Best Wiccan Dating Sites and Apps in 2023

Wiccan Interested in dating a Wiccan? There are a lot of misconception about modern-era witches, and they are far from the old bitties who sulk over pots all day and fly broomsticks.

Ever since the 1950s, Wicca has been considered a modernized Pagan religion, that focuses on the connection to nature and self-discovery and worship. They use chants, spells, crystals, Astrology, tarot, and organic energy to rule their lives. For Wicca, the biggest rule is that anything they put out into the world must be of positive energy. Because of this, dating a Wiccan can be a very rewarding experience! In this article, we review the best Wiccan dating sites available today.

Best Wiccan Dating Sites

Check our our top picks below:

Despite the fact that you don’t practice any dark enchantments or curse your exes, a portion of the dating pool that you’ve been out with in the past have made you truly think about it. If you’re keen to agree to accept Wiccan daters, since you realize that Wicca is continually going to be a piece of humanity and often holds some of the most pure, romantic souls in its heart, you may want to consider online dating. You need somebody who gets you spiritually and who will assist you with creating a home and organization that puts Wicca and the 13 Standards at the focal point of everything. Like magic, these amazing Wiccan dating sites and apps can help you discover, connect, and unlock your true twin flame potential with an amazing pool of unique, progressive, and spiritual daters in the Pagan and liberal scene.


Best Wiccan dating sites is

Everyone has heard of Match, the ultimate game-changer in online dating. Not only has this service paved the way and set a high standard for other sites to follow, they maintain the reputation as the most successful dating service out there. For Wiccans, connecting to a dating service with this many incredible, loyal members is key to finding your perfect match,


  • Match guarantee within 6 months
  • Biggest search filters and options out there to fine-tune your matches
  • Very in depth features and profiles
  • Large groups of all religions and beliefs
  • Verification takes some time
  • Higher rates than other big dating sites
  • No messaging options available without paying full-price


With almost 9 million active users, Match is big, but not overwhelmingly so. Since most of their members find their match and delete their account, the dating pool is constantly changing. Nearly 50% of the users are between 30-49 and claim that they prefer online dating because they meet people they never would have otherwise – like a wonder witch!


The way Match uses its features is very intelligent and proven to work like a charm. Their algorithm for matches is updating constantly, providing you with accurate matches daily. On their service, there is tons of others way to get involved, too, including:

  • The most advanced search features out there
  • Date spark is where you can match with others with your identical interests – like Wicca
  • Match words allow you to search for profiles that include a specific buzzword. Consider searching “witch dating”, “wiccan”, or “pagan” to find Wiccan daters
  • Quizzes help you fill your profile with valuable dating information about your personality
  • Interactive games you can play with members
Scam Potential

Since the membership costs on Match are a little pricey, you won’t find many scammers who are willing to pay these loyalty fees. The members on Match are all very genuine and real!

Elite Singles

Elite Singles review

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to waste time with anyone below your pay grade or education levels, Elite Singles is the site for you. Over 80% of the members hold college degrees in any industry and work and live professionally. They’re not playing around, Wiccan or not!


  • High focus on accomplishments in work and education
  • Interactive features
  • Over 20 matches a day
  • Great prices
  • Fraud detection and scam-free reliability


  • Very time-consuming profile creation
  • You must pay for unlimited messaging with other members

90% of the users on Elite Singles are 30+ and over 80% have at least a bachelor’s degree. With over 2 million members, 56% of them being female, you’re bound to find a witchy sweet match with their advanced matching tactics and long profile forms.


Elite isn’t kidding when it comes to providing the most detail than any other dating website. Their personality quizzes, matching tactics, and general design of their features are just as professional and efficient as the memberbase. Check out these features:

  • 200 questions for a personality intake quiz
  • Daily verified compatible matches delivered right to you
  • Search features allow you to filter out religions you’re unwilling to date so you can focus on Wicca
  • Ice-breaker questions are provided so you don’t have to think up your own introduction
  • Proven fraud detection system verifies IDs
  • Track your visits
Scam Potential

The Secure Fraud Detection System on their service removes and prohibits fake accounts, spam accounts, or bots from being on the site at all. You never have to deal with a scammer, to begin with!

Wiccan Personals

If you don’t trust the big name-brand apps and sites like Match or Zoosk, a smaller community of witches only could be your niche. If that’s the case, you don’t need to go further than Wiccan personals! They’re part of a community of several small, Wicca websites so your profile with them will be imported all over the internet getting you access to hundreds of Wiccans with one step.


Wiccan Personals boast of having thousands of members online through their community. They are extremely LGBTQ+ friendly with a large group of lesbians and gays online who participate in Wicca. Their goal is to create a safe, inclusive dating space to shape the future of witch dating.


