Dating Based on Your Job in 2023: What to Expect?

There are a lot of things that people consider when choosing who to date, and one of those things is the person’s profession or job. You have to be careful about what your romantic partner does for a living since as much as you try to avoid it, it will affect you especially if you end up in a long term relationship. The following is a breakdown of what you can expect when dating people from various professions:

Things to keep in mind when dating different professionals

1. Compatibility

When looking for a dating partner, you need someone who is compatible with you. Their job should not be a major obstacle in your relationship. For instance, if your partner’s job always has them traveling across the globe while you are left waiting at home, they may not be the one for you.

2. Time

Things to keep in mind when dating different professionals

You need to date someone whose job does not keep them away from you when you need them. Some jobs can keep your partner so occupied that they never get time to even go out on a date. Your schedules may also be permanently mismatched making it hard to create time for each other. For instance, if you work at night, it can be hard to maintain a relationship with a partner who is only free at night.

3. Money

Of course, the money issue has to come into play especially when things start getting serious. The amount of money someone makes determines the kind of life you can build together with them. Sometimes it can be a deal breaker especially when the man is not making enough to provide for needs or when a woman is making a lot more than the guy.

4. Wavelength

Above all things, you should date someone you connect with. Someone who understands you. Someone you can have deep, meaningful conversations with. Sometimes it can be hard to connect with someone as a result of their profession.

A. What to expect when dating a person in Tech

What to expect when dating a person in Tech

The tech world has come alive in the past few decades and there are many people working in the industry. As such, do not be surprised if you meet a few people who work in the tech business. But, before dating them, here’s what you need to know;

1. They are intelligent

Most people who work in tech are highly intelligent and have spent years in school studying hard. You may know them as geeks or nerds. They know most things about the tech industry including the latest technologies, how to do certain things, and other interesting things in other fields. They are usually curious about everything and you can really learn a lot from them. However, if you are not smart like them, you may struggle to hold conversations with them as you won’t understand most things that come out of their mouth.

2. They are well off

The tech industry is currently the largest in the world. Look at the most valuable businesses; Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and many others. All of them are in tech. As such, you can expect that your boyfriend or girlfriend will have a lot of money, and most likely more than you if you are not in the tech industry. If you value financial security, dating a tech guy or girl is the way to go.

3. They know how to fix things

people in tech knows how to fix things

A typical modern home is filled with gadgets like phones, tablets, computers, smart home systems, and many others. First of all, your partner’s home will most likely have all the latest tech everywhere you look. Also, they’ll be able to fix things when they break down. For instance, if your computer is attacked by a virus, your geeky boyfriend or girlfriend might know of a few ways to get rid of them.

4. Their schedules can be tight sometimes

Tech companies are different. Some have a huge workload while others are more relaxed. How much free time your partner gets to spend with you depends on where they work in the tech industry. Sometimes they may disappear for a few days when handling some special tasks.

5. They win most arguments

As mentioned earlier, people in tech are usually smarter than most and when they get into an argument, there’s a high chance that they will win. Their arguments are backed by science and research and they’re usually right. This can be irritating for many people.

B. What to expect when dating someone in the construction industry

dating a construction worker

The construction industry employs millions both in blue collar and white collar jobs. Here’s what you can expect when dating someone in construction:

1. Time

The construction industry is hectic. If your partner works in the construction industry, they will probably be busy most of the time and when they do have free time, they’ll probably be too tired to even think of you at that moment. Random midweek dates will be a rare thing with a construction worker.

2. Money

How much a construction worker makes depends on the type of job they do at the construction site. If your partner is an engineer, they probably make a lot of money. On the other hand, if your partner does manual labor such as carpentry, carrying construction materials, and other similar jobs, they probably make close to the minimum wage.

3. They are not smart

Only 10 percent or less of the people who work at construction sites went to college. Most construction jobs require no education. Your partner may not be the smartest guy in any room you go to. They may not be able to hold intelligent conversations and their level of reasoning may be too low for you.

4. Hygiene

what to expect when dating a construction worker

Construction sites are really dirty and if your partner does the tough jobs, they’ll always come back home all dirty and sweaty. Their standards of hygiene may also be a lot lower than yours. For some, this is not a problem but most people cannot stand it.

5. Hardworking

Construction jobs require a strong and hardworking person particularly those that involve heavy lifting and a lot of manual labor. Since your partner is used to it, they will be hardworking in other areas as well.

6. They know how to fix things

A person who works at a construction site will know how to fix a lot of things around the house.

7. Their job is risky

Construction sites have a lot of hazards and it is possible that your partner will come back home with injuries from work a lot of times. In extreme cases, it could be worse.

C. What to expect when dating someone in public service

what to expect when dating someone in public service

Public service encompasses multiple professions including law enforcement, firefighters, registered nurses, and many others. Here’s what to expect when dating someone in the public sector:

1. Time

Most jobs in public service have fixed schedules that run during family-friendly hours. Most of them also run from Monday to Friday with the weekends free. However, some of them such as law enforcement and firefighters may not have fixed schedules and your partner may be called in abruptly when there is an emergency.

2. Money

Most government jobs pay just enough to give you a normal middle-class life. Do not expect your boyfriend or girlfriend to have a lot of money to afford a flashy lifestyle. However, public service jobs have a lot of perks and benefits such as access to loans, retirement benefits, and others that the private sector may not have so there’s something to smile about if your relationship gets serious.

3. Respect

People who work in the public sector command a lot of respect from other government employees and the public in general. For instance, if your partner is a police officer or firefighter, most people who know will respect them for it.

4. Some jobs are dangerous

Some public service jobs such as firefighters, search and rescue teams, and law enforcement can put your partner in dangerous situations that could lead to injuries or worse.

D. What to expect when dating someone who works for the Government

1. Time

A government worker will likely have a lot of free time to spend with you since they are usually at work during the day and free during the weekends. They also get a certain number of paid holidays per year.

2. Money

dating a government servant

Government jobs are well-paying and they tend to have a lot of benefits as well. Your partner will make enough to afford nice dates and a nice lifestyle if you live together.

3. Stress level

Government jobs are not really stressful when compared to private sector jobs. Even when the workload is high, government employees usually get more time to do it and a lot less pressure from their superiors. Government jobs also have more security contributing to less stress as well. With less stress from work, they are happier.

Final word

You might think it doesn’t matter at first, but your dating partner’s job affects a lot of things in your relationship. You should find someone whose job does not negatively affect your relationship but makes it better.

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