Zoosk vs EliteSingles: 2023 Head to Head Comparison

zoosk vs elitesingles

Which is the better choice between Zoosk vs EliteSingles? This can be a hard decision since both of them are popular dating app choices, so there is lots to consider.

Online dating has grown more and more popular over the years, so now there are more than enough apps to choose from. So, how do you know which ones are the most successful, the best price, or the most reliable? Let’s take a look at all these factors for Zoosk and EliteSingles.

Zoosk vs EliteSingles: Overall Review

Even though these are both current dating apps, they are still different in many aspects, including the primary functions, typical demographics, and even pricing. So, how do you decide which one is best for you?

Zoosk Rating: 7/10

This is actually an older dating app that launched back in December of 2007. It is currently one of the top grossing dating apps in the app store. It utilizes a system that is similar to the swiping left and right of other dating apps. It is quick and easy to set up, but requires some additional fees to access all functions.

Zoosk began as a Facebook application before it because its own app, so social media is a big part of it. You can link and verify your Facebook and Twitter accounts to better connect with people. Itis primarily geared toward singles looking for either casual dates or a serious relationship.

EliteSingles Rating: 8/10

This dating service is designed for a more mature crowd, meaning singles that are ages 30 and over who have completed a college degree. Singles that use this site are ideally looking for something long-term and not just a casual date. The app was originally launched in 2009, and has grown in popularity since then.

This app is more personalized than other options because it offers a lengthy assessment to start off with, and it only gives you a few personalized matches each day. The features on this app are more focused to finding the perfect match rather than simply swiping left or right.

Winner: EliteSingles

While Zoosk is easier to use and geared toward a younger audience, EliteSingles is more particular about who its target audience is. The features of this app are made to ensure that every user finds a match that perfectly fits their personality and interests.

However, if you are under the age of 30 or still in college, then Zoosk would be a better, more casual option for you.

Zoosk vs EliteSingles: Pricing

While both of these apps are free to download and sign up for, they both do come with an additional cost for anything beyond the initial steps.

With Zoosk, you can sign up and look at potential matches without paying a cent, but if you want to actually reach out to one of those users, then you will need to pay for messaging.

EliteSingles in similar in that you can start signing up for free, but if you want to receive all the benefits, you will either need to purchase a standard or Premium membership.

Zoosk Rating: 8/10

Essentially, this app is free for all basic functions, such as creating a profile, seeing potential matches, and sending “winks.” However, there isn’t a way to directly communicate with other members unless you pay a monthly fee.

For a monthly membership, singles can receive extra benefits, such as sending unlimited messages and connecting to SmartPick Introductions, which matches users by using their profile information and behaviors on the app.

The membership prices for Zoosk are:

  • $29.95 for one month
  • $19.98 a month for three months ($59.95 total)
  • $12.49 a month for six months ($74.95 total)

With Zoosk, all members also have the option to purchase Zoosk coins. This virtual currency is used to purchase a boost to help you better promote your profile, buy virtual gifts for other members, and unlock more information on matches in the carousel.

The prices for Zoosk coins are:

  • $4.99 for 50 Zoosk coins
  • $19.99 for 250 Zoosk coins
  • $49.99 for 750 Zoosk coins

EliteSingles Rating: 5/10

Elite singles pricing

Signing up for EliteSingles and taking the initial personality test is free of charge, but past that point, there is a monthly fee. To start receiving matches, a membership must be purchased first.

The membership prices for EliteSingles are:

  • $37.95 a month for three months ($113.85 total)
  • $21.95 a month for six months ($131.70 total)
  • $19.95 a month for a year ($239.40 total)

However, even if you have this membership packages, there are still some additional benefits that are not included. If users want to receive up to 20 more matches each day, receive unlimited messaging, and create a more detailed profile, then they can purchase the Premium Plus program instead.

The Premium Plus prices for EliteSingles are:

  • $57.95 a month for three months ($173.85 total)
  • $44.95 a month for six months ($269.70 total)
  • $31.95 a month for a year ($383.40 total)

Winner: Zoosk

Not only is Zoosk the cheaper option, but its basic membership has access to more features. The price is more reasonable compared to other popular dating apps, and it lets you set everything up and see potential matches first before committing to a full payment.