For a low price starting at just $1 for 5 days, you can get access to all of Wiccan Personals features, like:

  • Send unlimited messages and flirts
  • See all full size public photos
  • Browse and watch public videos of any user
  • See full profiles and social network handles of all users
  • See who likes you and wants to meet you
  • Search users by interests, screen name and much more
  • Have your profile posted everywhere
Scam Potential

Of course, with smaller sites like this, it’s a little hard to stay safe when dating online. Follow our tips and tricks for identifying a scammer and never give out any banking information over the internet! Be aware, and don’t jump to trusting anyone too quickly.

Best Wiccan Dating App

In a world where we rely on our cell phones for everything from food delivery to transportation, it’s only natural we turn to them for romance and dating help, too. This app is the best way to connect with other witches on mobile quickly and smoothly!


Best Wiccan dating app is Zoosk

For over a decade, Zoosk has dominated the mobile dating world as #1 in app stores everywhere. It’s bigger than Match and the other Wiccan-specific websites and is very accepting of members from all sorts of religions. The witch datin pool on Zoosk is full of potential matches, and Zoosk itself is full of innovative features to help get you a better match.

  • Great prices
  • The highest rated dating app on iTunes
  • Secret formula gets you the best matches
  • Perfect for busy people
  • Combines long profiles and picture-focus for amazing in depth profiles
  • Can’t communicate with other members for free
  • Doesn’t give a match guarantee like Match
  • Less search options than full sites

Out of the 35 million member accounts registered on Zoosk, 52% of them are female. The app gets 29 million visits a month, too! When you create your account, a Wiccan can choose either “spiritual” or “other” for their religious beliefs. When you edit your search outlines to only filter those profiles, you’ll get access to the multiple thousand of Wiccan users.


Zoosk has some of the best features in any dating site or app out there, with tons of unique options available to utilize. For Wiccans, this versatility is great! As a smaller demographic, having a lot of great tools for matching is the best way to get connected to the witch of your dreams. Admirable features include:

  • SmartPick technology tracks your behavior on the app to constantly improve your match suggestions
  • Save your prior search history and filter settings
  • Design an auto-reply message to send with one tap out to members
  • Dating insights guides and assists you in getting the best experience
  • Check out who all visits your profile

Scam Potential

On Zoosk, they highly encourage you verify your picture, phone number, and social media accounts through their system. Verified accounts will be marked especially to show they are scam-free and 100% safe! This feature is extremely helpful in weeding out potential dating or romance scams for Wiccan dating. As long as you only interact with verified users, you’re safe.

Need to Know about Wiccan Dating


Dating a Wiccan doesn’t always mean you’re getting a goth girl or someone with a dark, twisty mind. These are just many of the harmful stereotypes out there about modern witches. Understanding Wicca and witches a little bit better can help you explore the incredible world of practitioners in the Wicca religion and maybe find your soulmate along the way!

Wiccan Demographics in the USA

There are more than 134,000 Wiccans in the US and growing constantly, with the practice growing in numbers as acceptance is spread. For the singles in that blend, being with somebody who shares the same love for the practice of Wicca can be a pretty big need. So today we’re presenting to you the go-to dating sites for Wiccans, where you’ll discover liberal individuals just searching for the same type of inner peace as you. New Orleans, Southern California, and many mountain cities across the US have big Wicca populations. These places often will have events, groups, clubs, stores, and even supernatural “hotspots” that drawn in people with the Wicca interest.

What Wiccans Look For In Dating

In traditional witch dating, which is a gender-neutral term for anyone who practices Wicca, looks for someone who is big on acceptance and spirituality. You’ll need an open-mind if you want to start dating a Wiccan, and having some interest in the craft is helpful. They care very much for their beliefs and laws, and will value the ability to share that with someone. Wiccans also are very attune with nature, crystal healing, and spirit connection. Be prepared for a mix of new-age meets flower child, with a bit of a mythical twist to it. Every Wiccan is different and will value aspects in a partner in varying ways, but go in with an open mind and heart, and you’ll be met warmly.

What To Consider When Dating A Wiccan

Wiccan dating isn’t much different from any other kind of dating between religions. Like Christianity or Hinduism, a Wiccan will hold true to their beliefs, faith, and ritualistic practices. The biggest thing to keep in mind when trying Wicca dating is that you need to accept their identify in the craft as apart of them. It’s not a phase, and for many witches, Wicca is one of the most important things in their life. They are very attuned to the moon, tracking the patterns and at times, even making decisions guided by nature and the cosmos. Don’t be quick to grow tired of their in-depth interest, but instead support it as a lifestyle instead of a hobby. When you date a Wiccan, you often will find yourself dating their “clan”, too. Wiccans stick together, and since rituals are best performed as a group, you’ll be seeing a lot of the witchy friends, especially on a full moon. Just embrace the quirky bunch and enjoy it!


Dating is made easy if you take advantage of the best Wiccan dating sites out there on the internet! For more general dating purposes, Match and Zoosk have massive member-bases to connect you with other practitioners, or a smaller site like Wiccan Personals can bring you even closer to your dream match. Either way, dating a Wiccan is easier than ever before, so start matching!

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