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One of the prettiest Asian women can be found in Japan, and this may be the reason why a lot of people are searching different Japanese dating sites so they can meet these women. One of the best Japanese dating site today is Japan Cupid. Besides the fact that it is part of Cupid Media, it is also a reliable dating site to find Japanese women. Get to know more about this site by reading the information provided below.

Japan Cupid

Japan Cupid is responsible for connecting thousands of single Japanese from people around the world. It is known as one of the most trusted Japanese dating sites by many. Whether you are someone who is looking for a friend, date, or even for a long-term relationship, Japan Cupid will surely provide you with everything that you need.

Japan Cupid was established in 2005 and is part of Cupid Media, which is a well-established network. Their commitment is to connect singles from anywhere in the world with Japanese women. Their members are mainly from the US with a member count of 90,000, who are all looking for a Japanese woman. Overall, they have a total of 700,000 members from all over the world. 

Why Choose Japan Cupid

If you are on the lookout for the prettiest Japanese women then choosing Japan Cupid is your first step. Besides the US members, there are of course a lot of Japanese women waiting for you to sweep them off of their feet. Another good thing about choosing Japan Cupid is that majority of the members are men with 88%, and female members are only at 12%. This means that if you’re a Japanese woman, you won’t have a hard time finding a man. Men, on the other hand, will have to try their best for them to catch the attention of these women.

You can also get to chat with hundreds of members every day because there are a lot of them who are online. You surely won’t get bored when choosing Japan Cupid because there is always something that you can chat with. 

Sign Up Process

One of the best things about Japan Cupid is that you can sign up for free. You don’t have to worry about the complicated process because they don’t have it here. The site made sure that everyone will experience a registration that’s hassle-free. 

When signing up, you can choose Facebook, so you no longer have to fill out most of the information upon joining the site. But you can also use your email to make it more organized and especially if you don’t want your Facebook account to be linked to Japan Cupid. So when using email, all you have to do is to key in your first name, password, and the email address that you want to use and you’re done. 

Amazing Features On Japan Cupid

Message Filter

One feature on Japan Cupid that’s great is the message filter. This is where you can filter out the messages that you don’t want to receive or read. You can filter the messages or words so no inappropriate words that will be sent to your inbox. 


Another feature that you can find on Japan Cupid is the CupidTag. Majority of the Cupid Media sites have this feature because of the usefulness that it has. You can use the tags to describe your characteristics. In this way, if members start searching for specific tags, your profile will appear on the result. This also means that your chances of getting the audience that you need on Japan Cupid are high. 

Japan Cupid App

Of course, the convenience of having a Japan Cupid app is just outstanding. The reason behind this is because you can quickly browse and chat with other members no matter where you are. For instance, if you are out and you don’t have your computer with you, all you have to do is to use your Smartphone to chat with the other members. This also means that you’ll be updated with anything and everything about the site.

Overall, Japan Cupid is an excellent site for people who are into Japanese women. Also, Japanese individuals can also benefit from this if they are looking for a foreign man that they can be with for the rest of their lives.

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