Dream Singles Review for 2023: Features, Pros and Cons

On first glance, Dream Singles looks like any other website available on the internet these days. I’m not saying if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, only that there’s nothing special pulling you here. Except for maybe your wish to find love. You visit the profile, you sign up, you search up the type of people you’re looking for, and take the next course of action. Ah but Dream Singles boasts about the fact that there are more women users on the website than male users. The perk here being if you’re a man you immediately find yourself surrounded by numerous women just waiting to connect with you. The typical male here, they say, is more or less 30 years old and just ready to marry and settle down. The alarm bells in my head are ringing, people. Also, there’s nothing here about what to do if you’re specifically a woman or anyone belonging to the LGBTQ community. This website is only for men looking for women or women looking for men. Moreover, a review on the page itself says this seems like the perfect website, only wishing it wasn’t so expensive. Well, the review doesn’t exactly say this but once you visit the website, you can see for yourself. It’s not very hip or trendy either because it doesn’t have an app.

Dream Singles Home Page

You can only use a desktop to browse through the website and look at the women. I say women because I saw not many postings by men here. Dream Singles seem like the type of website where men come to look at women. Period. And what’s the cherry on top of this cake is, the women are especially from Ukraine and Russia, basically Eastern European Slavic women. And some of them don’t speak the language so Dream Singles provide translation services. At this point, I’m not sure if this whole ordeal is even worth it. But love, as many would say, is love so websites like these exist. So then, let’s do a detailed review.

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Dream Singles Review:

Dream Singles actually has a solid security-based sign-up process. I was impressed by the fact that all the profiles here have to be verified. You verify your email and must be above 18 to sign up. If you aren’t verified, your profile picture won’t be shown to the viewers. And you can upload upto 5 of your own pictures, which will be reviewed before getting the green signal as no nudity is allowed. Another thing that impressed me is that they review each and everything, apparently, before letting you use an active profile. The process they say is fairly quick though – you provide your basic information: gender, preference, date of birth, email, creating a password and the country you’re from. Then you go on to say more things like occupation, education, marital status, height, weight, eye color, hair, religion, age preferences, that sort of thing. You get a space of around 500 words to write yourself a fantastic bio with which you can try to woo your potential beloved. Or you can skip it because this one thing is optional. 

Dream Singles Sign Up Page

Now you go on to browse the profiles of all the available beauties. If you’re a beauty yourself, I’m at a loss on what you can do. This website seems a little sexist at this point but I am not going to point any fingers. Also, browsing is free but making contact isn’t. Get your wallet ready, my friend, because you might need it sooner than you think. The profiles they say are all verified, I’m sure they are so once you find a beautiful person, inside and out, I’m hoping, you can only view their profile and ‘flirt’ with them. Flirting is sending them cute little cards which they may or may not reply to because from what I’m seeing, even replying to these flirts might cost some moolahs. You also get to like the profiles you’re interested in, but that’s about it. No free contact is possible other than that. I’m just going to shake my head here but very subtly.

Also, as I said, there is no available app that is easy to use on your mobile phone. The gorgeous Slavic women will have to wait for you to sign in to your computer first. You can try and open the Dream Singles website on your phone. And there might be ads. These ads are minimal but they might be there.

Good Vs Bad of Dream Singles

The greatest good of this app is wherever you are, you get a chance to talk to some amazing women. Really, sitting in your house in the US you talk to some dashing redhead in Russia. But the good stops there and tumbles out the need for you to balance the bad with the good. So,

  1. What if you don’t know the language? Good is they provide a translator, bad is in this cynical world, I’m thinking you should just learn the language yourself.
  2. What if you have found someone’s profile you love, ahem, you’re interested in but you can’t afford to pay much? Good is they have four levels of payment as per your requirement and needs: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond; but bad is nothing is free. Literally, nothing. No such thing as a free lunch becomes true to the core here. You cannot even send one message and hope to receive some kind of reply. Picture this, you spend money to talk to this person you’re dying to talk to and they could just, you know, ignore you completely. You have no assurance whether you could ever make any contact or if they like you back.
  3. Good is, you can ‘match’ with your potential partner. Bad is, if you hit it off with this one person, after paying Dream Singles and getting a year long subscription you cannot cancel it. You can’t have a one time or one month subscription. But you can pause your membership, in case you want to come back to date other Slavic women from other countries again. If this experience once wasn’t enough.
  4. Good is there’s a tight procedure for you to get verified but bad is almost every other dating app follows the same protocols.
  5. There are numerous special features: Gift Shops, Member Rewards, Beauty Contests, Serious Dater Program, Schedule Date, Video and Audio Calls…but they’re all paid. Here you decide and balance out the good and the bad yourself. After all, it’s your hard earned cash that’s going to pay for all this.

Paid Vs Free Membership Options

I repeat again, this is not a free lunch. You can easily find the rates on the website, but roughly it’s around $10 a month and you get a subscription of 12 months, no less. That’s the Silver level of subscriptions. Gold membership is 359.88 USD for 12 months, Platinum is 599.88 USD for 12 months and Diamond is 1,199.88 for 12 months, which means almost $100 a month. Plus you pay more if you want gifts or want to schedule a date or a phone call. And there are some additional fees and other shenanigans like buying credits. To suffice, the membership is paid. Only making the profile and browsing is free. 

Open questions about Dream Singles:

These women look too good to be true, is this a scam?

To answer you, it’s not really a scam – if you’re asked for money or gifts by any of the users, please report them immediately. Do not make any personal payments of any kind either – but Dream Singles is not All That either. There are plenty of other online dating options you could consider where you can make some contact first and create a bond before making any payments.

Why do we have to pay for the services?

To answer, it’s simply because the website will charge you a fee because you’re using it. I agree that Dream Singles could cut us some slack, we’re talking to women in other countries after all, we need to at least see if we actually like them. But they can charge the fee they think is appropriate for any services they provide.

Is using Dream Singles worth it?

Well, I’d say before you make any payments – and keep in mind the subscription is for 12 long months – you should first browse the website and see if it’s interesting enough for you. Don’t rush into anything.

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Written by Chelsea King

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