How To Make The Best Online Dating Profile in 2021

When you try online dating, first impressions are everything. From the fast-paced swiping apps to the more in depth, detailed profiles and searches on sites like Match, you need to have a great profile that captures the eye. While some people choose to hire a professional, you can get to that status on your own easily with a few helpful tricks. We cover the 10 things on how to make the best online dating profile. Check it out!

10 Things To Do When Making An Online Dating Profile

You’ve read all you can read about avoiding scammers, successfully dating online, which sites to use, and how to have relationships with the people you meet on the sites. One thing that isn’t explained is how to set up the best, more eye-catching profile to improve your matches and gather more interest.

These 10 little tricks will make your profile stand out and enhance the best qualities about yourself, and you’ll see the difference! So get ready to update your profile, or if you’re just beginning, settle in and use these 10 tricks to your advantage.

1. Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience when creating a dating profile

Not all dating site is made equal to the others. Take Tinder for example; it’s geared more towards the hookup culture in the world than serious, marriage-minded dating. The same goes for Adult Friend Finder. However, Match and eHarmony and similar sites look to create meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

Being aware of what the site’s members are looking for can help you know what information, and what images, to include in your profile. Put the information on your profile that will appeal to the masses depending on your type of dating site.

2. Fill Out The Necessary Information

No one likes to see a bare profile, even on an app like Tinder. Nothing will make someone swipe left or reject a match like a lazy, undetailed biography section. If your platform offers questions for you to answer, like education, height, etc… make sure you’re filling these prompts out. It will give your profile a fuller look, even with a shorter biography.

It’s also a smart idea to link up your social media, such as Instagram or Facebook, if the platform allows it. If you do this, there is less pressure to make the perfect dating profile, because they’ll have a couple of other options to use to check up on you.

3. Choose Your Best Pictures

Getting the best pics on your account is the key to getting attention online. It may sound shallow, but unfortunately, it’s true! Online attraction is very much geared towards your outer appearance, so to catch their attention first you’ll want your best aesthetic foot forward.

It’s after they like your pics, they’ll dig into your profile.

4. Include a couple of hobbies in your profile

Give your match some great conversation starters and things to share a mutual interest in by listing or mentioning some of your favorite hobbies. You don’t want to just list off what you think they’ll like, like the traditional long walks on the beach. Instead, be genuine with it!

Do you like golf? Horseback riding? Maybe crafting? Fess up! Giving a small snapshot into how you personally enjoy spending your downtime is a great way to get someone’s eye.

5. State What You’re Looking For Gently

When you date online, you don’t want your time wasted. It’s the same about dating in real life, but a little harder to find your exact match. If you’re not looking for something serious, you should convey that, and vice versa… but you don’t want to be pushy or abrasive about it.

Stay vague. You don’t need to list exactly what you want your perfect partner to be, but you should give some hints towards your end goal. If you want long-term relationships, state that. Casual dating? Make sure you mention that, too.

6. Mention Your Job, But Not Your Income

A lot of dating platforms have a section for you to put your current employment info, or maybe just the title of your job. That’s great! It can show someone where you’re at in life, and give them something to talk about with you… but if you’re in a successful career, it may come off as bragging when you go on about it.

Keeping your job details limited, and maybe only including what it is you do, is the best way to keep the attention on more important things. You don’t want anyone taking advantage of you because you bragged about your paychecks in your profile.

7. Stay Unique

Obviously your goal here is to stand out in the crowd of the other users. Try to be as special and daring as you can! You want to come across as someone interesting, lively, and fun to get to know. For fellow introverts like me, this can be a daunting task, but it’s doable!

Avoid cliches, avoid just putting basic information, and let your personality shine through. Do you have a silly collection or a favorite movie that is underappreciated? Mention it! Putting unique facts about yourself is a great way to make someone want to know more.

8. Make Sure There Is No English Errors

Make Sure There Is No English Errors in your dating profile

One of the biggest pet peeves of many when online dating is seeing common grammatical and spelling errors on a profile. Seriously, nothing be so annoying as an improper use of ‘your’, so to avoid getting wrongfully rejected, proofread your profile for errors.

This is also a great way to not come off a scammer, which is a major problem in online dating. If you need help getting your profile to perfection, consider putting it through the free spelling service on Grammarly, or enlisting a friend’s help.

9. Avoid Negativity

The last you want on your profile is some sort of negative energy. This could be by being self-depreciating or criticizing other users. I’ve seen a number of dating profiles that state something along the lines of “I never have luck on these, but I’m trying again”… see how unappealing that sounds?

