Udates Dating Site Review in 2023

Udates is a UK-based online dating app and dating site that claims to give its subscribers access to thousands of people in order to make a connection. It is one of the most popular sites in the UK for adult dating, and the number of active subscribers only keeps growing. Does it work? Is it legit? Is it a scam? In this brief but nonetheless detailed app review article, we answer all of these questions and more.

Better Alternatives to UDate

Although I hate to give a bad review to anyone, it would seem that there are a few better alternatives than UDate. Most of the reviews that we found were from unhappy customers who stated that they wish they had read reviews before signing up. There seem to be a lot of fake profiles, and almost every app review that I found for this site says that you must pay per message with the Udates current chat feature. If you opt not to use Udates after this app review, see our recommendations below and try them out. Let’s look at the good, the bad, and the ugly facts about Udates.

Udates Review: Real or Fake?

As almost any review post will show, Udates is a real site with real people, and there is a chance that you could meet an awesome match. Some reviews seem to insinuate that it also has a lot of fake people and the negative reviews show that it may not be the best choice out there, however.

As one reviewer stated, “Everyone’s profile looked like fake accounts not based in my area when I asked for a refund they refused, I don’t like the idea of buying credit to chat and then running out and in-app purchasing more it’s expensive.” (SP)

Another user stated, “This is an obvious scam. You pay for every message you send apparently by the word. They show you pictures of beautiful women. But, who in the hell knows are they the people you chat with? And, they just keep asking question after question. Never a declarative sentence. Never sharing anything about themselves. Just asking canned questions so you have to pay more.” (SP)

Fake profiles seem to be a big issue on this site, as well as a limited chat feature that does not offer unlimited chat. Instead, it seems to be a pay-per-message deal. In comparison to other online dating sites, this online dating platform did not have the best reviews. While these users were not happy with their results, millions of users find happiness online when it comes to the terms of dating sites.

Sign Up Process on Udate.com

As far as dating apps go, Udates is a pretty straightforward dating platform and will only take a few minutes to sign up for. Aside from the few long-form answers, the rest are straightforward questions that are answered by checking a box for what you most prefer or are looking for in a potential match. The short-form questions include dislikes, likes, hobbies, habits, and interests. This makes the profile as comprehensive as possible.

Signing up is perhaps the most important step when considering joining any dating site. The only challenge in signing up for this dating platform is that it requires a few long-form answers which can be cumbersome. It is your option to answer the questions. Like most dating apps, only the basics such as gender and contacts are compulsory.

While any signup process can be strenuous, you only need to do it once. The added advantage is that you create a detailed profile of yourself so that you can be matched with potentials who meet the criteria you are looking for. This is a great feature for most dating apps.

In addition to your signup information, Udates has a highly beneficial feature that will help you match-up up by tagging your profile with specific adjectives. Basically, this is a simplified and effective way of connecting you with people who suit the criteria of what you are looking for.

The adjectives can be hobbies, physical attributes, or even personality traits. If you are a paying member with a monthly subscription, you can also attach a brief video greeting along with photographs, to give your audience a better idea of who you are.

Udate Website Design

The best thing about Udate.com is that the site is extremely simple, easy to navigate, and minimalist. Yes, there are hyperlinks scattered all over the site but they are strategically located in a way that does not make the site too hard to use. Additionally, the font is also kind of awkward because there are too many icons just moving around the text. This can make the site harder to use for those who are not used to it.

That said; it is impossible not to mention just how easy it is to navigate Udate.com as compared to other similar dating sites. While there are some aesthetic issues that need to be handled, the technical part is exemplary. All the links work well and anyone who has access to the internet can use this site without any issues. Even a beginner will get the hang of it easily. Once you have used the site at least twice you will realize just how easy it is to navigate.

Udate.com Pricing

Unlike other well-established dating sites making waves in the industry, Udate.com does not specifically provide a standard pricing guide to the services that they offer. Apparently, the prices on this site are private, because they do not openly publish what they charge. Your payment is based on the length of subscriptions, promotions, and type of service that you want to get from Udate.com.

