Mixed Connect Review in 2019

Are you into interracial dating? Is this the reason why you came across this Mixed Connect review to check if this is actually a legit site? Well then, let’s all find out.

Mixed Connect ReviewA lot of people are into interracial dating because they are no longer scared of getting judged. They are no longer worried about what other people will say about them and their partner. This is a good thing because this means that more and more people are being opened about this kind of relationship. Gone are the days, where white men are only for white women, now, races can be mixed without any worries. This is what Mixed Connect is for, to connect every race with each other. 

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Mixed Connect Review

Mixed Connect is a dating site for people who are looking to date other races. This is the website where you can meet people who have the same thinking as you. Even if you are a single Caucasians, Hispanic, Latino, Black, White, or even Asian, you will surely find someone with whom you can connect with. Mixed Connect is a place where single can and a date and have fun. Of course, there are also instances where you can meet someone with whom you can be with for a long period. 

Wide Selection At Mixed Connect

Mixed Connect has a wide selection of races, where you can find a compatible match and someone to love. You will never run out of options, which means that the chances of finding that one date is high. Another good thing about Mixed Connect is that you will be given an opportunity to search by area, state, country, gender, age bracket, prospective, and gender. 

There are also advanced search options for members who are going to avail of the paid membership. You can search by city, postal code, state, keywords, province, skin color, and the height of the match that you want. These options will surely make things easier for you in finding that one perfect match.

Costs Of Joining Mixed Connect

You can freely join Mixed Connect, but the features will only be limited. Of course, for you to be able to get all the features that you need, it would be best to get their gold membership. They have three different plans, and you may have the option to choose one that suits your needs. Here are the plans that you can choose from:

  • One month of membership will cost you $39.95 from its original cost of $49.95
  • Three months of membership will cost you $74.95 from its original fee of $149.85
  • Six months of membership will cost you $119.95 from its original price of $299.70

You can pay through different ways, including money order, bank check, PayPal, charge card, check card, debit card, and credit card. 

Signing Up Process At Mixed Connect

The signing up process at Mixed Connect is easy. You can finish everything in just a couple of minutes. Remember that you can sign up for free, but there are some features that you won’t be able to enjoy.

User-Friendly Website

Mixed Connect is easy to navigate and use, so you don’t have to worry about anything. All of the key buttons are clearly listed at the top part of the page. You will be able to see My Account, Profile, My Settings, and so much more. At the left side, you’ll be able to look at your inbox and some of the other unique features. Some of these features, including some free dating advice. This will surely give you all the help that you need to be successful in the online dating industry.

Another thing that you will see on your profile page is the quick search, which will help you find members and go through their profiles. All you have to do is to fill in the details, which will only take a couple of minutes. The quick search will provide you with the best result based on your information.

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Features On Mixed Connect 

There are a lot of features that Mixed Connect has to offer, which makes this site very fun and pleasurable. You have the option to stay under a free membership or get the paid one so you can enjoy more advanced features. 

For standard users, you will be able to enjoy checking profiles of other members, sending winks, and replying to instant messages and emails that are sent to you by other members. You will also be able to do a basic search, like location, ethnicity, gender, and age. But searching through the advanced criteria is not possible.

Gold members, on the other hand, can enjoy all of the features that a standard member can enjoy. There is also some exclusive access to advanced features, which will make it easier to find and meet a match. Here are some of the features that gold members can enjoy. 

Let’s Meet – This feature is quite common in other interracial dating sites. Typically, this feature will display images of other members who are near your location. Now, if you like the member, then all you have to do is to tap the heart icon. If the member tapped a heart icon as well, then the site will contact both of you automatically. 

Interracial Videos — If you want to get attention, then all you have to do is to post a video of yourself. You also have the ability to view the videos of the other members. Commenting is also possible, so don’t be too shy to comment on their videos. Just make sure that your video will be compelling enough for people to like them. 

Date Ideas – As you all know, the first impression lasts, and so as your initial date ideas. Users who are registered can list down the date ideas that they have in mind. Of course, you can also post your thoughts and comment on the ones that you like. You also have the option to check the profiles and contact the member who posted the best date ideas for you. 

Customer Service On Mixed Connect

Mixed Connect has a responsive and efficient customer support team. They will quickly answer all your concerns and queries in no time. You have the option to contact them via email or by phone. 

Privacy On Mixed Connect

Unlike other interracial dating sites, Mixed Connect doesn’t do background checks of their members. The reason behind this is because they take the member’s privacy seriously. They, in fact, have a policy when it comes to their privacy. You can check it on the Privacy page. 


With all these being said, I can say that Mixed Connect is a pretty decent online dating site for interracial dating. You can try Mixed Connect out by availing of the free membership, but if you want more features, then you can always subscribe to their gold membership. Start signing up and who knows, you might find that perfect match that you’ve been looking for. 

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