Feeld Dating App Review 2023

Dating can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, particularly since it is often difficult to find the right person. As a result, various dating apps have been created over the years trying to match users with someone compatible according to their preferences and interests. Today we’re reviewing one of those platforms – Feeld Dating App.

Feeld is a dating app that allows its users to find other singles for friendship, or for more playful activities such as pen pals, flirting or sexual encounters. It provides an option for couples too, in case they don’t want to date alone. The goal of this app is to provide a safe space where anyone can feel free and secure while searching for their partner(s).

The way the app works is quite simple: you create an account via a login feature, fill out your interests and add photos. After that you will be able to see people who match your selections as well as browse profiles at random.

When you find someone interesting you can start interacting with them via messages or video calls if required. If you are rolling solo – no worries! You can also explore chat rooms and participate in discussions about various topics which makes Feeld even more social friendly than many other dating apps available today.

Whether you’re looking for something serious or a casual fling, Feeld Dating App may be the perfect fit for you. This new app has revolutionized online dating and its functions continue to draw more users from all over the world.

In this, the first of our Feeld reviews, we will take an in-depth look at what makes Feeld so special, what sets it apart from other hookup apps, and how it can help you find your perfect match.

Feeld Dating App; What Is It and How Will It Benefit Me?

Feeld is an online dating platform and app with options that aim to provide a safe and open space for individuals who want to explore their sexuality and meet people with the same interests. It is completely free to register on Feeld but certain features are only available with a paid subscription.

User profiles are carefully checked by moderators on the management team before they can connect to ensure everyone is comfortable with each other and that all activities on the app are conducted safely.

Which Gender Identities Are Welcomed At Feeld?

According to their website, the Feeld Dating App offers a mulititude of gender identity options at this time. While both make and female are welcome on the platform, so are trans, non-binaries, agenders, androgynous, those who are bigender or gender fluid. genderqueers, and those who are still questioning their gender.

Gender non-comforming, trans-nonbinaries, intersexuals, pangender, transhumans, transmen, transwomen, transmasculine and transfemine, and those who consider themselves as two-spirit are also welcomed. The management team and leadership team are proud to make these gender identities feel right at home.

These sexual identities and sexual orientations are also prevalent on the site: bi-curious, skoliosexual, omnisexual, objectumsexual, homoflexible, heteroflexible, gynosexual, GrayA, demisexual, autosexual, asexual, androsexual, androgynosexual, queer, polysexual, pansexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay, and straight.

As you can see, it is easy to meet like-minded people of all dating styles on this Feeld app. The leadership team and management team welcome all sexual identities and sexual orientations as well.

Features of Feeld Dating App

Feeld provides users with some unique features, including:

• A Discover page where users can explore potential matches;

• An interactive messaging system or chat feature;

• Ability to swipe on potential matches;

• Ability to form group chats with others who have similar interests;

Additional Features:

• Privacy settings which allow users to select who can see their profile and keep private photos, available to Majestic Members;

• Chat rooms available for group conversations;

• Listings of local events based upon your location that other members attend;

• Ability for couples to search for partners together as a joint profile.

The Good and Bad of Using Feeld Dating App

As with any dating sites, there are both good aspects and not-so-great ones with the Feeld dating app. Here are some pros and cons of using this site for finding your match.


• The app was designed specifically for those interested in exploring their sexuality and finding like-minded partners in an open environment.

• It has excellent safety measures in place such as profile moderation, which ensures you won’t encounter fake profiles or scammers on the site.

• Eight different languages are supported, making it accessible worldwide.


• Most of its features require a premium subscription which may be expensive compared to other dating apps out there.

• The user base isn’t quite as high as some other popular apps, making it harder to find potential matches in certain regions or categories.

Security & Privacy

Of course, both privacy and security are vital to the success of any dating service. Let’s take a look at how Feeld measures up in this department.

The developers at Feeld put special emphasis on user privacy and safety which proved itself to work very well in practice – meaning if something from your relationship goes wrong it remains confidential between two users. Of course, if necessary authorities can intervene, but this does not seem to be an issue for Feeld users.

There is also a special “safe mode” feature which when activated increases security levels and restricts questionable content from showing up in suggestions or search results, making the app suitable for adult audiences as well.

People Also Ask

Along with the information that we have shared here, we also searched for the questions most often asked by real people like you. Here are a few of those answers.

