How to Get a Hot Girlfriend: Top 10 Tips in 2020

For so many, finding a significant is one of their major goals or resolutions for the year. It’s within our human nature to want companionship and love, but in a modern world where official dating seems to be lost within hookup culture, it can be hard to find someone you connect with on all levels.

If you’re looking for a relationship with someone you’re very attracted to and also connect with personally, here are some excellent tips and tricks for how to get a hot girlfriend!

10 on How to Get A Hot Girlfriend This Year

Dating and new relationships are hard! Attractive women can seem unattainable or mysterious, but it’s important to remember that everyone is human, and everyone suffers some sort of flaw or insecurity.

As incredible as someone may look out on the outside, it really boils down to the inside that matters most. 

That being said, it’s understandable to desire a romantic and sexual connection with someone you have a strong physical chemistry with. To find a hot woman to date in this exciting new year, approach the courtship as you would anyone you’re interested in.

Enjoy these 10 important tips for finding that hot girlfriend haunting your daydreams, and how to make her yours!

1. Make Sure You’re Meeting Women

Make Sure You’re Meeting Women

It may be a surprise, but so many people have trouble taking that first step to put themselves in social situations. Bars, clubs, and other forms of nightlife socialization have become less essential for meeting local singles in your area, and the dating pool has largely moved to a more virtual experience.

Getting out of the house is always a great way to start meeting women, but you have more options if face-to-face interaction makes you nervous at first. Online dating has become a major hack for modern dating, so don’t be afraid to download an app and start swiping and sending out messages.

2. Quit Creating Excuses For Yourself

A lot of people stay single, even when they don’t want to be, due to their own lack of confidence. Self-esteem issues are a serious problem for most ages, and can create a very negative impact on your ability to find a relationship.

Some of the common excuses that a lot of single men in the dating world find themselves using far often include:

  • She’d never like me
  • There is probably someone else she likes
  • What if she says no?
  • I’ve been single for awhile, I don’t know what to do

While these are all very valid concerns and sources of anxiety, it’s important not to let these feelings hold you back. Everyone will experience rejection at some point; it’s just life! If you never get out there and shoot your shot, you’ll never what could’ve been.

3. Set Reasonable Standards, But Don’t Settle

Set Reasonable Standards, But Don’t Settle

Another common problem singles experience in the dating game is their own expectations. We all want to bond and connect with someone that we find attractive on a physical level and that we have natural chemistry with… but it’s important to remember there is more than just that.

Instead of focusing on having every box ticked when it comes to outward appearance, be flexible and consider potential partners that aren’t your usual “type”.

That being said, you also want to make sure you’re not settling for someone you don’t connect with, either physically or emotionally. The desire to have a relationship shouldn’t let you lower those standards you have set, as long as they are reasonable and you’re comfortable with them.

4. Put Some Thought Into Your Own Appearance

Expecting to land a hot girlfriend when you haven’t looked in a mirror yourself in the past week probably won’t be the most viable strategy out there.

No one expects you to look like Zac Efron, but it is important to show you care about your health, your appearance, and your impression.

Make sure you smell nice, you’re well-groomed, and dress to impress if you’re trying to catch someone’s eye. Show off a little! Chances are, they’ll appreciate the extra mile you put in to look nice, just like you do for them.

5. Prove You Are Available & Interested

Prove You Are Available & Interested

The last thing a woman wants to do is try and fight for your time or attention. This doesn’t mean you need to drop everything at her beck and call; in fact, this isn’t a good strategy, either.

It does mean you should be trying to show your interest by making an effort to see her and spend time together. Conflicting schedules (i.e., do you work a nightshift?), lifestyles, or interests may make this difficult, but she will be invested in the relationship if you show that you’re just as invested.

Maintaining that balance of interest but not desperate is one of the key formulas to a blossoming relationship. No one wants to feel uncertain of the feelings their potential partner has for them, but no one wants to feel forced or pushed into a relationship, either.

Be honest with her! Let her know you are very attracted to her and you’d like to consider taking this flirtationship to the next step, but if she is hesitant, don’t push it.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term slow and steady wins the race? It’s not wrong, but it’s not entirely true, either. Be honest about your attraction and desire to date, but don’t be overbearing with it!

6. Get Creative In Your Seduction Techniques

One big issue that many suitors run into when they are vying for the attention of an attractive woman is the level of competition. Dating apps and club scenes are often unbalanced when it comes to the male to female ratio, so it can seem intimidating at first.

To really catch her eye and spark her interest, make sure you’re setting yourself apart from the crowd. Do something a little more creative or unusual than a dinner and a movie date. Ask her to go ice skating, or visit a festival together.

Giving that sort of unique motivation to spend time together will give you a great first impression, and leave her wanting more! Plus, it gives you quite an edge against your competition, if you have any.

7. Keep Communicating With Her

Keep Communicating With Her

So many modern relationships never even get a chance to take off due to the dreaded ghosting culture. Most adults in the dating world have experienced this at least once or twice in their adventures towards companionship.

