Is eHarmony Worth It in 2023? Top 13 Reasons

As online dating continues to be one of the main ways couples meet in 2019, we take a look at all the reasons eHarmony is worth the time and money to sign up and explore. Competition is, of course, quite strong, with over 19% of the USA population using dating websites out on the net.

Is eHarmony worth it? Check out these 13 reasons why it stands out in the crowd, and make the decision for yourself.

Top 13 Reasons To Register On eHarmony

You probably have at least one friend who has met someone online, and depending on their success with that person, you have a judgement you’ve made on your own about online dating. Whatever prior ideas you may have about the activity or the success rate of it, don’t be too quick to glaze over eHarmony as an excellent place to find an online companion that could grow into a lifelong partner.

These top 13 reasons why eHarmony is worth the visit can help you make up your mind for yourself, and maybe even find the person of your dreams on their platform.

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1. It’s the safest dating site out there

eHarmony has taken the steps to be bounds beyond any other dating service online. Their team of verification experts filter through all accounts on the service and will close violating users immediately upon discovery. IDs must be verified through the platform, too, so you can always trust you’re talking to a real person. In an age of growing romance scams, this is a valuable feature to include.

Since eHarmony does the work in verifying users for you by doing a background check to confirm all of the identity aspects match up to what is government approved, you can date more freely and worry less about being scammed. Plus, eHarmony has been known to remove accounts of married men and women who aren’t on file for a divorce, so you can forget about that sort of heartbreaking revelation as well.

2. Their matching formula is based on science

eharmony is the safest dating site out there

Who would have believed that finding your true love could be done with science? eHarmony, apparently! On their website, they’re very transparent about the way they go about creating their matches and what goes into the algorithm that pairs users together. It’s all based on scientific 29 Dimensions of Compatibility, which uses real components by genuine scientists to create accuration predicts of compatibility for marriage in mind. It’s pretty fool-proof, too, and with science, anything is possible… even a romantic ending.

In fact, eHarmony is so sure of their ability to use their method of matching to connect you with the best of the best on there, you can’t even search the members on your own. eHarmony does the whole thing for you! Matches are hand-picked by science and delivered right to you.

3. Over 600,000 couples have been married

As boasted proudly on their website, eHarmony has been the first step for upwards of 600,000 couples finding their happily ever after and ending with rings on their fingers. Marriage is a goal for many, but online dating allows for many people to be skeptical about the chance for success with a long-term relationship. eHarmony is doing something right to get that many relationships off of the site and into a future together forever.  

One great reason why so many relationships have ended in holy matrimony is because this is what eHarmony was designed for. Tinder is great for hookup culture, but every little detail on this platform was designed to ensure wholesome connections and long-lasting relationships. For many, this means marriage, and that is the whole point of using eHarmony.

4. Affordable pricing

One big thing that dating sites suffer from is being considered too expensive. eHarmony has also fallen under some fire for that, but when you compare to it any other service of it’s kind out there, eHarmony actually is very affordable. Some of their plans are even lower than the tiers offered by, the leading dating site. eHarmony follows close on their heels, and the prices reflect that bit of healthy competition.

  • $59.95/month for 1 month of service
  • $39.95/month for 3 months of service
  • $29.95/month for 6 months of service (most popular package)
  • $18.95/month for 12 months of service

At first, this may seem like it’s a bit steep, especially if you go for the one month option. However, it’s the cheapest year-long plan out there, and it’s filled with lots of different quality reasons why the prices have been as they are. When you look at eHarmony for what it is, these aren’t expensive membership plans at all! You’ll get what you pay for, and eHarmony delivers.

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5. You’ll get the best customer service experience

Every review on eHarmony that relates to the customer service experience is rated highly enjoyable

If you’ve ever had to deal with any sort of online website’s customer service department, you know what a struggle it can be to solve even the smallest of problems. This is exceptionally worse when it comes to billing issues, and on dating sites, one of the biggest complaints from site to site is their problem-solving abilities.

Every review on eHarmony that relates to the customer service experience is rated highly enjoyable, and it’s been one of their winning features that have convinced members to leave their sites where they felt ignored to come to the compassion of eHarmony’s staff.

6. Learn all about others with their Book of You feature

When you sign up for eHarmony, you fill out an original quiz based on your personality and individuality. It’s essentially an in-depth look at who you are as a core being, from your motivations to your traits to your flaws. eHarmony uses this to get you the best matches by running your answers against other members near you.

