Facebook Dating Service: Review, and 6 Things To Know for 2019

For 15 years now, Facebook has been a top hotspot online for social networking. What began as a cute, subtle way for Ivy League college students to connect and share their lives virtually between intense exams and long hours of studying quickly turned into an international online sensation. Now, in 2019, Facebook has thrown open the doors for businesses both big and small to market, friends from all over the world to meet, and events to be advertised and noticed by a much larger audience.

However, that’s not all Facebook has managed to do for the world on a social scale. Facebook romances are not a new concept – in fact, they have been popularly spoken about, despite the fact that the site itself is not a dating site. Many different groups exist for finding love on the website, and the general nature of sharing, interacting, messaging, and using the platform can easily be used for a flirty nature. After all this time, it seems Facebook has finally realized the website’s potential for match-making and has decided to roll out an on-site app designed for dating specifically.

Introducing… a full review of the brand new Facebook Dating platform.

Facebook Dating Summary

facebook dating

Since many people already use the website for dating, having a spot designated for that specifically is a really good idea! However, making sure that it is handled differently than the rest of the site, while also bringing something new and exciting to a world where internet dating is so dominant is equally important.

Facebook has made a great effort in trying to make a platform for the single users of Facebook, which make up about 200 million users. Since most people already have a regular Facebook account, the Dating feature creates the easiest way to sign up and get started, which is a great selling point for many people who don’t want to deal with yet another app or lengthy profile creation process.

The biggest question really stands to be; why has it taken Facebook so long to bring this feature onto their website?

Facebook Dating Demographics

Clearly, Facebook is the biggest social media network platform worldwide. Well over 2 billion hits a month and over 2.5 billion users in total, it’s safe to put this site above all others. However, this doesn’t mean every Facebook user is going to be active or involved in the Dating service that is now being offered. In fact, you have to manually opt in to participate.

Plus, the Dating service only allows those who are 18 and older to use it, so that cuts down the potential demographic by quite a bit, as well. While the exact number of users currently is unknown, the popularity of the Dating service is extremely obvious, sending stock shares in Facebook up nearly 2% since it’s USA release on September 5th, 2019.

Unfortunately, not all cities are included in the algorithm. Smaller cities, such as Indianapolis, will have to wait before Facebook can begin suggesting matches for them like with other leading dating apps, but the other features are still available. This may affect the user base as well.

Facebook Dating Features

Facebook Dating Features

Like any romance-centric app or platform, Facebook Dating aims to bring people together romantically. If this is designed to be more sexual or not is hard to tell, and really depends on the person using the Dating platform.

Account creation is the easiest on Dating than it is on any other site, even Tinder. Since Facebook already has your information, such as pictures, location, job history, and hobbies… very little is needed on your end. A few taps and you’re set!

Many of the available features on Dating is standard to the niche of online dating apps. You can answer cute questions about your personality, set your preferences for searching (such as children, height, and religious beliefs. You can adjust distance, change your showcase pictures, and hide various elements of information.

Digging a little deeper, you can see that Facebook Dating has taken large strides to be different than just the Facebook website on it’s own. You can choose to hide your dating profile from friends, or even prohibit friends of friends from finding you. This is a little odd, since the most outstanding feature of Dating actually involves your Facebook friends.

The “secret crush” feature is what makes Facebook Dating unique in its own right. You can choose up to nine different existing Facebook friends to list as your “crush”. Don’t worry, your friend won’t be notified about this unless they also list you as a secret crush. Once that happens, you’ll both be given a notification, and romance will hopefully ensue.

Finally, the rest of the Facebook Dating features exist around liking other users, messaging with them on the included Dating IM system (note: this is not Facebook Messenger), and being suggested matched by the Facebook algorithm. No information has yet been released on how this match-making happens, but it has something to do with your activity on Facebook, probably related to the groups and pages you like and follow.

Facebook Dating Prices

Like Facebook itself, the dating portion of the website doesn’t cost anything to use. Unlike many free apps, it doesn’t rely on ads, since there is enough of that on the main website. There has been some controversy about if Facebook will eventually require users to pay for a membership, but these rumors have been debunked, so for as long as this continues to stay true, there should never be a cost for Facebook dating.

Facebook Dating Scam Management

Facebook Dating Scam Management

Facebook isn’t exactly known for being aware of scams on their website. In fact, many accounts are reported as fake and overlooked, or take awhile to be removed. When you’re using Facebook normally, it’s harder to be scammed, because you’re not looking for love in most cases. Facebook Dating may introduce a bigger likelihood of getting scammed, but the chances still seem to be fairly low.

