Don’t text him and he will text you

If you’re in a relationship and have the urge to text your significant other for the umpteenth time today, refrain from doing so! If you try to be too clingy or dependent on your partner while in a relationship, they will begin to feel suffocated, it has been discovered. 

This is because people require space in their relationships and a degree of independence. So stop putting forth so much effort and give them the space they require- he will eventually come around (and probably text you first). 

The notion that you can coerce a guy into texting you is appealing, but this is not always the case. You might be surprised to discover that your boyfriend’s phone is stuffed with text messages. Don’t be deceived by this ruse. Let’s take a look at what this means. 

Don’t text him and he will text you – Does it work?

Reasons you should stop texting him

There are several reasons why you should stop texting him. The first reason is that he is not responding to your texts. Why continue a conversation when there has been no response from the other person? 

Another reason would be if you have already met in person and it did not go well. It can become very awkward when one party continues to text another after they have rejected them or vice versa, especially on social media platforms such as Facebook, where people are connected with mutual friends who may see their messages. 

This creates an uncomfortable feeling for everyone involved! Last but certainly not least, stopping the communication will make both parties more intrigued about each other because humans naturally want what they cannot have. 

If this means taking away something which is causing frustration, then don’t feel guilty about it. To add to this, if someone is too available or accessible, they are not always that interesting. Never be too available! 

A great quote to remember is: “It’s better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and prove it” – Anonymous. This means don’t speak if you can’t say anything intelligent enough that adds value, not harm! If he doesn’t text you, then the best thing for him is to fade away into nothingness as an ex-no one remembers simply.

Why it’s important not to text him back right

Don’t text him and he will text you. That’s the best advice that can be given on this subject! There is a big difference between men and women when texting: if a guy texts his crush, she doesn’t feel like she has to answer him right away. 

Waiting several hours or days before sending back a reply gives her time to think about what she wants to say next. But, on the other hand, guys are more likely than not to send another message within minutes of getting no response from their first one. 

They might even get annoyed because they don’t understand why nobody seems interested in talking with them… which brings us back once again to “don’t text him.” 

If you are wondering why he hasn’t gotten back to your messages yet, it’s because he doesn’t want to get into a conversation with you. He has probably moved on – this is how dating works! 

However, it is also possible that he hasn’t gotten your messages for some reason (he might be busy, not looking at his phone every minute of the day), which means it’s okay to send him another message. Just don’t overwhelm him with texts, or you will end up making things worse!

The benefits of not texting him

There are a few benefits to not texting him. First, you are creating anticipation for communication between the two of you. Second, it tells your man that he needs to step up his game if he wants something with you. 

Third, not being available and constantly checking a phone will make a guy more attentive when they want to talk. They know how easy it is for women today to send a quick text back or check their messages immediately after getting them. 

This shows self-control which will be attractive in any relationship, and instills confidence within yourself, knowing that even though the temptation may arise, you can control those urges rather than giving in to them at every moment possible. 

Keeping busy doing other things besides communicating makes that person more attractive because you are not constantly thinking about them. In addition, a distraction will make that other person want to be around you more and communicate with you more because their presence is desired. 

The benefits of not texting him are endless, but the biggest one in all this may just be how it makes your man feel about himself if he wants something serious with you. 

It tells him straight up; I am busy, so only communicate when necessary, or we can talk later tonight. This instills confidence within them, knowing they have options rather than feeling like the option at times, which women often do even though unintentionally sometimes.

Tips for following the rule and avoiding texts from guys in the future

If you don’t want to get a text from someone, just follow these simple tips: Don’t give out your number. That way, you won’t have any texts coming in at all. If you do give your number out and then say, “I’d rather us communicate by phone only,” that’s even more effective than just saying nothing until he sends a message first. 

The implication is that you don’t feel comfortable texting with him unless it’s after an initial conversation on the phone, so he shouldn’t expect anything further via SMS. Of course, you can also add “Don’t take this personally!” afterward if you think it will help smooth over any hurt feelings—but probably best not to bother because it’s unlikely to do any good. 

