Learn How Flirting in Online Chat Increases Female Self-Esteem

Truly, you’re as charming and attractive as you think you are, and that’s confirmed by a new study on flirting. But, it’s also a fact that in our society, flirting doesn’t always get a good rap. This is mainly because people don’t understand that flirting, especially for females, isn’t all about sex but an invitation to bring more fun into our lives. Flirting improves confidence, enhances self-esteem and creates a positive outlook that improves relationships in general. 

When flirting, it’s possible to relax in a calm atmosphere that includes humor, curiosity, empathy and imagination. Flirting is often subtle. At least, that’s how it starts, even when it serves as a gentle prelude to take part in sexual activity. Even so, it’s the intellectual teasing that makes people who flirt feel so alive. Let’s find out how flirting in an online chat room improves female self-esteem and confidence.

Deal with Loneliness

When you don’t have so many friends or struggle to find and maintain intimate relationships, it’s natural to think the problem must be you and to develop low self-esteem. It’s actually a vicious circle. The lower your sense of self-worth falls, the harder it gets to find the motivation to look for someone and start again. These days, thankfully, there is no need to risk physical rejection because there are online chat rooms.

Chatrooms make it easier to connect with new people and flirt if you feel so inclined. It breaks the circle since the more time you spend chatting, the faster you are likely to rebuild your confidence. There are many physiological processes at work. Spindle cells mirror neurons and the chemical flow of neurotransmitters helps make the interpersonal connections based on facial expressions and other body languages. As the flirting ramps up, those ‘feel good’ hormones are released adding further to the feeling of well being, personal value and peace.

The Right Frame of Mind

Perhaps the best thing about flirting in online chatrooms is that it is an activity that can create a more positive state of mind and knowing there are potentially hundreds of matches for you on a dating site will make you feel even better about yourself.  Joining a quality dating site and then taking the time to chat will highlight how beauty has a different meaning for everyone. Even if you think you’re not attractive in the traditional way, you are forced to modify ideas about yourself when others praise you for the photos you share. Just being around and enjoying the chat will allow your new contacts time to fall for your inner beauty instead.

Of course, there are men who are only interested in meeting women for casual sex, and even a short chat allows you to identify who they are. Even so, the mind can’t really differentiate between real interest and fake, which is why even these kinds of positive affirmations work on developing self-esteem. Nice things said about you, even if they are serving a purpose and insincere, will still put you in the right frame of mind to begin feeling more positive about yourself.

Achieve the Seemingly Impossible

Receiving approval and appreciation from other people is a sure way to boost confidence all round. Even for women who believe their dating days are over, they are generally in for a surprise once they start interacting with other dating site members. One thing is for sure, there’s almost no other way for a mature woman to find a much younger man for a relationship. It will always start with a nice, friendly chat. From then on, virtually everything else in life will have to take the backseat.

Gentle flirting is like a dormant volcano. Once the feelings associated with being appreciated kick in, there’s always the chance the sleeping volcano will erupt and you find yourself crossing the line into enjoying dirty chat. Since you’re already chatting with a like-minded person, there is naturally less reluctance to open up and discuss sexual fantasies and desires. It all works towards developing confidence which you can’t help but carry with you into real life.

An Important Consideration

While many women understand the benefits of flirting, many still feel it’s not safe to drop all their inhibitions online. There still remain many real-world safety issues associated with meeting strangers online, but it is simple to mitigate the risks by joining a reputable site and using social platforms with advanced encryption and security labels. Still, it’s best not to share personal details too early. If you don’t plan to ever meet up in real life and just want to feel good about yourself, there’s no better place to begin than a dating site chatroom.

It all boils down to the fact that flirting online helps many people step out of their comfort zones and develop a more positive mindset about meeting people for relationships. The evidence is clear. Enjoying a good dirty flirt can feel as good as dancing around the house to your favorite song, wearing your favorite dress or buying a very expensive pair of high heels.

Written by Chelsea King

Chelsea has been a direct victim of romance scams herself losing over $35,000 in a span of a year in 2015. She joined and took over operations of RomanceScams.org in 2015. She brings first-hand experience in studying romance scams, and also experience in vetting dating sites for legitimacy. Read more of Chelsea's articles.

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