Jewish Dating Guide for 2023: All You Need to Know!

Dating is part of everyone’s lives, and people are doing it no matter what their religions are. One of the most unexplored religion when it comes to dating is Judaism. Not everyone is familiar with how they can date a Jewish person, or how things go in the Jewish dating world. So to help you out, I’ve decided to discuss everything that you need to know when it comes to Jewish dating.

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What Is Jewish Dating

Jewish dating can range from dating a person who is not that committed with their religion and their belief, and someone who is highly devoted. Just like with other religions, dating a Jewish man or woman has no absolutes at all. They believe in diversity, which makes a Jewish dating experience exciting and meaningful.

What Do Jews Look For In A Partner

Knows How To Commit

jewish dating One of the things that Jews look for in a partner is that they look for someone that can commit. They want to date someone who is dedicated to everything that he or she does. Jews want someone that will remain attached to them and faithful no matter how long the relationship is already. Of course, you should expect the same with Jews. So if they give you their word that they are committed to you, they mean it wholeheartedly.

Knows How To Appreciate Culture

Just like other religions, Jews also have their own culture that we should respect and appreciate. Another thing that Jews look for in a partner is someone who will appreciate and respect their culture, including the families — if you want a Jewish to like you, then learning how to appreciate their cultures, especially ones that involve their family and food.

Knows How To Have Well Spent Vacation Days

Jews love to go on vacation after a long week or even a long month of working. This may be because they got used to their families taking them on vacation during summer days. They believe that spending time with loved ones is the way to tighten their relationship. So they will always find a partner that loves to go on vacations.

Also, they’d appreciate it if you know how to play sports because they also love playing sports, including tennis and golf. If you know how to play sports, then that’s definitely a plus.

Knows How To Love Their Mothers

Every person loves his or her mother, but Jewish people, in particular, are very fond of their mothers. They are very devoted to their moms simply because they are moms. So if you want a Jewish to like you, then you should make sure to like her or his mother as well. Of course, don’t forget to show respect for them as well.

Knows What To Do With Their Lives

Lastly, you need to be someone who knows what to do with your life. You need to have your future all laid out just like them because Jewish always think about their future. This is why you might notice that most Jewish have steady jobs that are well paying.

Where Are The Best Places To Meet Jewish

The Jewish population in the US is increasing. In fact, there are Jewish communities in almost every U.S. state. Here are the top 10 states where you can find and meet Jewish people:

Of course, besides the above US states, the easiest way to meet a Jew is by joining jewish dating apps and sites. There are a lot of online dating sites today and signing up is definitely your best shot on finding that man or woman to be with.

Things To Do When Joining A Jewish Dating Site

Signing Up Process

When it comes to signing up on a Jewish dating site, there’s actually no difference between the other categories in a dating site. All you have to do is to give your information, including your email address, password, username, and your location. Once done, you will need to verify your account via your email, though this may differ from website to website.

Completing Your Profile

After all the signing up and verification process, you need to complete your profile, as this is the first thing that members check. Complete every question in the profile so people can get to know you. There will also be a space where you can write something about yourself. Just make sure to leave a little something about yourself, so people will find you mysterious.

The last step would be uploading a recent photo of yourself. You can either upload just one or more so people can get to see more of you. Once done, you can start browsing through profiles and see who you want to message.

Show Confidence

Of course, for you to be able to find someone online, you need to be confident enough to send them that first message. You don’t need to come up with a long sentence, explaining why you messaged them. A simple hi and something about a common interest that you have with that person will do. Let the conversation flow naturally because if the two of you are meant to be together, then it will inevitably happen.

Show Sense Of Humor

Everyone loves someone who has a sense of humor, so when talking to that person you met online, make sure to have humor. Keep him, or her entertained, but make sure to never use anything offensive in an attempt to be humorous. So always keep it fun and safe to avoid offending anyone.

Setting Up A Meeting

Once both of you are comfortable with each other, the next thing to do is to set up a meeting. The place should be where both of you are comfortable as this will make your first date fun. You also need to know the things that he or she likes so you can suggest places that the person may like. Once everything is set, prepare for your first date and make sure to put your best foot forward.

Things To Remember When Dating A Jewish Person

Whether you are dating a Jewish man or woman, the following tips will surely make dating a Jewish successful. So continue reading below to get yourself ready.

  • Always be honest about who you really are. Avoid pretending someone you’re not as this will ruin everything once your date finds out the truth.
  • Know what your goals are when dating, such as if you are dating for marriage or you just want casual hookup. 
  • During your first date, by all means, avoid touching or close contact. 
  • Avoid making any kinds of judgments during the first date, and you surely don’t want your date to do the same.
  • Always remember to start growing in love instead of falling in love with him or her. 
  • If things don’t go as expected and if the date does not work, don’t get mad since you still have endless chances to find another partner. 

With all of the information mentioned above, you are now ready for that Jewish date that you’re planning to have. Just make sure to know where to look for and what to do once you have found that person. Follow the tips above on the things to do when joining a Jewish dating site, and you will surely find that soulmate in no time. 

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