Dirty Snapchat Review in 2023

Are you looking for someone with whom you can have a quick encounter with? Is this the reason why you’re at this Dirty Snapchat review? Well, you have come to the right place because I will be discussing everything that you need to know about dirty snapchat.

Dirty Snapchat Review

Snapchat is one of the few social media sites that let you talk through images. As you all know, people today love to share everything via photo and sometimes even via messages. This is why people like this app, and they love how everything that comes with it. Of course, there are also some things that come with snapchat, and that is Dirty Snapchat, which is obviously for people who are over the age of 18. Let’s get to know more about Snapchat and everything that will help you be an expert with Dirty Snapchat.

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Dirty Snapchat Review

One of the most popular messaging application today is Snapchat. It is a place where people can exchange videos and pictures, which are popularly known now as snaps. Once the intended recipient has viewed the snaps, it will immediately disappear. The app is advertising itself as a new type of camera due to its function. Snapchat will let you add lenses, filters, and as well as other effects that you can share with your friends. 

Creating An Account On Dirty Snapchat

For you to start sending snaps with other users, you need to sign up and create an account from your smartphone. The first thing that you need to do is to input your preferred username and password. But you should know that you won’t be able to change your username. You password, on the other hand, should be very secure to protect your data and as well as your account. 

Communicating With Members On Dirty Snapchat

When it comes to communicating with members on Dirty Snapchat, you can easily do this by searching and using the available filters on the app. There’s a free search tool where you can search for other members that you want to chat with. You may send them a personal message or chat with them using the chat rooms. Sending and receiving messages are free, so you don’t have to worry about spending a dime. 

Disappearing Messages

The messages on Dirty Snapchat can disappear if you want to or not. If you want the messages to disappear, you can set a time limit, so once the message is viewed, the messages will disappear. If the recipient takes a screenshot of the message, you will be notified. The person will also be notified if you screenshot any of her or his messages. 

Also if you are going to send a video or a photo, you can set a timer so that it will disappear after viewing it. But always remember that there is a possibility of your video or photo to be spread on, so make sure that you set a timer for them. It would also be best to avoid sending nudes with your face just to be sure. 

Features Of Dirty Snapchat

Geo Filters

Geo Filters as the name says are location specific, which can be unlocked when a Dirty Snapchat member visits a particular place. Some businesses are using Geo Filters as this can help their customers to advertise them and to check in. For instance, you can create a Geo Filter if you are going to meet someone to so both of you know where specifically to meet up.

Word Lenses and Face Lenses

These two features will let you add filters on your photos, including cat ears, bunny ears, and such. There are also rainbows and such which you can add on your photos. In short, these two features will add some overlays to your photos. There are some that are free, but there are also some that need to be paid.


Snapstore is where you can purchase anything that is related to Dirty Snapchat. 


Snapcash is similar to Venmo and PayPal where you can transfer money to someone through Dirty Snapchat. A member can also send money to you via Snapcash.


You also have the option to store photos, and you can just send them later if you want to. This is if you don’t want your photos to disappear. 

Getting Noticed On Dirty Snapchat

Look Presentable

In order for you to get noticed on Dirty Snapchat, you need to look presentable. Some people think that for as long as they look physically good, they don’t need to look presentable. The truth is, when it comes to dirty snapchat, you need to look presentable for people to get interested in you. It would be better to snap a photo of yourself with good lighting. Typically, natural lighting can help you look better, just don’t try too much.

Avoid Using Filters

Dirty Snapchat will also let you take photos, and there are filters that you can add. But if you want to be taken seriously and if you want the other members to see how you really look like, then avoid using filters. The best thing that you can do is to take a photo and incorporate a text with it that will attract the person that you’re sending the photo with. Avoid adding filters because filters have ways of making your real appearance look different in person. You surely don’t want to confuse the person that you’re chatting with.

Be Interesting

Of course, you should also be interesting so you can catch the attention of the person that you want. You need to be witty and funny, but this doesn’t mean that you need to send selfies now and then. The best things that you can do is to send photos if something happens to you that’s funny. But again, do not overdo it as you surely don’t want to be annoying.


With all that being said, if you are someone who is into sexting and you love sending and receiving sexy photos, then Dirty Snapchat is definitely for you. Just make sure to take extra precaution when sending photos and if they are too sexy, set a timer and make sure not to include your face.

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