FuckSwipe Review in 2023: Features, Pros, Cons

Are you looking for a hookup site that can actually give you the match that you’re looking for? Is this the reason why you’re at this FuckSwipe review? Well, worry not because I will be discussing everything that you need to know about FuckSwipe.

FuckSwipe Review

With the busy life that people are leading today, it can be challenging to find someone to date and eventually hook up with. Today, hooking up is part of the majority’s lifestyles today, and there’s honestly nothing wrong about it for as long as both are consulting adults. One of the hookup sites that are becoming more and more popular today is FuckSwipe. Let’s get to know more about FuckSwipe by reading the information provided for you below.

Better Alternatives to FuckSwipe

In terms of hookup sites, there are much better alternatives than FuckSwipe. These alternative sites have better protection against scammers, larger group of members to match with, and better features. See our recommendations below and try them out:

FuckSwipe Review

FuckSwipe is a hookup dating site where you can enjoy using different search methods and search using your preferences. One of the best things about FuckSwipe is that it will let you search for hookups near your area. All you have to do is to fill in the search form, and the site will show you the matches that are based on your location. Also, the site offers free registration, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all besides looking for a match to hookup with. 

Signing Up On FuckSwipe

When signing up on FuckSwipe, it is essential that you follow the rules that FuckSwipe has on their homepage. The rules are as follows:

  • If you see a person who is familiar, you should keep that as a secret
  • You are responsible for practicing safe sex
  • Respect is always a must 

Following those rules is essential as you might get banned from the site if someone reports you as offensive or the like. When signing up, you will be asked about the most basic information about you. This will include your name, age, location, gender, and the gender that you’re looking for. You will also be asked about the username that you like and the password that will be required when logging into your character. Once done, you will be redirected to the page for payment.

Membership Subscription On FuckSwipe

There is no free membership on FuckSwipe, and in order for you to get into the site, you need to try their three-day trial, which costs $2.97. This is actually a good thing because encountering a scam account is almost next to impossible. The site believes that a person who is looking for a real connection will be willing to purchase a membership subscription on FuckSwipe.

Here is the FuckSwipe Membership Cost:

  • A month of membership costs $29.95
  • Three months of membership cost $24.95
  • Six months of membership cost $19.95 per month

Getting a premium account on FuckSwipe means, you will be able to enjoy all of the site’s options. Each and every member on FuckSwipe has a paid membership, and this is a great way to maintain safety and security on the site itself. This will help members know that everyone has the same intentions as they have and violating rules is not possible. 

Members On FuckSwipe

When it comes to the members on FuckSwipe, the majority of them are looking for someone that they can get to know and eventually meet up for a quick encounter with. As mentioned above, all have a membership subscription, so everyone here is looking for the same thing as you. 

Communicating On FuckSwipe

When it comes to communicating on FuckSwipe, you can send in a traditional message through chat. You can also send in flirts and gifts to other members if you please. The site also offers you to comment on videos, and so you can attract the attention of the person on the video. FuckSwipe also has a chatroom where you can watch others commenting and streaming. 

Another good thing about FuckSwipe is that you can do a private video session with a member if the other member agrees. But put in mind that FuckSwipe is an oriented site that will encourage you to meet the member that you have matched and to have an actual communication.

Search Tool On FuckSwipe

As mentioned above, FuckSwipe will offer you different search tools for your convenience. The most basic search will let you do a search by entering the location, last activity, body type, and marital status of the person that you want to meet. Also, you can narrow down the search by letting the site know if you are looking for a relationship, casual encounter, group dating, or sugar baby. But, if you are someone who doesn’t have a specific requirement, then you can just choose from the members that appear on your Online Now tab.

Why Choose FuckSwipe

Social Score – When using FuckSwipe, you will eventually gain a social score where other members can see your status on the site. There will be a board where the list of leaders will be seen. This is an excellent way to advertise yourself to other members, which will make searching more comfortable for you. 

Initiation Communication – Also, FuckSwipe has a flirt or wink that can be sent to other members if you feel like it. This can initiate a communication between the both of you. 

Hottest Members – Another reason why you should choose FuckSwipe is that you will be able to access the list of the site’s hottest members. You will also be able to see who are online and the members who have just added videos and photos.

Advanced Search Tool – To ensure that you’ll be able to find that member that you’re looking for, FuckSwipe made sure that you will be able to search based on your preferences. Some of the preferences include race, body type, marital status, location, age, and gender. 

Find Closer Members – Searching for someone to have a quick encounter with is easier because you can search based on your location. This will help you find the members who are just around your area and meet up with them.

What Do People Have To Say About FuckSwipe

FuckSwipe brought me together with lots of interesting men and I think its great that I can talk to them on the go wherever I am with my laptop. Thanks for the opportunities! – Ashley, 32

Chats are the best what FuckSwuoe has to offer you, in my honest opinion of course. Found there a bunch of girls to talk to whenever I want. Thats pretty awesome, I think! – Raffy, 43


With all these being said, you shouldn’t really have second thoughts when it comes to signing up on FuckSwipe. The reason behind this is because the site has everything that you need from finding a friend, relationship, or even a hookup. Sign up now and find that match!

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