Things You Need To Know When Dating In Japan For Foreigners

Planning to find a woman from Japan? Did you know that dating in Japan is entirely different from where you are? Read some of the things that you need to know when dating in Japan when you are a foreigner.

Dating In Japan: For ForeignersWhether you are foreign men or foreign women, you should know that the dating experiences and rules are not the same. If you have already visited Japan, you probably have noticed that foreigners are with Japanese women. There is only little to no chance at all that you might see them with Japanese men. You may be wondering as to why, well one of the known theories would be because Japanese women like to be told that they are loved. And because of this, they think that foreigners are actually like that, based on Hollywood movies.

Another theory, which is negative is that some Japanese women are just using foreigners as accessories. The reason behind this is because they think that having a foreign boyfriend is exotic and cool. Once they are done with their foreign boyfriends, then that’s the time that they will leave them. Leaving those poor foreigners with a broken heart and hope.

A Japanese man, on the other hand, is different. When it comes to dating a foreign woman, Japanese men are scared that the woman might not agree with certain things. Some of these things are pouring alcohol into their glasses, taking care of the kids, and staying home to become a housewife. They also think that foreign women might demand to Japanese men that they need to be vocal about their feelings. Japanese men are too shy to say and do something like this.

Let’s talk more about these two and other things that you need to know when dating in Japan when you’re a foreigner.

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Dating In Japan: For Foreign Man

Dating In Japan: For ForeignersWhen it comes to dating in Japan, it is very easy for a foreign man. Yes, no matter how unattractive you are. The reason behind this is because Japanese women find every foreign man very attractive. The problem arises when the Japanese woman is only looking for a foreigner as an accessory. Some men may be okay with this, but there are some who are looking for a serious relationship and marry a Japanese woman in the end.

Dating In Japan: For Foreign Woman

Dating In Japan: For ForeignersWhen it comes to dating in Japan, it can be challenging to date a Japanese man. The reason behind this is because they are often too scared or shy to ask a woman out. But you don’t have to worry that much because it is not impossible to find someone. Foreign women may feel as if they are being ignored by these men. Don’t feel bad because these Japanese men are just too shy even just to stare. But if you are in Osaka and Tokyo your chances of getting a Japanese man may be a little easy, so you can relax.

Relationship Differences

Relationship Differences: For Foreign Man

Dating In Japan: For ForeignersAs a foreign man, it would be best if you can allow a time to learn the Japanese woman’s native language. If you are planning to stay and marry a Japanese woman, it would be best to learn about their language. The reason behind this is because there are some things that you need to learn on your own. For instance, if you are someone who needs a credit card and a cellphone, it would be best to know how to get them yourself. Some other foreign men have no single idea as to how they acquired a credit card and a cellphone because their wives were the one who got them those.

Another thing that foreign men should take note of is that when they start earning, the woman will take care of the earnings. The man will still get an allowance, which will typically last for a week or a month. This will all depend on the wife, so if you are going to marry a Japanese woman, it is essential to have this talk. Some foreign men find this kind of situation a struggle.

In fact, there are some relationships that got ruined because of this system. If you cannot handle this kind of situation but love her, then moving to your home country instead would be best.

Relationship Differences: For Foreign Woman

Dating In Japan: For ForeignersOne of the best things about foreign women is that they always try to learn the language no matter where they are. Majority of foreign women who go to Japan to look for someone they can be with always try their best to improve. Yes, even if the Japanese man can speak English. The reason why they always try to learn the language is for them to be able to survive living in Japan even without their men by their side.

Another good thing about this is that Japanese men know that foreign women prefer working even after marriage. The reason behind this is because they are more open-minded about this. There are also some Japanese men who have studied in other countries, so they understand this kind of trait of foreign women.

Majority of Japanese men who are in a relationship with foreign women usually have a relationship that is harmonious.

These are all of the things that you need to know when dating in Japan if you are a foreigner. The information above is also some of the reasons on how the relationship will work out depending on your gender. There are still a lot of things that you should know. Some may be positive, while there are also negative ones. But don’t let these negative stuff scare you away from being in a relationship or eventually marrying a Japanese man or a Japanese woman.

Lastly, always remember that good thing come to those who patiently wait. So while waiting for your Japanese man or woman, enjoy Japan and taste their Japanese cuisines.

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