It’s not easy to find a good partner that satisfies you in every possible way. Maybe you’re looking for someone to date, or maybe you’re looking for someone to settle down with. Or maybe you just want someone to have fun with!

If you’re in the market for a premium dating site, flingpal.com might be one to consider. For a small token fee, you get access to not only their matchmaking service but also features like video chat, real-time chat rooms, message boards, and games.

FlingPal is a dating site designed to make your online dating experience easier, more fun and the most rewarding. It is one of the newest and most innovative dating sites on the market, designed for those who are looking for a date or casual relationship.

FlingPal is open to people of all sexual orientations of life with no bias. As far as you are of legal age, you can use the site.

On their dating site, Flingpal.com allows users to partake in all kinds of intimacy while they are internet chatting. They also have apps that users can download onto their mobiles and tablets to use during live video chat with other singles that are seeking a connection. To join the website, one has to fill out a profile which includes your interests, basic stats, and views on sex.

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Everythings About Fling Pal


Registering as a user on FlingPal is free. Individuals simply need to enter the link of the site.

A notice page is encountered first where the user is reminded that he or she must be up to 18 years old or the legal age in their respective regions. After clicking continue, then you’ll be directed to fill out a quick form.

The fields on the form include ;

  • your gender,
  • the gender of the person you’re looking to hook up with
  • Date of birth
  • City you live in
  • Email address
  • Username
  • Password

Upon filling out this form, an activation mail is sent to the email you have provided. Once you click on the activation mail, your FlingPal profile has been successfully set up.


FlingPal is an online dating site that was created in January 2020. It offers various features for free. This includes the chat room, search which allows you to find others based on preferences, like viewing member profiles and messaging them, social media integration so you can share your adventures on the app with your friends online and more.

FlingPal also has a subscription-based chatroom membership option which allows you to add people from other countries in specific chat rooms as well as use emoticons, and access view hidden profiles as well as send members 100 updates per day!


Signing up as a user on this site is free. However, to send a message or a flirty text to another user, one has to purchase credits.

You can start with the 3 credits for 5 dollars or buy a credit bundle.

The credit bundle consists of five different types.

1. 15 dollars which gives 10 credits to send 10 messages

2. 35 dollars which gives you 25 credits to send 25 messages

3. 65 dollars which gives you 50 credits to send 59 messages

4. 120 dollars which gives you 100 credits to send 100 messages.

5. 200 dollars which gives you 200 credits to send 200 messages.


After registering, users will see various photos of other users they can click on. If you click on a profile, a couple of options will pop up .This include :

  • Add to wish list
  • Send sex proposal
  • Select flirt.

    There are six different types of flirty messages one can pick from.

  • Send message.

There is also a short description about the selected user and their profile details which include age, city, state, height, body type, marital status, hair color, eye color, tattoos, transportation, piercing and smoker status.


FlingPal is a website that has been designed as a dating site for couples. One of the ways things stand out on this platform is with the “Create Profile” tab that provides the user with many settings to customize their profile.

This includes their photo and even what they are looking for in a partner’s bio, among other elements which are appropriate to set up. There are suggestions at some elements (such as what to include in the description) but it still leaves it open enough for you to do whatever you want to better market yourself as a potential partner so take advantage!

Other features include:

  • My profile:  This allows you to make basic changes to your details submitted
  • My flirts: You can use this button to send any one of the flirty messages already provided on the site. It also allows you to see received flirty messages from other users.
  • My mailbox: where you can easily send and receive messages,
  • Members: which provides the list of users currently online
  • My wish list
  • Credits: here you can easily purchase more credits for messages
  • My visitors: You can see those that have visited your profile.
  • Settings


Members who wish to delete their FlingPal accounts have several options.

  1. You can cancel the paid membership service and still keep your online profile.
  2. Deactivation of your profile which will hide it from other users on the site. Users can choose to reactivate it when they want to.
  3. Complete closure of the account which will erase it totally from the site’s database.

All of the above listed ways are free.


Flingpal.com is a popular matchmaking website that attracts over 140 million users worldwide. They have the most advanced matching algorithms to help you find better, more compatible dates. You can filter by relationship intentions, location, age preferences, and mobile compatibility.


Flingpal.com is the ultimate website to find someone to do anything, no strings attached. You can find people near you that are in your neighborhood and have similar interests. This makes it easier to coordinate plans with friends or just meet someone new. Anonymous chatting is encouraged on this website so you can talk openly without feeling like there could be any social ramifications.


  • Registration is free
  • It has an easy to navigate user interface
  • Users have the option of video chat
  • Those who are not users on the site cannot view your profile.
  • Messages sent and received are impossible to intercept.
  • The site is easily accessible on any computer, mobile phone or laptop devices.


  • There is no mobile application for users.
  • It is still a growing site.
  • Spam profiles cannot be reported.


Flingpal.com is a dating site with spam prevention that has been going since 2020. Its spam prevention system is made up of 3 parts:

1. Captcha

2. On-site signup

3. Filtering input fields

In order to create an account, users are required to answer a captcha, which tells the system whether or not the input is valid and not a bot generated input.

If it is determined to be a bot generated entry, the user must pay $5 for each on-site signup that they attempt. There are also heavy filtering for any words that may be used in spamming such as “sex” in order to make sure that this type of content doesn’t get posted on the Flingpal site.


FlingPal maintain data practices that follow all Singaporean and governmental data privacy laws. Your personal information, pictures and other private data is the only thing they share with the outside world. FlingPal will always ask you to verify your account before requesting sensitive details such as credit card information.

FlingPal also has explicit IP addresses for all registered users so if necessary, FlingPal can identify and report any activity that takes place on their website from an unregistered user or an otherwise suspicious IP address.


Users can find more terms and conditions on the official site.


For any questions, payments enquiries or issues and any other difficulties, kindly contact [email protected]


Flingpal.com is a dating site that has terms and conditions before one can post on the site. Plenty of people sign up for their accounts, but don’t ever speak out because they are not allowed to.

Users have time limits and they must spend at least 10 hours each week to keep their account active. The review also mentions the filtering system in FlingPal which allows users to find compatible people by age and location preferences.


We are all different, so any dating site will be a hit or miss. For me, FlingPal is a great one to go to if you’re just checking out and experimenting with some new sites. I had no trouble with communication on their chat system which is really important to me. Plus the cherry on top was getting a date the first time in less than 24 hours of creation of my profile!”- Anonymous.

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