Top 7 Best Free Equestrian Dating Sites in 2023

Are you looking for a date which is also an equestrian like you? It’s not surprising that you’re looking for someone with the same likes as you have. The reason behind this is because having significant similarities with your potential partner will help your relationship to blossom farther. Fortunately for you, I have the 7 best free equestrian dating sites in 2019, and I will be sharing them with you.

Of course, before we go any further, let’s talk about what these equestrian dating sites are and what’s so special about these horse lovers. In this way, you will be able to understand them more before you start dating one. 

What Is An Equestrian Dating Site?

An equestrian dating site is just like any other online dating sites today, but it specifically caters to people who are into horses. These people may like Polo as a sport, or they may own a number of horses. The sites’ main goal is to connect each equestrian with each other, so they can get to know each other and share the same interest. As mentioned above, sharing the same interest can help blossom your relationship with another equestrian.

Top 7 Best Free Equestrian Dating Sites

Check our our top picks below:

1. Match

One of the oldest free equestrian dating sites today is Match

One of the oldest free equestrian dating sites today is Match, which was established in the year 1993. The number of members has been increasing yearly, especially when they gave out a free membership to their first few members. This made them more popular, and this made their database increase steadily.

Majority of the members on Match lives in the US, and it has an equal distribution of gender. This means that the chances of finding an equestrian man or woman on Match will be easy. There are also members on Match that were never divorced, separated, or married. But of course there are some that already has, and there’s no issue about that. 

Match is equipped with a lot of unique features, including MatchPhone, which will provide you with a customs number to communicate with other members. There are also Reverse Matches, Boost, Match Guarantee, and Match Me.

2. Equestrian Cupid

another great equestrian online dating site is Equestrian Cupid

Another great equestrian online dating site is Equestrian Cupid. This online dating site has been here for roughly 15 years, and their main target is to find horse lovers like you to join the site. One of the best things about the Equestrian Cupid is that upon visiting the site, it looks very organized and everything loads up pretty quickly. Also, all of their affiliated sites are all reputable online dating sites today.

Everyone can join Equestrian Cupid, including ones who are just beginning to be around horses. Also, ones who want to date someone who is an equestrian as well can definitely join Equestrian Cupid. This will help members to have an instant connection with each other. 

Equestrian Cupid is equipped with a lot of great features, which will all help you find a match quickly. There are tips on the site on the Do’s and Don’t when going out on a date with someone who is into horse lover. They also have a Daily Newsletter and a Forum where members can share their ideas and mingle.

3. Equestrian Dating Site

Equestrian Dating Site is just one of the many online dating sites for people who love horses.

Equestrian Dating Site is just one of the many online dating sites for people who love horses. It has a growing community online because of how trustworthy and reliable this equestrian site is. One of the best things about Equestrian Dating Site is that the site has a welcoming aura, wherein there are tips that every member will surely find useful.

Another good thing about Equestrian Dating Site is that you have the option to search automatically for members who are just around your area. This will help you figure out the efficiency of the site. Their site is welcome to everyone, which means that there are members from all over the world. 

Equestrian Dating Site has a lot of features that will help you find members easily. Messaging features will keep you and other members to communicate anytime you, please. This will help everyone get to know each other and maybe lead to something more profound. 

4. Equestrian Singles

Equestrian Singles

One of the leading equestrian dating sites today is Equestrian Singles, which was established in the year 2001. A lot of people love this site because it offers free messaging for everyone. One of the best things about Equestrian Singles is that you can find members around you. This means that if you need a date or want to meet up with a member immediately, you can do it since both of you are in the same neighborhood. 

Another good thing about Equestrian Singles is that they made finding a match easier. You can easily use the filter so you can find the right match for you. The best thing that you can do is be as specific as you want. For instance, you can key in the age range that you wish to or other information that you’re looking for when it comes to a match. In this way, you will be assured that you will get to meet someone that you genuinely want.

Some of the key features of Equestrian Singles are the Advanced Search Option, where you can use filters as mentioned above. You will also be able to see members who are online. In this way, you can choose to say hi and mingle with a lot of members. 

5. HorseyLover


HorseyLover was established in the year 2008, and their community has been increasing each year. Their target market, as the name says, is for Horse lovers or an equestrian who loves to be around horses. One of the best things about this online dating site is that its homepage does not contain anything explicit since the site caters to people who are looking for friends, dates, and a long-term partner. 

