Identity Theft from a Romance Scam: Protect Yourself in 2020

Follow these steps to remain safe:

Record Keeping: Save detail records of your conversations and copies of all correspondence

Police Report: Make a police report if your identity has been stolen, keep a copy of the police report for your records

Close Accounts: If you gave your scammer your banking information, and/ or credit card information you will need to close your accounts:

  • If there has been activity on your accounts ask the bank how to dispute transactions. Get proof it has been disputed.
  • Call or go to the security or fraud department of each bank. Make sure to bring with you copies of supporting documents (e.g., emails, IMs, items received in the mail).
  • If you gave your personal or family member info, then you will need to make sure that each person submits a fraud alert on their accounts.

Place Fraud Alerts: You only need to contact one of the three companies to place an alert.

Credit Report Check: Ask for a free copy of your credit report and go over the report, look for inquiries from companies you haven’t contacted, accounts you haven’t opened or recent new debts. If you find a thing that is not supposed to be there get it removed. Continue to check your credit reports for at least a year after being scammed.

To place an alert on your credit report, or to have them removed, you will be required to provide appropriate proof of your identity: that may include your Social Security number, name, address and other personal information.

Written by Jibin K

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