  • Can you use a fake name on Feeld? If you choose to do so, Feeld does allow you to use an alter ego, or alias in order to help protect your privacy.
  • Is Feeld a hookup site? While Feeld can be used as a hookup site, it is also so much more. It is a great place for those with alternative lifestyles to explore their kinks, as well as an app where couples can meet others with similar interests.
  • Is Feeld good for singles? Feeld is great for singles who are exploring their sexuality, as well as those who have been in an alternative lifestyle for some time and want to find someone who shares their tastes. It is also a great place for couples as well, however. Almost anyone can find someone on Feeld.
  • How private is Feeld? With the use of an alias on the app, the Feeld dating site is one of the most private ones available today. Most dating sites require you to use your real name and photo, but that is not the case with Feeld.
  • How can I get noticed on Feeld? The best way to get noticed on Feeld is just to relax and be open about what you want. If you are using an alias, it may help you to loosen up and be brave enough to explore kinks that you normally wouldn’t.
  • Should I use a fake name on dating sites? If you wish to use an alias to protect your privacy, you should definitely do so. It is important to remember, however that most dating apps do not allow the use of a fake name the way that Feeld does.
  • Is the Feeld Dating app free to use? You can use Feeld for free, however, for the best experience, you will need to splurge for the paid version. Most of the best features and bonuses of this app are only available to those who are willing to pay for them.
  • How can I chat with someone on the Feeld app? Before you can chat with another user on Feeld, both of you will need to show interest in the other. In much the same way that Tinder works, you will both need to show an interest before you can begin chatting. If you click “like” on someone’s profile and they also click “like” on yours, then they will be added to your Connections and you can chat with them.
  • Is Feeld available in only English, or other languages as well? At this time, you can use the Feeld app in the English language, as well as German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • How does Feeld work for couples? Couples may choose to explore the Feeld app alone, or they can pair their profile with their partners to explore the site together.
  • What are Group chats? these chats allow both singles, or paired couples to chat with others in small communities within the site.
  • How do you find like-minded people? You can look for those who have similar interests to yours by using the “Interests,” or “Desires” features. In the Interests tabs you can list what you have experienced or are interested in, and in the Desires tab you can name what your fantasies are, so to speak. Then you can look for others who share the same interests and desires.
  • Do I have to have Facebook to sign up for Feeld? No, you do not have to sign up for Feeld with your Facebook account, nor do you have to have one. You can use your email to sign up to the app.
  • What does it mean when a Feeld user has an “M” by their name? Those users have subscribed to the Feeld Majestic Membership, which allows them to use enhanced features that are not available to other users.
  • What kinds of features are available to Majestic Members?. If you are a Majestic Member, you can do more than just use an alias to protect your privacy. Majestic Members also have an Incognito Mode that allows then to be invisible ot whomever you choose.
    They also have Private Photos, which can only be seen by their connections. Of course, anyone can hide their profiles from being discovered in a search, even if they aren’t Majestic Members, but then they won’t show up for others to like and connect to.
  • Do I have to meet someone in real life, or can I use Feeld for online relationships only? You are welcome to use the Feeld app for online relationships or for meeting someone in real life. It is important to be sure that any potential partner understands what you are seeking, so that you are both on the same page. Otherwise, feel free to move at your own speed.

How to Be Safe While Dating Online

According to their website, Feeld claims that safety is their top priority. They encourage you to read their Community Guidelines, and always report anyone who acts suspiciously or goes against those guidelines. They also have a support team ready to help you anytime you feel uncomfortable.

Of course, there are risks to using any dating app to find someone for a real life relationship. There are also things that you can do aside from the precautions that Feeld has in place. Even if you never decide to take an online relationship into real life, there are safety measures that you should implement any time that you go onto a dating site.

  1. Be Choosy About Photos – Whether you plan to make them public, or only share them with a few choice people, you should always be careful about which photos you place online. The pictures that you send to potential partners should never give away your exact location. That means no pictures of locations that are easily recognizable, such as schools, churches, businesses. or the outside of your home. You also want to be careful sharing photos of a local team or event.
  2. See Them Live First – Before even discussing whether or not to meet someone in real life, you should ask to see them on live video. Even if they are using an alias and want to be anonymous online, a person who is planning to meet you in person should have no issues with allowing you to know what they look like.
  3. Have Someone Who’s Seen Them – Before agreeing to meet someone in person, have an image of them that you can share with one trusted loved one. Once you have verified that the person in the photo is the same as the person you saw in live video, share the photo with one person that you trust, so there is someone who has a description of the person that you’re meeting.
  4. Meet in Public– The first time that you meet anyone from any dating app should always be in a public place where there will be a lot of people around. You might choose a crowded restaurant, a local meet and greet, or even a bar, just be sure that it is someplace where you won’t be alone if you begin to feel uncomfortable.
  5. Have You Cell Phone Handy– You should also make sure that your cell phone is with you at all times. It is a good idea to set up a time in the middle of your date to call your trusted loved one and let them know that you are ok…or you may choose to have them call you.
  6. Provide Your Own Ride– For a first date, always provide your own transportation. This may be your own car, an Uber, a taxi, or a ride with a friend. By taking your own way to the meeting, you are free to leave anytime if you are feeling off. It also allows you to be able to go home without letting your date know where you live, if you choose not to do so.
  7. Stay Sober– We know, this may not sound like much fun, but it is a good idea not to use any drugs or drink alcohol when meeting someone for the first time. You want to be able to think clearly and steer clear of anything that may influence your reactions and decisions.

Overall Verdict of the Feeld Dating App

To conclude our review, we believe that Feeld offers many advantages and possibilities when it comes to finding potential partners online. It is an overall good experience, so we do recommend giving this platform a try. Whether you are single or looking for love as part of couple bond, Feeld has something for you.

Thanks to its simple yet efficient design, guided interaction through chats, and profile-liking system everyone gets chance meet compatible matches straight away. These features keep users from being overwhelmed by any complexities involved in process -even those newbies who never used dating apps before should get along just fine here.

The overall verdict of this Online dating app is positive! With its innovative design and mission statement, it definitely fills a niche gap in the market while also providing a safe experience filled with carefree exploration into sexuality. Although paid subscriptions may put off some users from signing up, if you’re looking for something truly open minded then this could be exactly what you were searching for!

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