One of the best things about HorseyLover is that it has topnotch privacy. Only registered members can see profiles inside the site. This means that no outsider will be able to see any of the profiles of the members. Also, each member is well verified via email so you shouldn’t worry about anything.

One of the best features of HorseyLover is that they let you do a regional search. This means that you can search for members depending on where you want them to be living in. It can be just around your neighborhood or around or in other countries where you want your partner to be from. 

6. Horse Lovers Dating

Horse Lovers Dating

One of the most visited dating sites today that caters to equestrian lovers is Horse Lovers Dating. The members here are horse riders, single farmers, countryside singles, and other people who just want to date an equestrian. Whether you live in the city or not, you are definitely welcome on Horse Lovers Dating. 

Horse Lovers Dating always put their members’ safety first. The reason behind this is because they want to ensure that everyone’s secure and safe while browsing through the site. The site makes sure that they store and collect all of your data in a secure manner. The reason behind this is because they want everyone to enjoy to not worry about any dangers around because they won’t be existing. 

Registering to the site is easy, and you don’t have to worry about any scammers. Every member will be verified, and anyone who can’t prove their identity will not be able to access the site. Horse Lovers Dating also has an app, which will help you browse and chat with members even if you’re away from your computer. 

7. HorseDate


HorseDate is an equestrian dating site for people who love horses. There are also cowgirls, cowboys, and farmers who are looking for someone that they can be friends with and someone that they can be with for a long-term. This means that, whether you are looking for a date or a long-term relationship, you will surely be able to find one. 

One of the best things about HorseDate is that the site will let you to start searching for members around you. All you have to do is to sign up for free, which will only take a couple of minutes or so. Upon signing up, you will be able to meet likeminded people who have the same passion as you. 

HorseDate also has different features that will help you find the right match for you. You can get ideas for your first date via the Tips to feature that the site has. You can also join the Equestrian Forums and mingle with other singles online. Some of the features on HorseDate includes Online Equestrian Chat, Daily Equestrian News, and Horse Photos. 

What’s Special About Horse Lovers?

find top equestrian dating sites and what’s special about these horse lovers

Horse lovers are special enough because of their knowledge about horses itself. They are very connected to nature, simply because these horses are usually located in barns, which is surrounded by nature itself. Also, being a horse lover makes them very patient because there are instances where some horses are quite ill-tempered. They tend to work around with horses until they manage to gain their trust.

All of these simply means that being with a horse lover will surely be a great experience. Not only that you will have an instant connection if you are an equestrian itself, but also you will be assured that you will be with someone patient enough to make things work with you.

FAQs About Equestrian Dating Sites

How do equestrian dating sites work?

Equestrian dating sites function similarly to other niche dating platforms. Users create profiles, provide information about themselves, and often include details about their equestrian interests and experiences. They can search for potential matches based on various criteria, such as location, age, and shared equestrian activities. Communication typically occurs through messaging systems provided by the website.

What features do equestrian dating sites offer?

Equestrian dating sites typically offer a range of features to facilitate connections among members. These may include:

  • Profile creation and customization
  • Search filters for finding compatible matches
  • Messaging systems for communication
  • Photo and video sharing options
  • Forums or discussion boards for community interaction
  • Safety and privacy features, such as reporting and blocking tools

Are equestrian dating sites only for serious relationships?

While many users on equestrian dating sites may be looking for serious, long-term relationships, there is often a range of intentions among members. Some may be seeking casual dating, friendship, or even just equestrian activity partners. It’s important to be clear about your own intentions and communicate openly with potential matches.

How can I ensure my safety while using an equestrian dating site?

Ensuring your safety on an equestrian dating site involves taking similar precautions as with any online dating platform. Some tips include:

  • Avoid sharing personal information like your full name, address, or financial details.
  • Use the site’s messaging system until you’re comfortable sharing personal contact information.
  • Arrange first meetings in public places and let a friend or family member know where you’ll be.
  • Trust your instincts; if something feels off, take it seriously.


With the top 7 best free equestrian dating sites mentioned above, our top choice is Match. The reason behind this is because of its excellent reputation when it comes to online dating. It is also responsible for thousands of successful dates and marriages all over the world. It also has excellent privacy and security, which will surely keep you secured while browsing through the site and looking for that horse lover match.

Finding an equestrian like you will surely bring an instant connection between you and that match that you will find. Having an instant connection is essential because you have a starting point. You have something to talk about and something to do when you both go out on a date. So start looking for the equestrian, and you will surely enjoy being with someone who’s like you.

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