Don’t answer texts right away, but wait a few hours if it’s someone you don’t know well or have just started dating. If he knows that responding quickly will only get him ignored, then there won’t be an incentive for his annoying behavior in the future. 

He’ll realize that he has to put some effort into getting your attention and respect—and making sure you want to talk with him instead of waiting by the phone all day wondering when he might text back! 

If none of these are working because you can still feel yourself about to give out your number, ask politely if they could please stop texting so much…because it makes you uncomfortable when people contact you so often. If nothing has worked until this point, you should just ignore his texts from that point forward. He’ll get the hint soon enough!

What happens when you don’t follow this rule

If you don’t text him and he doesn’t text you, then this is what happens: He will keep texting other girls until one of them responds. You may think it’s better to be the girl who isn’t texted than to respond, but there are disadvantages for your emotional health when ignoring his texts can lead to self-esteem issues. 

Don’t let someone else take away your happiness by letting them control how you feel about yourself. If they’re not interested enough in communicating with you, leave that person alone so they won’t have any power over whether or not you’re happy! 

You should message him first since waiting around makes it seem like you aren’t confident enough to talk to him directly, which might make him assume you aren’t confident enough to date him. To avoid the risk of having him think you’re a weak person, message him. 

You don’t have to be afraid if he ends up being someone who doesn’t want anything serious because of messaging. First, it shows that you’re confident and mature enough to handle rejection. So always be positive and focus on the fact that you’re messaging him first because then, there’s no way he can think of his opinion as being better than yours. 

You’re taking control of your life by showing up and looking good every day! Take care of yourself and find ways to love who you are so he will be blown away by your confidence when meeting in person for the first time.

Ways to make sure he doesn’t know that you’re following this rule

To make sure he doesn’t know that you’re following this rule, so he doesn’t think less of you or pressures you into talking with him more often than necessary: Don’t be too quick to answer his texts. This one is probably the hardest and most effective way to maintain your power and keep yourself from being pressured into talking to him. 

Avoid texting back when time gaps are short If there’s a huge gap between each text reply. If it seems like something took longer than expected for him to respond, wait at least an hour before replying. 

This will show him that even though you might have been waiting on pins and needles for his response, if he does not reciprocate, then oh well! You don’t need him, and you can go on with your life. Whatever the case may be, do not text back immediately. 

This shows that his response is so unimportant to you that it doesn’t even matter whether he responds or not – because if he does answer, then, either way, you’re okay! 

Showing this indifference will help keep him interested in trying harder to get a hold of you. If there are too many time gaps between responses, Make sure they don’t happen more than once every few days. Letting them last longer makes it seem like you have no interest in talking at all.

Open Questions

How many texts should I send in a day?

An excessive amount of texting can lead a man to believe that he is in a relationship with the wrong woman. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t send him a ton of text messages. If you’re feeling nervous about your relationship, you can also text your friends to find out what they think of it and what they think of you.

When should I text him first?

An excessive amount of texting can lead a man to believe that he is in a relationship with the wrong woman. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t send him a ton of text messages. If you’re feeling nervous about your relationship, you can also text your friends to find out what they think of it and what they think of you. While at work, you can also inquire about how their day is going and whether or not the two of you are getting along well as a couple.

What happens if he doesn’t reply to my texts?

If you don’t text him, he will continue to text you. Men respond differently to women than girls, so don’t make yourself too available, and you’ll get a greater number of responses to your messages. If you are a woman who is too unavailable, a man will be attracted to you. Don’t put all your attention on one guy while ignoring the other. You’ll draw more attention to yourself as a result. If a guy doesn’t respond to texts, it’s best to avoid him as much as possible.


Now that you’ve learned more about Keep in mind that if you don’t text him, he will text you, so remember to keep these tips in mind. 

It is critical to avoid contact with a man who does not respond to text messages because a man who does not respond to text messages can lead to disaster. 

Avoid sending long rambling texts about how bad you feel if you’re a little too eager, or else he’ll start thinking about you. In addition, waiting until you’ve regained consciousness before responding to his texts is not recommended. 

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