Best Indian Dating Sites in 2019

India is known for its amazing spices and delicacies. But one of the main things that they are popular with our beautiful women. It can be challenging to find Indian women especially if you are westerners. This is why online dating sites are here to help you find that dream woman that you have.

Indian dating sites are one of the sites that are often forgotten by people, but little did they know that these are where men can find gorgeous Indian women. One of the best Indian dating sites today is Jeevansathi. Get to know this online dating site by reading the information provided just for you below.


One of the most trusted Indian dating sites today is Jeevansathi. Their headquarters is based in Noida, India and 37 cities; they have a total of 54 offices. This means that members can visit a physical office in case problems arise. One of the unique thing about Jeevansathi is that they always screen all of their members before giving them access to the site. This is to ensure privacy and protection to its current members. 

Even though Jeevansathi is an Indian site, the majority of its members are from Australia, where a total of 50,000 of them are Australians. When it comes to active members, there are a total of 10,000 active members on a weekly basis. The ratio of its members is 40% men and 60% women. This means that if you are a man, finding a woman will definitely be easy.

Why Choose Jeevansathi

One of the most convenient ways to find an Indian woman is to choose Jeevansathi. The reason behind this is because the site’s goal is to let men from all over the world meet Indian women who are looking to date and eventually marry a foreign man. 

Another good thing about Jeevansathi is that they make sure that if members decide to marry each other, they will make it easier since they will always base it on the location, caste, religion, and community group of the bride or the groom if that is what both parties prefer. 

Also, as mentioned above, Jeevansathi has a physical office, which means that if you have any questions and issues, you can go to their office and talk to someone who handles your specific concerns. 

Sign Up Process

When it comes to the sign-up process at Jeevansathi, the instructions are pretty clear. But make sure to allow some time because the process is a bit long. Before signing up make sure to know on which sub-groups of the Indian culture you’re part with. The reason behind this is because it’s mandatory and it can’t be skipped.

Another good thing about the sign-up process at Jeevansathi is that you’re allowed to create an account for a friend or for yourself. Of course, whatever questions asked to you, will also be asked if you create a profile for that friend. To ensure that the account is really for a friend, the site will require you to verify it using the person’s mobile number. 

Amazing Features On Jeevansathi


One of the features on Jeevansathi is the Kundli where your horoscope questions will be answered. You will also get a complete list of all the compatible members based on your astrology. Of course, this can only be used if you fill out the Kundli Matches. 

Daily Recommendations

It would be best to get to know people even if they are outside your preferences. It’s always best to be open about meeting every member so you can get to know everyone better. The daily recommendations will help widen your selections when it comes to finding an Indian partner. 

JS Exclusive

One of the features that are very popular at Jeevansathi is the JS Exclusive. This is where you will be getting your own relationship manager. This person will be the one to work on your profile so you can get the attention of other members.

Overall, Jeevansathi is an excellent Indian dating site, especially if your primary goal is to find an Indian woman to date and be with for an extended period. Sign up now and enjoy the amazing features provided for you above.

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