Romantic Tokyo Restaurants for Valentines Day

Are you looking for the most romantic Tokyo restaurants for Valentines Day? Did you know that Tokyo is home for nothing but the best restaurants perfect for February? Get to know these romantic Tokyo restaurants by reading the information provided below.

Romantic Tokyo RestaurantsTokyo is a city that is full of rich culture and boasts nothing but the best romantic restaurants in the entire world. You may be reading this because you’re going to take your Japanese girl on a date this Valentines and is confused on what restaurants to take her. This is understandable because Tokyo has a lot of restaurants where you can bring her and impress her. I’ve gathered Tokyo’s romantic restaurants below.

Top Romantic Tokyo Restaurants

Kozue — Park Hyatt Tokyo

Romantic Tokyo RestaurantsKozue is one of Tokyo’s romantic restaurants where it is situated on the 40th floor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel. The restaurant’s elegant decor will add up to the ambiance and bring a romantic feel while you and your date is enjoying your sumptuous meals. To make things more romantic, it would be best to go before the sun goes down so you and your date can enjoy the breathtaking view of Mount Fuji. Of courses reserving a table by the window would be perfect to enjoy the view thoroughly.  Kozue is also known to prepare dishes that are outstanding, while their service is impeccable. So taking your date in this restaurant will surely be the most romantic and perfect Valentines Day treat for her.

Bay Restaurant & Cruise

Romantic Tokyo RestaurantsThere’s nothing more romantic than taking your date for dinner while enjoying the sunset on a cruise around Tokyo Bay. Symphony Tokyo Bay restaurant and cruise offer entertainment and food that are both delightful. Their entertainment is consists of a pianist and a singer. It would be best to arrive earlier because the departure time at the terminal is 4 pm.

Of course, to ensure that you and your date will remember your moments there, the staff will gladly take your photos for you. Capture the beautiful Tokyo skyline while the sunset is setting down. The cruise will pass by under the Rainbow Bridge, and you might want to take her up to the rooftop deck so you can both enjoy the view.

Tempura Yoshina — Hotel Nikko Tokyo

Romantic Tokyo RestaurantsTempura Yoshina will give you a spectacular view of Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge. If you are planning to take your date at Tempura Yoshina this Valentines Day then making a reservation ahead of time would be best. The reason behind this is because this restaurant can only accommodate eight individuals.

As the name implies, Tempura Yoshina serves the best Tempura dish in Tokyo. You can see the chef preparing your food skillfully. You can even talk to the chef since he can speak English well. Some of the other food that they are serving are sweet potatoes, tempura prawns, eel, and fish. Their operating hours are from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

China Blue at the Conrad Tokyo

Romantic Tokyo RestaurantsChina Blue is a restaurant that has windows that are installed from floor to ceiling. The restaurant is located on the 27th floor, which means that you can enjoy the beautiful views of  Hamarikyu Gardens and Tokyo Bay. China Blue is known to serve Chinese cuisine that is all award-winning. Another good thing about this restaurant is that they have an extensive menu of wine, which you can pair with your dinner. Some of the dishes that you will surely love to order are the Japanese Beef Fillet and the Crab Miso which are all delectable and are cooked to perfection. Of course, they also have gourmet dishes on their menu, which you can try ordering especially if you want to impress your date.

Italian Cuisine 

Romantic Tokyo RestaurantsIf you are your date want to experience a fine dining Italian cuisine, then going to Ar’s Italian Cuisine would be best. The restaurant is located on the 41st floor, which will give you an outstanding view of Tokyo. The staff is known to have top notch hospitality, while their dishes use only ingredients of the best quality. Ar’s Italian Cuisine is offering a private Luce Too for their guests, which is typically ideal for four to eight people. If you are planning to rent this room, then they will charge you a total of 10,000 Yen. The dinner which is not included can be over 18,000 Yen, while the lunch can reach 6,500 Yen.

Ar’s Italian Cuisine has the best-roasted duck, which is from France. Their roasted duck comes with black truffle and balsamic carbonara. Of course, to end the date, you can order matcha chocolate with citron sauce, which both you and your date will surely love.

Shangri-la Hotel

Romantic Tokyo RestaurantsJust like the restaurants mentioned above, Piacere has a gorgeous night view. It is located at the Marunouchi Tower which is located on the 28th floor. Since you are going to Piacere for a date, it would be best to book a table beside the window. This will ensure that you and your date will be able to enjoy the stunning view of Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station. Compared to the ones mentioned above, Piacere may be a high-end restaurant, but they are extremely friendly. In fact, the chef typically walks around to greet the guests and ask about how their food is.

Some of the dishes that you need to try at Piacere are the fantastic poached Japanese halibut in yuzu citrus sauce and the Japanese chestnut meringue with chocolate cream. This place is recommendable not only because of the stunning view, but because of the wine, food, and as well as the friendly staff in the restaurant itself.

The above are the top romantic Tokyo restaurants for Valentines Day, which will surely make you impress your date. Whether you choose the first restaurant that I have mentioned of the third one, you and your date will undoubtedly have a stunning view of the city.

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