself!  If you follow these steps you’ll find your country boy in no time.

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