FickHub Review in 2020: Features, Pros, Cons

Are you looking for an adult dating site that caters primarily to hooking up? Is that the reason why you’re at this FickHub review? Before you get too excited, it would be best to start reading the review below and get to know the site first.

Believe it or not, a lot of people prefer a no strings attached relationship because of the convenience that it has. The reason may be for this is because some people are too busy to commit to a serious relationship. They no longer have the time to go out on regular dates and keep up with each other’s needs. This is why a lot prefer having a no strings attached relationship since in that way, they can still fulfill their sexual needs. This may be one of the reasons why adult dating sites are now booming. One of these sites is FickHub, and I will tell you more about it below.

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FickHub Review

FickHub is an adult dating site and is under the sex dating category. They are welcoming everything on their website, which includes straight people, lesbian, gay, and bisexual. This just means that everyone is welcome on this site. FickHub was established in the year 2017, which makes it two years old this year. One of the best things about FickHub is that your privacy is taken seriously here so you can enjoy the site without worrying about anything at all. 

FickHub’s services will help encourage their members to flirt with other members who are single and as well as with couples who are planning to explore their sexualities. The site is specifically for people who are looking for sexual affairs, one night stands, hookups, and people who are exploring their sexualities. 

Design Of FickHub

One of the best things about FickHub is that they have a simple design and an easy to use the site. Everything that you need can easily access, including the tabs to other pages on the site. The site also has some premium functions, which is only for paid members. FickHub made sure that even the people who are not tech savvy can surely be able to use the site with ease.

Signing Up Process On FickHub

When it comes to the signing up process on FickHub, the process is straightforward and very fast. Processing can be done in just a couple of minutes because all you have to do is to enter your email address, password, username, and your age. After hitting the sign up button, you need to verify your account using the link that the site sent you. This will help the site to filter fake profiles to verified ones. 

Once done, you can add more information about yourself if you want to, though it is more advisable for members to get to know you more. Also, you will receive five free credits for signing up and verifying your age. The credits are used to purchase certain services on FickHub, including ending messages and watching hot live cams. 

FickHub’s Profiles

Profiles on FickHub are equipped with different photos of both free and paid members. Each profile has a gallery tab, where you can see sexy images but they are private and needs permission to access. The site verifies every photo uploaded on FickHub for privacy purposes. Of course, you can create your own gallery if you want to and make sure to share it with people you’re comfortable sharing the gallery with.

Also, FickHub has its own fantasy profiles which are all created by another company. This is for members who are seeking to experience and or to do phone sex. These profiles are women with contact numbers which you can call in case you’re into sex on the phone. This kind of service will cost you $6.90 for every minute and as well as $5 connection fee which will be billed to your preferred credit card. 

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Searching And Contacting Members On FickHub

When it comes to contacting members on FickHub, women can freely send messages, but men will need to have to purchase credits. Of course, before you can get to talk to members, you need to use the search tool freely or use the looking for feature. One of the best things about their search tool is that you can use some filters so the site can provide you with specific results. Once the results come up, you can choose as to which member to message. But of course, you have the option to message as many members as you want. 

Another good thing about FickHub is that you can add members under the buddy list. This will help you find them quickly if you want to chat them again on your next login. You can also communicate with members by using the other features of FickHub where you can talk and bond with them.

Cost of Membership On FickHub

  • One month of membership costs $50
  • Three months of membership costs $120
  • Six months of membership costs $180

You can purchase the membership using your preferred credit card.

What Do People Have To Say About FickHub

I was excited with FickHub features while I was creating an account because it gave me kinky choices during registration. It asked me whether I want cyber sex, casual sex, group sex, bondage, voyeurism– crazy stuff that made me feel giddy with excitement. Fortunately, FickHub did not disappoint! – Eric, 34

It’s been quite an adventure definitely have to try the site you might find love with just a click. I found an amazing guy handsome, sweet, full of amazing surprises, interesting, smart, and sexy. What else can a girl ask for he is just perfect and amazing. Signing up on FickHub is certainly a good decision for me! – Cindy, 28


With all these being said, you can tell that FickHub is a good site to find someone with whom you can share your sexual fantasies and desires with. Get to know your sexual match by hitting that sign up button right now and start exploring. 

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