Tips on Dating a Japanese Woman

Did you know that dating a Japanese woman can be fun? Did you know that their culture is different from the westerners? If this is your first time dating a Japanese woman, then knowing some great dating tips would be best.

Dating a Japanese WomanWith the growing innovation of the world’s technology, dating has been made easy, and this is by online dating. One of the countries which is known to be top users of online dating sites in Japan. This is the reason why Japanese online dating sites are becoming more and more popular. Western men, on the other hand, are all getting curious as to how it would be like to date a Japanese woman. Some western men are dreaming of marrying a Japanese woman one day. No matter what your reasons are, it would be best to know some tips on dating a Japanese woman.

Yes and No

In Japan, most often, the word yes means no, while silence means merely yes. The reason behind this is because Japanese women don’t like making people feel uncomfortable or bad. That is why when they communicate; the conversation may be vague or merely unclear. In fact, in Japan, the vagueness or in Japanese “aimai” is a trait in Japan that is being studied by many. As this will help maintain the harmony is one’s relationship.

When it comes to communication, Japanese can become uncomfortable with communication styles that are assertive. The reason behind this is because they feel bullied, which is why they will often say yes, instead of saying no. In fact, this can be a problem when it comes to asking them out on a date. They may tell yes but cancel at the last minute. So always know how to assess her answers so you won’t end up disappointed.

Sense of Fashion

The next thing that you need to make sure of is your sense of fashion. You need to make sure that you dress well in the suit that looks good on you. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune just to dress nicely. Just make sure that you dress modestly and looks respectable, for you to fit a sophisticated Japanese woman.

Watch Your Attitude

Dating a Japanese WomanYou may be a Westerner, but this doesn’t mean that you can just act like one when you’re around Japanese women. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can start faking your attitude. This just means that you should act the way a gentleman should act. Majority of Japanese women today want someone who is not only a gentleman but someone who will not boast about anything and everything that he has.

Of course, you need to make sure that you will act respectfully with them no matter what. Yes, it may be true that there are Japanese women with whom you can go out with easily. But there are also a lot of Japanese women who would like to see a great effort on you.

Know How to Listen

Dating a Japanese WomanFor people who don’t know, Japanese women and any other women in particular love it when their men listen to them. Some men may be too busy to listen, but if you want to get that Japanese woman, then knowing how you can listen to everything that they say is important. Japanese women love talking and this is a good thing. The reason behind this is because one of the reasons why they are dating you is because they are curious about you. So them talking more, while you’re giving little information about yourself would be best. This will make sure that they will stay curious about you and eventually stay with you in the long run.

Know How to Ask Questions

Dating a Japanese WomanBesides listening, it would be best to know how to ask questions as well. But avoid being too blunt or direct, since you two are on a date and not in an interrogation room. The best thing that you can do is to fit casually the questions into the conversation that you are having. Try finding out the type of woman that she is. Always show her that you are interested in getting to know her on a deeper level. Some of the best questions that you can talk about are her life, job, family, and the things that she loves doing.

Send Flattering Messages

Dating a Japanese WomanJapanese women love getting flattering messages from the opposite sex. So once you got her number, it would be nice to send her a complimentary message once in a while. You can send her a text every morning or in the middle of the day. Just make sure that your message won’t come off as scripted as Japanese women will surely know about that.

Giving Out Flowers

Dating a Japanese WomanAnother important thing that you need to take note of is to give out flowers for every single occasion. The reason behind this is because they love receiving flowers since it makes them feel special. Receiving flowers even without an event will surely flatter her and her heart. Of course, if the two of you get in a fight, it would be best to send in flowers. Yes, no matter how petty the argument is.

Sending in Letters

Dating a Japanese WomanSince the majority of Japanese women are very traditional when it comes to dating, they still love receiving flowers. You can write letters every once in a while or whenever possible. For instance, if you are going to leave for work early and you don’t want to wake her up. It would be nice to leave a short note telling her about you leaving early and how you will miss her the entire day.

These are all of the tips when it comes to dating a Japanese woman. Follow the tips above, and you will surely be able to get a Japanese woman’s attention. Of course, these tips will help your relationship with her more fun and successfully in the long run.

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