Filipina Dating Guide: Things to Know and Tips in 2023

Have you ever been curious about how it feels like to date a Filipina? With the numerous Filipino dating sites today, people no longer know if what they are registering for is a legitimate site or a site that is only full of scammers. If this is your first time joining a Filipino dating site, then the information below will surely be useful.

What is Filipina Dating

Filipina dating site is a place on the internet where you can meet hundreds and thousands of Filipino women. These websites will help you match with the Filipino woman that you have been dreaming off. Since the majority of Filipino women are shy, you need to make sure that you are going to make the first move. You can show interest if you are interested in browsing through their profiles. Just make sure that you are using a Filipina dating website that is not included in the list of Filipina dating websites that are full of scams.

Meeting Filipinas in Filipina Dating Sites

Dating a Filipina can be fun and challenging at the same time they could be christian, muslim or atheist; they are all beautiful in and out, wherein they have certain attitudes that are unique from each and one of them. There are a lot of Filipina dating websites to choose from, just make sure to select legitimate ones only.

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Dating a Filipina: Things to Know

Love For Their Families

One of the greatest things when dating a Filipina is that they love their families. This just means that they prioritize families more than anything in the world. Of course, the same goes when it comes to having their own family. When you date and marry a Filipina, you definitely should expect that they will prioritize you. If you want to pursue her, you need to make sure to court their families so you can win them.

Love For Food

Another good thing about dating them is that they love food. They have big gatherings and a lot of foods. Whenever they celebrate something, they ensure to cook as many dishes as possible because they invite neighbors and as well as their entire clan. The great thing about all these is that Filipinos have the best recipes.

Not Into Your Finances

Not all Filipinas are into money, so you don’t have to worry about that. Usually, most modern women today are independent ones wherein they support and work themselves and even their families for as long as they can. But of course, there are also some who have a lot of dramas in life, wherein they need money to help support their families and the like, which is why they are sometimes tagged as deceitful and scammers.

Gorgeous Appearances

One of the major reasons why you should date a Filipino woman is because they are known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Unlike in other Asian countries, these women have brown to light brown skin, a gorgeous face, and a body that is voluptuous. Also, Filipino women are not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside too. They are family oriented, sweet, and fun loving.

Good In English

A lot of Filipino women can communicate in the English language. The is because English is considered as their second language. The Philippines is the fourth country with tons of English speakers. This means that miscommunication and misunderstanding can be avoided since there will be no language barrier. So worry no more because you will surely find a Filipino woman that knows how to speak in English.


Another trait of a Filipino woman is that they are friendly. Being friendly is one of their best traits, which is why the Philippines is known as the most hospitable and most welcoming country in the world. This makes approaching Filipino women easy because you don’t have to worry about you getting rejected. If you found a Filipino woman online, don’t have second thoughts on sending them a message because they will respond.


A lot of modern Filipino women today are well educated. This s because they always want to fulfill their respective goals of becoming someone in their industries. So don’t expect that these women will only depend on you when it comes to work since they can support themselves. There are a lot of great universities in the Philippines and education is a big deal in that country.

Marriage Is Important

They very much consider marriage as something that is sacred. This is mainly because of their religious upbringing and culture. They always respect and value the idea of getting married to someone that they truly love. A Filipino woman’s way of fixing a fight is by discussing the problems with their significant other. They don’t bring up the topic divorce or anything similar because they want to preserve marriage for as long as possible. This is the reason why westerners who are married to Filipino women have a lower rate when it comes to divorce, compared to other races.

Great Nurturers

Another good reason as to why you should date a Filipino woman is that they are known to be great nurturers. They are known to take good care of their family no matter how hard the circumstances are. Also, Filipino women are known to put their family first. These women always make sure to provide for their families because their family is their number one priority. This simply means that if you get a chance to marry a Filipino woman, you will surely be nurtured the same way.