Keep your profile upbeat and positive! Don’t let anything act as a gray cloud that distracts from your winning personality, and this should go for those important new conversations, too. Let’s avoid telling depressing parts of our past in the first 5 minutes of chatting.

10. Tell The Truth

If you struggle with low self-esteem and insecurity issues, the prospect of a truly honest and genuine dating profile is terrifying, and I get that! However, if you want to truly have success online when trying to date, you need to be entirely yourself from the beginning. Putting yourself out there is hard, but it’s impossible!

When you’re creating your profile, make sure you’re checking with yourself about if what you’re saying is really true. Don’t put something out there just because you think someone else will like it, make sure everything you’re adding is relevant and important to you… and never be a catfish!

How To Choose Your Dating Profile Pictures

Getting the right pictures up on your profile is what could make or break a match for you. Since most dating sites, especially those geared towards the mobile crowd, rely on a very superficial, appearance-based method of attraction, you need to pick the best pictures that showcase your gorgeous aspects.

Photo Picking DON’TS

Knowing what not to do is just as valuable as knowing the best things to do. Make sure you don’t fall into one of these classic online dating profile decisions that could hurt your chances when you reach out to others.

  • Don’t use a picture older than a year or two. We can change a lot overtime and you want to show your potential dates who you are now.
  • Don’t use group pictures. It’s hard for your match to see which one you are, and it’s confusing to have to try and determine that. They want to see you, not your friends.
  • Don’t use photos where your face is hidden. An artistic photo may be fine, but only once, and you should still try to avoid photos where you have on sunglasses for big hats that mask your face.
  • Don’t post pictures of you and the opposite sex. A lot of times, I’ll see a guy upload a photo on their dating site with them and an ex, cuddled up for a party. That isn’t encouraging, so don’t do it!

Photo Picking DOs

You know what to avoid, so you may wonder now, what can you upload? Luckily, you still have a pretty big variety left when it comes to what you can upload, so open up your image gallery and start selecting the best ones that qualify.

  • Do upload pictures of your smile. It’s very important that you look appealing and friendly, so your pictures should include a big smile, especially if it’s your display photo.
  • Do include many photos on your account. You’ll want around 5-7 of them, if the platform you use allows it.
  • Do post pictures of you with things you enjoy. Integrate your personality onto your account through visuals! Action shots or travel pictures as well as animal photos are great winners.
  • Do use a full body picture at least once. Letting someone know exactly what to expect by being real, honest, and raw is the best chance you have at a successful relationship to bloom from an online beginning.
  • Do get creative in your photos. Too many of the same type of picture gets boring, so don’t let all of your images be the same full-face smile against a drab background. Throw some variety in and change it up a little!

The Picture Perfect Photo Lineup

Want more specific advice on the pictures to upload? Follow this tried & true format to putting the best pictures online to gain that attraction you need!

  1. Front-facing, simple, smiling photo. This should be your profile image, and make sure it’s welcoming!
  2. A photo of you in action, doing something you enjoy. Do you run or kayak? Maybe you like to read. Either way, this should be a semi-candid shot of you just having fun.
  3. Picture of you and a cute cuddly friend. Cats, dogs, and other small, lovable critters get more attention on dating profiles than anything else. Grab your mom’s dog and say cheese!
  4. A nature or travel shot. Throwing in some setting variety is great, and if you travel, putting a picture of you near a known landmark can strike up a cool conversation.
  5. Another smiling picture. Keep the positive flowing with another heart-warming smile!

5 pictures is usually enough on an online dating profile. If you don’t have pictures that fit each of those 5 slots, no worries! Finding images that best capture who you are as a person is the key to success, so don’t be afraid to branch out and do what feels more accurate for you.

Wrap Up

Creating an online dating profile isn’t exactly a cut and dry, easy job you may have thought, is it? Fortunately, it’s not hard to get on the right track and fix past mistakes you’ve made on your profile! By staying true to yourself, updating your photos and putting that best foot forward, you can stand out on any platform and get more matches and more attention. Keep in mind that everyone else out there who is working on their online dating is the same boat as you. They put in their time stressing over a profile, too. You’re not alone!

Written by Chelsea King

Chelsea has been a direct victim of romance scams herself losing over $35,000 in a span of a year in 2015. She joined and took over operations of in 2015. She brings first-hand experience in studying romance scams, and also experience in vetting dating sites for legitimacy. Read more of Chelsea's articles.

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