The Book of You is fun, and even a little bit invigorating because it makes you question yourself. You may walk away feeling more connected to who you are as a person, which is a great feeling and can help you find the confidence needed for online dating.

7. There is no need for social anxiety with the Guided Communication program

eHarmony doesn’t take dating lightly, and they know the importance of first impressions and why getting off on the right foot is key for a successful match. However, they also know how hard it is to get started with a bang when approaching and speaking with strangers online. For many, it’s a terrifying process, but eHarmony addresses that gently and with an expert touch.

Guided Communication provides conversation prompts, introduces deal-breakers or must-haves, and even allows for further conversation assistance. Once the matches feel comfortable together, they can move away from the guided format and onto free chat, where they can discuss anything as they please.

8. Signing up is totally free!

While you do need to pay for a membership to access the full site, including the most important features like chatting and The Book of You, members can sign up for free to get a great feel for the website. You can take the personality quiz to get started on discovering yourself in a new way, as well as discover what matches are best for you, and browse the site. You’ll even be sent some matches from eHarmony’s choices, based on your first impressions quiz.

This way, you can see what sort of people you may meet before having to pay for it. Getting this much access to such a great dating website for absolutely no cost is almost impossible to find anywhere else, and it helps you to be positive about your decision to pay for the full deal.

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9. The mobile app is great

eharmony mobile app screenshots

So many times, we find a dating site we like, but then realize it’s not so great for the mobile version. Surprisingly enough, many dating sites don’t even have a mobile app to download, and their webpage versions for a cell phone are less than easily navigated. Some members report the eHarmony mobile companion to being as easy to use as Facebook, with a scroll feature and intuitive messaging system.

On the app, you can even post profile changes, thanks to the fully-featured version. It’s also available for both iPhone and Android, so you won’t be limited by your phone system requirements.

10. You can chat on the phone without giving away your privacy

Piggybacking on the safety comment when it comes to eHarmony, one important reason to choose them over a different dating site is because of their SecureCall feature. You can use the dating site to voice chat with other members you feel close with, and it doesn’t require your phone number at all. eHarmony keeps this information private but still allows you a chance to speak with your match directly.

For many, texting and instant messaging are great for the short-term purpose of first impressions, but it’s hard to truly know someone by pixelated words on a screen. And yet, most aren’t comfortable with a face-to-face meeting right off the bat, either. SecureCall gives a great halfway point between texting and face-to-face meetings by allowing safe, controlled, anonymous phone calls.

11. Don’t like someone? Block them!

As simple of a feature that it is… blocking isn’t available on every dating site out there. In fact, many of the big names have slyly this part out of their design and creation, which can be frustrating for someone if they unfortunately encounter someone they simply don’t wish to interact with. You may change your mind about a match for a variety of reasons, but eHarmony won’t ask questions.

Their blocking system is the most simple thing on the planet, too. Simply select a user you want to end all communicate with, hit block, and you’ll never see them on the platform again. This ends any form of communication as well as hides both of your profiles from each other. You can continue on your search for the one without fear of being bothered anymore by an unfavorable mention.

12. You can experience eHarmony in 20 different languages

Not only is eHarmony extremely open to all sorts of people from any background or race, they offer their website in 20 different languages so essentially anyone can get connected with others. Of course, if you’re an American, you’ll want to get together with other English-speaking users, and that’s understandable.. But think about all the bilingual users who can focus on their conversations with you instead of struggling to navigate the site.

Having this many options for languages has allowed eHarmony to be employed nearly anywhere in the world and reach a massive amount of people on the platform. In fact, over 66 million members have been registered on eHarmony since their creation in 2000. That’s 20 years worth of matching and designing hand-selected happy endings.

13. Their AI help prevents “ghosting”

eharmony's AI help prevents “ghosting”

Online daters who have been around the ringer a few times with these services know all too well the pain of being ghosted. This is when someone you were talking with and felt you had great chemistry together disappears suddenly, never to return. These occurrences are sadly common with online dating, and very damaging. You’re left to wonder why, what went wrong, and waiting for their return. It’s a sad part of using the internet to find a match…

But it’s possibly avoidable. eHarmony is trying out a new chat bot that helps prevent ghosting by encouraging activity with prompts for stagnant conversations, pulling members with equal activity on the site together, and scanning information in your profile to determine how likely you are to stay paired with someone. This innovative new idea is still in the trial period, but it’s been well-received so far.

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