HitWe Dating Review for 2023: Features, Pros, Cons

Matching with someone on a dating site doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll hit it off. A bad match can be due to any reason, from cultural clashes to differing opinions on the latest Supernatural episode.

Either way, your odds of a good match are higher when you have control over the kind of people you want to match. With HitWe, you get exactly that.

HitWe Dating Review

HitWe Dating

Since its launch in 2015, HitWe has amassed over 200 million registered members. With so many potential matches, finding “the one” is a lot easier.

On HitWe you can message any member, even if you aren’t matched with them. The convenience of this chat feature paves the way for making friends with anyone you want to. Who knows? You might be friends today and decide to take it a step further later.

Since HitWe accommodates members from several countries, it has many language options. Currently, it covers six, which are English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and French.

HitWe uses your location, age, preferred language, and gender to find a match for you. That’s right; complex algorithms play no part in your perfect love story. You can also improve your matches by adding more details to your profile.

Creating A Profile

Creating A Profile on HitWe

The registration process is simple. You can use your email address, Facebook, or Google+ account to set up your profile. In a few minutes, you’ll be all set to start chatting and dating with a profile containing all the basics.

When you log in, you can spruce up your profile with extra details and your best pictures. The more information you provide, the better the matches you get.

During the signup process, you’ll have to agree to certain terms and conditions of the site. The most basic one is confirming that you’re 18 years old or above. Anyone convicted of a felony or required to register as a sex offender must disclose that too.

HitWe Features

What makes a dating site worth the trouble of signing up? The features it offers, among other things. All HitWe features create a safe space for you to have civil interactions with any member on the site. These are some of the features:

Instant chat

The minute your profile is up, you can view profiles and chat with the ones that catch your attention. It’s a significant change over dating sites that limit interactions to your matches. You meet more people this way.

Message filters

This feature lets you limit the people who can contact you to members who fit specified criteria. The preferences you can set include basics like gender, age, and location. You can also limit interactions to members with premium subscriptions and profile photos.


While the open chat feature is great for meeting more people, it leaves you exposed. Anyone can send you a message, even the ones you’re not particularly interested in talking to or meeting.

Luckily, HitWe allows you to block users by adding them to your blacklist. If you have a problem with any user, you can report it through the Complain option on your profile. Once you specify the type of violation, you’ll get further options such as “block user”.

Profile Visitors and Likers

Curious about what kind of people your profile attracts? You can see who’s visited and liked your profile under the Visitor’s tab. Free members can only see up to five visitors and likers, while premium members have no limit.


To stay up to date on any action on your profile, you can subscribe to notifications. HitWe gives you the freedom to select the types of notifications you want, like new messages or likes. If you ever want a break from notifications, you can unsubscribe with a few clicks.

Mobile App

For on the go access to your account, you can download the HitWe mobile app. It’s free and available for Android and iOS devices. You can use the app to make new friends on the HitWe network and stay in touch with them or your matches.

Pros and Cons of Hitwe Dating Site


  • Full-time access to your account through the app and improved interaction system
  • Convenient, instant chat function that lets you chat with other users without matching
  • Higher number of members
  • Easy registration process
  • Extensive photo gallery (up to 20 photos)
  • You can blacklist members who harass or offend you
  • You can view other member’s profiles and photos without a premium subscription


  • Not all members fill out their profiles
  • Distracting pop-up ads for the free subscription
  • Limited payment options

Paid vs. Free Membership Options

HitWe Paid vs. Free Membership Options

HitWe has 2 types of member subscriptions; free and premium. More details on each are available below:

Free Membership

The free membership is accessible to everyone. It comes with enough features that you won’t miss out on much if you choose not to upgrade. Free membership features include:

  • Instant chat with any user
  • A photo gallery with the capacity to hold 20 photos
  • Access to 5 recent profile visitors and likers
  • A free game in the app

Premium Membership

The premium membership requires payment of a subscription fee. You can choose a 1-month, 3-months, or 12-months subscription, depending on your budget.

The renewal of premium subscriptions is automatic, but you can cancel anytime. Any refund requests made are subject to approval. Exclusive benefits of upgrading to a premium membership are:

  • Ad disabling option
  • You can gain Top User status, so your profile appears on the Top Users sidebar in nearby users’ inboxes
  • Your messages will always appear on top of other users’ inbox
  • Messages you send will have a “read” indicator once the recipient sees them
  • You can view all members who like and visit your profile
  • Unlimited likes


Everything that HitWe has to offer lives up to its promise to help you meet and socialize with new people. Whether you’re looking for a partner or new friends, you have more than 200 million people to connect with and get to know. Although HitWe matches follow simple logic, you can trust that we do our best to make it simply perfect.

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