Dating A Filipino Woman: Things You Should Know

Dating A Filipino Woman: Things You Should Know 

There are a lot of things that you should know when dating a Filipino woman. One would be they are known to be conservatives, so dating them is entirely different from other races. But what are the other things that you should know? Let’s all find out by reading the information provided for you below.

Dating A Filipino WomanWith the growing number of dating sites today, one of the most popular is Filipina dating sites. The reason behind this is because there are also more western men who are looking for Filipino women that they can date. In fact, many men are winning many Filipina hearts, and that is because they know the things that they should do. And now, you’re probably wondering about what these things are.

Now if you have recently met a Filipino woman and you’re going out on a date with her, then knowing the things that you should know would be ideal. If you want to capture a Filipina’s heart, then these tips will surely help you.

Things You Should Know When Dating a Filipino Woman

Learn About Her Cultures

Dating A Filipino WomanThe first thing that you need to do is to learn about her cultures. If you genuinely want to impress her, then this is the first thing that you need to do. You need to understand and start learning about her roots. You can, of course, ask questions and try to learn how to speak in her local dialect. Another thing that you should do is to try to eat some of their exotic food, including dinuguan, bagoong, or balut. Lastly, you can try to learn some songs in Filipino so you can serenade her.

Don’t Forget to Be Generous

Dating A Filipino WomanWhen wooing a girl, whether a Filipino woman or a westerner, it would be best to at least spend something for her. Of course, that is if you can afford. You can give her chocolates, flowers, and even present to her family. Now, during the date, it would be best to pay for the meal. But beware because some modern Filipino women don’t think that this is needed because they can very much afford to pay for their share.

A Filipina woman or any other woman of any race always want a man who can provide. If you want her to feel that you are one, then it would be best to be generous. But don’t worry about the gifts too much because it doesn’t have to be luxurious. Lastly, during her birthday or anniversary, it would be best to give her something.

Always Be a Gentleman

Dating A Filipino WomanOf course, don’t forget to be a gentleman. Filipino women love this kind of trait, and they prefer men who are gentlemen. Always say please and thank you when necessary. It would also be nice to dress decently and avoid swearing of any kind. You need to be respectful and kind all the time. Offering her a seat or opening the door will let her know that you are one great gentleman.

Stop Being Touchy

Dating A Filipino WomanIt may be okay to be touchy with other races, but when it comes to Filipino women, it would be best to avoid this. I am talking about the majority of Filipino women and not the ones from the bars. Yes, there may be women who are liberated, but in general, women from the Philippines are reserves and shy. This means that they are not comfortable whenever a man is touching them. The best thing that you can do is to act naturally and just make her feel comfortable.

Always Be Polite

Dating A Filipino WomanMajority of Filipino women are demure and conservative. Yes, there are flirty Filipino women, bar girls, and hot chicks, but the majority are reserved and shy. The reason behind this is because one of their cultures have taught them that they need to put a high regard on oneself. So it would be best to be careful about your behavior when you are around her. Always watch your language and don’t ask questions that are offensive.

Speak With Humor

Dating A Filipino WomanFilipina women are friendly and bubbly. You can make them laugh that quickly, and they always love to have fun. So if you have some great jokes or stories, then it would be best to share them with her. Just make sure that the jokes or stories are not offensive.

Learn Cooking Filipino Dishes

Dating A Filipino WomanFilipinos love food, and if you get a chance to visit her at home, you will walk into a dining room full of different Filipino meals. Yes, no matter what the occasion is, they always have different kinds of dishes on the table. If you are going to stay in her house with her family there, you will also be surprised with the breakfast. Some of the favorite foods that they serve for breakfast are corned beef, hotdog, tapa, or tocino with egg, fried rice, and of course coffee.

Since Filipino love food, this means that it would be great if you try and cook some Filipino meals This will surely impress her and her family.

Always Be Polite To Her Family

Dating A Filipino WomanFor people who don’t know, Filipinos are known to be very family oriented. They are known to have a tight family tie. So if you are in the Philippines to meet up with a Filipina woman and you decided to marry her, it would be best to be polite to her family. The reason behind this is because the people around her especially her family will always matter to her, no matter what.

Always remember that her family’s feedback and opinion about you will help her decide if you are the one for her. So it would be best always to be kind, courteous, and respectful to her and her family.

These are all of the things that you need to do when dating a Filipino woman. If you want for your trip and date to be a success, then these things will surely help you.

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