His Secret Obsession Review for 2023 – Hero Instinct Overview

His Secret Obsession is one of the most buzzworthy books in the dating world. The book, by relationship expert James Bauer, promises to teach women how to understand the male psyche to the point that a few simple phrases will endear him instantly. His Secret Obsession helps women to understand a man’s “hero instinct”, or his innermost desire to be a hero and “save” the woman he loves. By unlocking these secrets, a woman can use this information to deepen and enhance her relationship.

It’s important to note that His Secret Obsession is not a physical book, nor is it an e-book. It’s actually a PDF file that can be downloaded upon purchase from Bauer’s website. There are imitations out there, including several books with very similar titles on sites like Amazon. Be sure that you’re buying your copy from Bauer’s website so that you’re not scammed out of your money.

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His Secret Obsession Review

His Secret Obsession is a guide for women to learn how to light the fire in their relationships with men. It’s a book specifically geared to women and their male partners, though technically you could probably adapt some of the concepts for any kind of relationship.

The idea is fairly straightforward. Bauer posits that men love being the hero and that sometimes women, in their quest to be there for their men, take away a man’s ability to care for them. By triggering the “hero instinct” it ignites a man’s passion for the woman he loves and breathes new life into any relationship.

Hero instinct aside, Bauer finds that most problems in relationships arise when there is no communication between the partners. Communication is the key to a successful relationship and so the first step is to start talking to each other.

Rather than trying to solve all of her own problems, Bauer believes that women need to give men a chance to be the hero in their lives. With a few simple phrases, the passion will reignite.

Bauer’s experience as a relationship and dating expert helps to lend credibility to His Secret Obsession. His insight comes from years of experience and that is what makes him a trusted source on the matter.

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What Is The “Hero Instinct”?

What Is The “Hero Instinct”?

The hero instinct is a deeply rooted sentiment held by men who want to be a rock in their relationship. While they love strong and independent women, they also appreciate the opportunity to be the “hero” in the relationship. For many men, being the hero is part of being a man and to be denied the opportunity to be that hero can cause resentment, frustration and other issues in a relationship.

When a man finds a woman he’s attracted to, he enjoys having to earn her respect and trust. He also appreciates when a woman is strong and fierce but on occasion he’d like to be the one she turns to when she needs help.

When he’s not able to be the “hero” in the relationship, Bauer says, it can cause relationships to fizzle out quickly. It’s fine for women to be strong and independent, but men like to have a chance to care for the women they love and in many cases the way they do that is by being the one who saves the day.

Not only can triggering the hero instinct heal a relationship in need of a spark, but it can also ignite a new passion by giving the man a chance to really shine as the hero. Women can trigger a man’s hero instinct by asking for help, enjoying his manliness and allowing him the chance to earn her respect.

Asking For Help

Sure, she’s able to fix a flat tire like a pro, and she might know more about fixing the clogged sink that he does, but when a woman asks a man to help with a problem she is capable of taking care of herself it allows him a chance to step up as the one to fix her problem. When he is able to take care of her needs, it makes him feel needed. It makes him feel good. It makes him feel like a hero.

Enjoy Him Being a Guy

Similarly, when she takes pleasure in her man doing the things he enjoys, be it a sporting event, a household project or hanging out with his guy friends, it shows that she enjoys the things he enjoys. She doesn’t care when he enjoys a lazy Sunday on the couch or when his shirt isn’t ironed. The message sent is that she enjoys when he’s doing manly things, and it sends the message that she’s not trying to change him, rather she embraces the things that make him a guy.

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Earning Her Respect

Earning Her Respect

Praise is a powerful thing, and some of the best praise comes when you want to be everything your partner wants and needs and you’re able to do that. He knows that she’s the perfect girl for him, so he wants to show her that he knows it and wants to be her guy.

Women who are able to let a man show how much he cares for her, be it through words or actions, will know that he’s the real deal. It’s easier for women to show that kind of affection to men, but when men are able to show that they’re “the one” then it’s a powerful statement about how he feels about her.

Final Thoughts

At its core, His Secret Obsession is a book about communication. Without communication in a relationship, the relationship is bound to fall apart quickly.

In addition to open communication, Bauer says that men want to be able to be the hero for the women they love. This is not to say that men don’t like strong women, because they do, but they also appreciate when their strong women give them a chance to help. That help is what triggers a man’s hero instinct, and when he feels like a hero it brings the relationship to a whole new level. His Secret Obsession is a good tool for women looking to rekindle the passion in their relationships. It’s an easy read and the steps are simple and easy to follow.

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