Majority of the modern Filipino women today are known to be strong and independent. They are taught early of what makes a great homemaker. This includes taking care of the children, doing household chores, and as well as cooking. Always put in mind that today’s era is now different. This is because the majority of women are now working for a living and their families. But they still make sure to do the majority of the chores at home.

Now that you know all these, do you know the characteristics that Filipino women are looking for in a men? Let’s all find out below.

Great Sense Of Humor

Filipino women like it when their men have a sense of humor. You need to talk with humor most of the time, but ensure that there is still respect. You also need to listen when she’s talking and let her finish before you begin commenting. Interrupting her while they are talking is very disrespectful. You need to recognize her and value her and as well as her thoughts when you’re talking to her. Show her that what she is saying is all important will make her get attracted to you.

Good Mannered

One of the characteristics that Filipino women are looking for in a foreign men is someone who is good mannered. If you go to cities or even in the provinces, you will notice that a lot of Filipinos are using the words “po” and “opo.” These are the terms that use to show that they are giving respect with whom they are speaking with. These words are used to answer a question or a specific affirmation of something.

Family Oriented

They also like their men family oriented. If you visit her at home, you may see that there are relatives over, from children, cousins, parents, grandpas, and granny. There are also some families who live in just one neighborhood or in just one house. They love being with their families so much. They love doing things for their family as mentioned above. So it would be best to show them that you love their families as well.

Great Loyalties

These women are one of the most faithful and loyal in the world. This is why they are looking for someone who is also the same. If you get together with a Filipino woman, you will notice how she doesn’t like talking with other guys around her. They also steer clear of any kinds of temptations. Marriage is known as very sacred to women. This means that they always aim to only be with their husband until the end of time. They view marriage as a lifetime commitment to being faithful and loyal are both crucial when it comes to them.

Tips for a Successful Relationship with a Filipina Woman

You may think that you are ready to date a Filipina woman, but are you really that ready? Maybe these tips below can add up to your knowledge and to make your date successful.

Understand Her

Now, if this is your first time visiting the Philippines, you may notice that it is a nation that is still developing. So it would be best to don’t expect much from their neighborhood and  its well as individuals when it comes to specific sources. If she is living in a small house, by all means, don’t let her know how you feel. Don’t let her see that you are uncomfortable in her surrounding or area.

Generosity Is Key

When courting a girl, whether a Filipino woman or a westerner, it would be best to give her something, that is if you can afford. You can give her flowers, chocolates, and even present to her family. During the date, it would be best to pay for the entire date. But beware because some Filipino women don’t think that this is needed because they can afford to pay for their share.

A Filipina woman always want a man who can provide. If you want her to feel that you are one, then it would be best to be very generous. Don’t worry about the gifts because it doesn’t have to be expensive. Lastly, on her birthday or anniversary, it would be best to give her something special.

Know Her Culture

It would also be best to learn about her cultures. If you genuinely want to impress her, then this is the initial thing that you need to do. You need to understand and learn about her roots. You can ask questions and try to learn how to speak in her dialect. Another thing that you should do is to try to eat some of exotic food, including dinuguan or balut. Lastly, you can try to learn some Filipino songs so you can serenade her.


It may be okay to be touchy with other women, but when it comes to Filipino women, it would be best to avoid this. This is for the majority of Filipino women, and not the ones from the clubs. There may be women who are liberated, but women from the Philippines are reserved and shy. This simply means that they are uncomfortable whenever a man is touching them. The best thing that you can do is to act naturally and just make her feel comfortable.

Be Polite

A lot of Filipino women are conservative and demure. There are flirty Filipino women, bar girls, and hot chicks, but the majority are reserved and shy. This is because one of their cultures have taught them that they need to put high regards on oneself. So it would be good to be careful about your behavior when you are around her. Make sure to watch your language and don’t ask offensive questions.

These are all of the things that you need, for you to be able to catch her attention. These tips will also help you build a great relationship with her that can last for a long period of time.

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