Using the usual internet and online safety tips can help prevent you from scams, and since the platform is still very new in the states, you can expect the customer support team to very attentive to its success or lack therefore.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Since Facebook Dating is so new, it’s hard to give a confident thumbs up or down, or even know if they deserve the coveted love react yet. However, it’s safe to say that the success of Dating will be high, since Facebook is already such a widely used application and website all over the world. The targeted demographic for Dating seems to be those who have no interest in other, established dating sites like Match or Tinder, and instead want something easy and less-stress.

For online dating beginners, or those who haven’t enjoyed their time with other services, Facebook Dating seems to be a great way to understand the ins and outs, and likely find a great person to become close with. Since it reaches outside of your approved friendship circle, you have the potential to meet some awesome people and get flirty, without sharing all the intimate details of your private profile right away.

Plus, it’s totally free, so you can’t lose!

6 Things To Know About Facebook Dating

6 Things To Know About Facebook Dating

Want to get some tips, tricks, and things to consider before starting your own Facebook Dating page on the app? Don’t worry, you’re totally covered. Since the platform is so new, and has been met with mixed reviews so far, the decision to go ahead and opt in for your own presence on the application may seem a little daunting. Here is all you should know about Facebook Dating before you start using it for yourself!

1. The App Was Launched In Other Countries First

For once, America wasn’t the first to get our fingers in a sticky pot of new romance! In fact, the Facebook Dating app was released to many other locations before hitting our patriotic internet. While it still hasn’t gotten to Europe yet, Dating has received positive feedback in multiple countries, including:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Ecuador
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

And others!

2. You Don’t Need To Wait Before Messaging

Due to a crazy imbalance when it comes to activity between males and females on dating apps, most websites and services have requirements on who can message, and when those messages are seen. For example, Bumble requires the woman in the pairing to send the first message. Other sites, like Tinder, will need both parties to choose to match with each other before communication can happen.

On Facebook Dating, you get none of that protection. Anyone can message you on Dating if they see your profile. Unfortunately, this means anyone that the algorithm suggests is up for “grabs”. Great for you, in some ways, since you can send that ice breaker message to whoever… just be prepared to get all sorts of characters in your inbox.

3. If You Block Someone, They Can Still Be Your Friend On Facebook

If You Block Someone, They Can Still Be Your Friend On Facebook

Choosing to put someone on your Dating block list doesn’t actually affect their ability to interact with you on the Facebook platform itself. In some ways, this is kind of cool. Maybe you just don’t want to even be a possibility for someone, perhaps if you know they have feelings for you and you don’t return it, but don’t want to lose them on your real friends list.

It’s also a little… strange, though. Usually blocking someone on one platform means you’re not going to want a lot of outside interaction, and now you’ll have to take the extra step to block them on your real Facebook account, too. Just be aware of this if someone upsets you!

4. The App Knows You Better Than Anything Else

Have you ever lied on a dating site biography? Maybe you said you really loved fitness, but the last time you went to a gym was…. 4 months ago. Facebook will know your bluff in an intimate way. Maybe too intimate that it could be creepy.

In all reality, it’s hard to know how much of your regular Facebook activity will be used in your match-making. Facebook will look at your likes and interests as well as your check-ins to see if you’re really about those gains, or if you check in at your favorite fried chicken joint more than the local gym. In other words, don’t lie when you use Dating, because this website is just too smart and close with your habits.

5. Chances For Success Are Crazy High

Right now, Facebook doesn’t plan to make any money from the Dating app specifically. That is due to change, with an estimated revenue of 12 billion in 2020, just a year after launching here in the USA. If this goal is truly met, this would blow other popular dating apps out of the water when it comes to income, and it suggests that all signs point to Dating being wildly popular. The potential for it to entirely dominant the online dating scene is still questionable, but it has a great chance to do so!

6. You Can Be Found Based On Your Events

The Facebook Dating service incorporates many aspects of Facebook into the way this part of it works. One major way it does this is by finding others on Facebook that fit your “ideal date” preferences who have, or will be, attending the same events as you. Since Facebook allows you to RSVP to events with responses like interested or going, and also saves your past events, it also can find out who else uses Dating and where they’ve been and plan to go. You’ll notice that the same thing is done for various groups you’re in. Dating will let you know where the suggested match came from, either from a group or an event, and you can see more of that Dating user once you get the suggestion. However, since you can see them… they can see you, too. If you’re going to use Facebook Dating, be careful what you RSVP too and what groups you join!

Written by Chelsea King

Chelsea has been a direct victim of romance scams herself losing over $35,000 in a span of a year in 2015. She joined and took over operations of RomanceScams.org in 2015. She brings first-hand experience in studying romance scams, and also experience in vetting dating sites for legitimacy. Read more of Chelsea's articles.

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