Sometimes, dating feels like a competition to see who can prove they care the least. It’s seen as vulnerability or weakness when you’re obvious about your attraction, feelings, or desire to spend more time together.

If you have a spark with a beautiful woman, don’t give up! Continue reaching out, offering outings, and striking up conversation. The more the two of you communicate together, especially about important things, the more likely the chance of success at forming a real relationship.

8. Join An Activity Group

A lot of hot women put a good amount of effort and care into their appearance. This will often include a work-out routine, some level of cosmetic interest, and healthy eating habits. Of course, everyone’s idea of attraction is different, so try and think about what you find to be most attractive in a woman.

Once you’ve figured that out, get involved in activities that relate to those physical traits! Join a gym or try out a new activity like kayaking or hiking. Join groups or communities online where you believe women you’d connect with would spend their time.

Getting yourself out there and actively engaging in interests will give you and the hot woman of your dreams a natural common ground, and can help ease a lot of the anxiety and awkwardness surrounding a new relationship or first dates.

9. Listen To Them Closely

Listen To Them Closely

Let’s face it; women are more likely to consider men they’re attracted to and connect with as a potential partner than someone they don’t have that spark with. So, how can you figure out what they like and what they want?

Women, as mysterious as they can be at times, are often quite good at verbalizing what they expect, want, and desire from a partner. Ask questions, and really pay attention to the information they give you. Find out what they are attracted to!

Once you’ve gotten some good clues on how to woo the hot woman you’ve got your eye on, you can start to implement these little subtle hints in your interactions to hopefully score a date and a relationship. If you choose to do this, be careful you don’t edit your personality beyond what is authentic to you.

In other words, be yourself, but also highlight the parts about yourself she would like most! Does she prefer men with some scruff? Maybe don’t shave for a week. Does she like basketball more than football? Check up on her favorite team to bring up in conversation. Maybe she says red looks great on guys – well, now you know what shirt to wear!

10. Take The Pressure Off Of A Relationship

This probably sounds counter-productive, but it goes a long way!

Think about all the times you’ve lost your keys. The moment you stop tearing the house apart trying to find them, they appear in plain sight!

A lot of things in life, including relationships, work the same way. By becoming hyper-focused on locking down into a relationship, take a step back, and be open-minded. Don’t let one date convince you that it’s time to get out the lock & key.

Taking your time and really focusing on that connection will help a relationship more naturally, and be prone to success in the long run!

Online Dating vs In-Person Interaction

This topic has been touched on briefly before, but it’s important to continue to talk about the effect so many online platforms have on the ability to meet attractive women, and get them interested in you in return.

There are many varying pros and cons for each method of starting a relationship.

One thing that is important to keep in mind about online dating is the heightened pressure on appearance alone. If this is a high priority for you, online dating can be a good way to help narrow down your dating pool and find women you’re most attractive to.

Unfortunately, the downside to this is you potentially miss out on some amazing connections based off of physicality alone. When using online dating apps, be sure to not zero in on specific expectations, and look at a profile as more than just a series of disconnected images.

When dating in person, you get a chance to really gauge attraction and connection on both a physical and mental level. Talking with someone online may feel entirely different when you translate that into the real world.

Dating Apps To Try & Find A Hot Girlfriend

If online dating is something you’re interested in, you’re in luck! There are tons of dating services and platforms that can connect you to dozens of hot women in your area, and some of them can get extremely specific.

Finding a hot girlfriend online with a dating app is an extremely successful route for many. Some of my personal favorites, and where I believe the most beautiful women are personally, include:

  • OkCupid. This app is really great at creating an interface that is more than just swiping pictures of potential matches. You’re challenged and encouraged with in depth questions, and by creating a fuller profile, you’ll attract those hot women you crave to connect with.
  • Zoosk. As one of the biggest, most successful dating app platforms available, you will have hundreds of hot singles to consider. 40,000,000 singles from all over the world use Zoosk, so it’s pretty comforting to know how large of a selection pool there is, and how high your chance of success for finding a hot girlfriend will be with those metrics.

There are also several specialized services to help you find women in specific demographics. Many online sites exist to help you connect with women from specific countries or niche interests (such as religion or life experience, like divorced singles) can be used to find direct access to women that fit your idea of the ideal partner.

Don’t be afraid to explore your online options as you navigate the real-world with dating in mind!


Finding, approaching, flirting with, and dating hot women is an intimidating experience. Using some of these tips and tricks on how to get a hot girlfriend to simplify the process and encourage yourself to be courageous, confident, and personable can help you get out there and start meeting gorgeous women!

Online platforms have been a game-changer for hopeful singles, especially with the natural and easy focus that tends to lay on appearance with these services. By putting out a little bit of extra effort on your end and tiptoeing out of your comfort zone, you may have that hot girlfriend by your side when you ring in the next new year!

Written by Angela Carpenter

Angela Kaye Carpenter has a knack in writing about relationships. She brings years of expertise in this space. She has served as the Sr Marketing Copywriter at JDS Marketing, and Marketing and Content Writer at Vertu Marketing, Offix, Suburban Snapshot, and The Gillenwater Group. You can find her on Twitter. Read more of Angela's articles.

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