4Club Review in 2019

Are you having a hard time finding a date because of your busy lifestyle? Is this the reason why you’re looking at this 4Club review? Well then continue reading the information below and get to know what 4Club is what all about. 

4Club Review

Online dating sites have been becoming very popular nowadays because of the advantages that it has. A lot of people are ending up together after meeting in one of the many online dating sites today. One of the dating sites that is gaining popularity despite it being a little new is 4Club. Get to know more about what 4Club has to offer by reading the information provided for you.

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4Club Review

4Club is an international dating site and is based in Switzerland. The site is available in different languages so that everyone can use the site. Some of the available languages are Turkish, Russian, German, Spanish, French, and of course English. Currently. They are working on adding more languages so that more people can access them in the long run. 

4Club is an online dating site for adults who are looking for someone that they can date or someone that they can have a short encounter with. For instance, if you are going to travel somewhere for business or pleasure and you want to at least meet up with someone, then 4Club is here to help you find a person that you can meet during your trip. 

Using 4Club

There are three requirements that you need to meet before you can enter the site. The site will require you to be 18 years and above and agree to the terms and conditions of the site. You also need to have a valid email address that you can access to verify your account. If you pass all these, then this means that you can go ahead and sign up.

Signing Up On 4Club

Signing up on 4Club is pretty easy because it will only take you a few minutes until you get to browse the different profiles of members on the site. You can start keying your email address, the password that you prefer to use, and as well as some basic information that will appear on your profile. You can edit your profile later on if needed. Once done, you will have to verify your account by going to your email and verifying your 4Club account from there. 

Membership On 4Club

4Club offers a two-day trial membership so you can get to know the site and decide if this is the site that you want to look for a date. They have different membership subscriptions, from one month, three, six, twelve, and as well as eighteen months. Members who are subscribed to their membership will be able to enjoy all of the features of the site. This, of course, includes messaging all the members that you please. 

Quality Of Profile On 4Club

When it comes to the profiles on 4Club, the interface is quite similar to the majority of the social media sites today. Of course, the information is different because, besides your profile photo and some necessary information, there are sexual preferences included on the profile. There are also some sexual adventures involved, including double penetration, cybersex, and as well as BDSM. 

Another good thing about the profile on 4Club is that you have the option to leave a testimony on the profile of other members. You can leave a good comment or something that the member did. Of course, the other members can also leave a testimony about you on your profile so always make sure to treat everyone nicely.

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Members On 4Club

Members on 4Club are divided into two, wherein 40% are women, and 60% are men. Majority of the members are looking for someone that they can chat with and meet. Majority of them are also looking for a quick encounter, especially the ones who are into traveling and wants to meet someone for fun. 

Getting A Date On 4Club

If you are serious about getting a date on 4Club, it would be best if you can upload a recent photo of yourself. This will help other members to see you and maybe grab their attention as well. It would be best if you become more active when it comes to finding a date and don’t let women be the one to contact you. The reason behind this is because even if everyone’s evolving, there are still a lot of women who prefer the traditional way. This is where the man will be the first one to approach them first and not the other way around. 

Communicating With Members

There is also a free search on 4Club, where you can search and use filters to help the search result to be more specific. Once you are done searching for members, you will be redirected to the result page, and all you have to do is to choose a member that you want to chat with. You have the option to send her a personal message, or you can also chat with her in the chatrooms if you find someone interesting there. 

4Club also offers video chat, and that is if you and the person that you’re chatting with is comfortable already to video chat with you already. The chat rooms, on the other hand, are public and can be seen by everyone. You can also chat with everyone here and be friendly. 

What Others Have To Say About 4Club

The members are sexually adventurous, but never will you feel harassed by the members. This dating site has a strict implementation of rules against abuse, and you can see that the moderators are doing their best to keep public chat rooms and forum threads clean. It also provides complete functionalities to help genuine 4Club meet up. – Joseph, 32


With all this being said, if you are someone who is looking for a quick encounter, especially if you are traveling often then 4Club is the one for you. You can also find someone who is near your area if you want just to make sure to use the search option and choose the right filter. In this way, you’ll be able to find the right match that you want for yourself.

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Written by Chelsea King

Chelsea has been a direct victim of romance scams herself losing over $35,000 in a span of a year in 2015. She joined and took over operations of RomanceScams.org in 2015. She brings first-hand experience in studying romance scams, and also experience in vetting dating sites for legitimacy. Read more of Chelsea's articles.

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