Zoosk vs EliteSingles: Demographics

While both options are popular, their demographics are slightly different and don’t necessarily appeal to the same audience. So, who uses each of these dating apps?

Zoosk Members

zoosk members

Zoosk is known for a wide range of 40 million members, which includes users in 80 different countries. The app is also available in 25 different languages.

While anyone over the age of 18 can join, the typical age range for this app is between 25 to 34. The gender ratio is fairly even, and the app is inclusive to all orientations.

EliteSingles Members

Since this app is geared toward singles looking to find a long-term relationship, their average age for members is between 30 to 55 years old. About 80% of their users have a college degree, making it the ideal dating app for educated professionals.

There is an average 318,000 new members every month, allowing for more success. This app is also inclusive to people of all orientations.

Winner: EliteSingles

While Zoosk has a good variety for members, EliteSingles has a more specific demographic that they are trying to meet. Users signing up for EliteSingles know what they’re going to expect on the app, while Zoosk members may not be able to find exactly what they’re looking for as easily.

Zoosk vs EliteSingles: Who is Better at Being Scam-Free?

zoosk vs elitesingles: who is better at being scam-free?

Whenever you find yourself communicating with others online, there could be a potential scam risk. This is something that you need to consider when signing up for one of these dating sites.


Zoosk offers a photo verification set-up to let users know that you’re who you say you are. To complete this, you will have to record a short selfie video, then the Zoosk team will review it to confirm that the photos you posted are actually you.

Once a user is verified, there will be a verification badge on their profile to confirm that it is a real profile and not a scam. While this does not guarantee that there will be no scams on this platform, it helps narrow down your search.


Any profile updates made on EliteSingles must be approved before they will show up for your potential matches. This may take extra time, but it will help users to avoid coming across fake or unapproved profiles.

Plus, since there is a higher membership fee for this site, it is more difficult for fake accounts to be created and used regularly.

Winner: Both!

While there is always going to be a chance of scammers finding their way onto apps, both these options do a good job monitoring and preventing any potential scams that might come their way.

Zoosk vs EliteSingles: Features Comparison

For many users, choosing a dating app comes down to which features work best for them. How the app handles and what’s all included is an important part of choosing which one works best for you.

Zoosk Rating: 7/10

Zoosk has a fairly basic set-up process that generally takes only about 10 minutes to complete. Once you have created a profile, which includes photos and a 1500-word story option, you can start connecting with other users.

One way to connect with others is to use the carousel mode, which is similar to other swiping apps. You can simply click yes or no, and then move on to your next option. You can also use specific filters to help you narrow down your search.

EliteSingles Rating: 8/10

Elite singles review

EliteSingles provides a lengthy personality test with over 200 questions to sign up. It covers different unique aspects of your personality, such as your openness, extraversion, and agreeableness to make results as accurate as possible.

Instead of using the typical swiping format that most dating apps follow, EliteSingles chooses 3-7 singles for you each day based on the results of your quiz. With the Premium membership, you can use the “Have You Met…” feature to get even more matches daily.

Winner: EliteSingles

While both apps have user-friendly features that assist with the matchmaking process, EliteSingles is more unique compared to other dating apps out there. Even though the signup process is longer than usual, it allows your matches to be more personalized and ideally more successful in the end.

Zoosk vs EliteSingles: Dating Success

dating success

When selecting a dating app, what many people fail to consider is the success of these websites. So, how do these two choices compare when it comes to success?

EliteSingles is known for its high success rates with thousands of success stories each month. They even post some of these successful relationships on their website, including pictures of the couples.

Zoosk also keep a couples archive to congratulate couples that met on their app. However, they do not have an average number on their website like EliteSingles does.

Winner: EliteSingles

This is a close call because both dating apps do have their own success stories, but EliteSingles is more well known for successful relationships and they proudly display it on their website homepage.

Verdict: Which is Best?

It is hard to pick one over the other since they are for very different audiences and have a fairly similar average rating. When deciding which one is best, it boils down to what you’re really looking for.

For individuals in their twenties and early thirties that are just looking for a quick an easy way to find a date or relationship, Zoosk is the way to go. However, if you are older and looking to spend some time finding a long-term relationship, then EliteSingles is the right choice for you. Both apps are a good choice for someone interested in online dating, but they are each created for different circumstances, so which one is best is really up to the user.

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