Premium memberships, monthly memberships, or monthly memberships all seem to have unknown pricing. As mentioned, lonely women or lonely men who are looking to enjoy their chat features will have to pay per chat message, in addition to the monthly premium memberships cost. 

This is a huge disadvantage and a definite red flag because most people want to know exactly what they are getting into. Not knowing the exact price is a big frustration to users and quite honestly also to the site because it reduces audience trust substantially.

Of course, you can type into the search bar and use their search engine to look for potential mates from all around the globe. This hookup app allows you to look for single locals and potential dates just like alternative sites do. You might even find real dates. Unfortunately,  it doesn’t matter how many cool features you offer if your customers feel scammed.

What are the PROS of Udate.com?

Numerous active subscribers for potential dates on this dating chat app: This website has one of the most populous active subscribers in the UK. There are many subscribers drawing from all kinds of men and women. This diversity makes it easier to be matched with exactly who you want and are looking for. There is no discrimination on this site whether you are a voluptuous man seeking a big woman or the other way around there is something here for you.

User-friendly and extremely easy to use: Udate features a simple and minimalist design that is quite easy to navigate even for a beginner. All you need is a connection to the internet. The randomly placed hyperlinks will guide you throughout the sign-up process. It has a basic dating profile that is easy to fill out.

Reliable security measures: Udate.com is currently one of the most trusted UK-based dating sites. Their thorough screening process helps to eliminate potential scammers. Essentially, the screening will help ensure that a user is a real person intending to meet and interact with other people.

Here are a few of the downsides to Udates.

You can only access functional features when you upgrade to a premium account: Like many other dating sites, you have to make a payment in order to communicate with potential matches. While this may be taxing on your side, it is a great investment if you are looking for a lasting friendship or possibly a long-term commitment.

Udate.com attracts many scammers and insincere people: Like any other dating site, there are many people who are genuinely looking for a serious relationship, sincere friendship, or long-term commitment. However, there are Unscrupulous people who are simply looking to scam people and take advantage of people genuinely looking for love or just time with someone.

  • You must pay for every message that you send.
  • There are a lot of fake profiles and fake people. 

While you may think that you are talking to attractive women or beautiful women, it is possible that you are simply chatting with someone who is meant to keep you tossing more coins into the Udates account.

You Should Know Before Signing Up:

  • Close to 65% of the active subscribers in this movie are men who are looking for love, fun, or a chance at long-term commitment. It is all about creating an elaborate profile that attracts a person with similar interests to yours.
  • There are restrictions, anyone can sign up whether they reside in the UK or not. It is open to everyone. It is just based in the United Kingdom and not restricted to persons outside the UK.

Messaging and Members

Aside from the website being quite easy to navigate, the messaging system is also extremely easy to use. It is not any different from other dating sites. When it comes to membership it is absolutely free however to send messages and communicate with potential matches you must make a payment.

Premium account members are able to have their messages translated into the native tongue of the person they are trying to communicate with. Users are able to report any inappropriate behavior, block other members, as well as show interest in who they want to potentially talk to.

Informing someone you are interested in them is as simple as clicking a specific button that alerts suitor you are into them. Free trial members are only able to message users with premium accounts. Free trial members cannot message other free trial members.


Is Udates suitable for serious relationships or casual dating?

Udates caters to users seeking both serious relationships and casual dating experiences. The platform’s diverse user base ensures that individuals with different dating goals can find like-minded matches.

Can I use Udates on my smartphone?

Absolutely! Udates is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring that you can connect with potential matches on the go.

What makes Udates different from other dating platforms?

Udates stands out due to its user-friendly interface, advanced matchmaking algorithm, and innovative features such as video chats, making the online dating experience more enjoyable and fruitful.

Is my personal information safe on Udates?

Yes, Udates employs top-notch security measures to protect user data and provides options to control who can view your profile.

Final Verdict

Udate.com is possibly a great dating site if you are looking to make a connection, whether it is for love, friendship, a casual fling, or a long-term commitment. At this time it has established legitimacy as one of the most popular UK-based dating sites, but it is important to be aware that there may be fake people on the site who are simply trying to persuade you to spend more money for messages.

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