MetroDate Review in 2019

Are you planning to go to a different city for business or pleasure? Is this the reason why you’re at this MetroDate review? Then the information below will surely help you out if you can indeed rely on this online dating app.

MetroDate ReviewTraveling alone can be fun yet challenging at the same time. Fun because you get to explore the city at the comfort of your own time. You can also do this right after your business meetings if you’re traveling because of business purposes. Challenging as well, especially if you are going to do this alone. You need to rely on your own when it comes to going around the city and rely on the internet when checking out the best that the city has to offer. 

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MetroDate Review

Fortunately, online dating sites are here to provide you with a companion or even a date in just a quick span of time. One of this online dating sites is MetroDate, and we’re going to talk about this below.

What Is MetroDate

MetroDate is one of the growing online dating site, which is also known as a social media site. There are a lot of activity groups for different towns and major cities. Users and as well as members are running these groups. The members can start searching for any upcoming nightspots and events in the area that they are in. You can register and join the site for free, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Joining the site will entitle you to use specific features, like chatting and sending messages to other members. 

What MetroDate Has To Offer

MetroDate is user-friendly, wherein they are offering their services in thirteen different languages all over the world. There are also various tools, and the majority are actually on the technology’s cutting edge. Your profile will be supplemented by voice recordings, video messages, and photo gallery. 

Now, if you want your profile to always appear on the top search, then it would be best to include voice recording in your profile. You can also upload photos and videos, but if these are adult material, they should be put into the Adult Category. 

Lastly, the forums and the groups on MetroDate are perfectly organized to larger urban areas and cities. You don’t have to worry if you are new in the area because MetroDate has city guides that will help you get to know the area. You will also know travel opportunities, local restaurants, and events in the area that you are in.

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Features On MetroDate

Profile Lookup

MetroDate has a lot of advanced search options, which will let you look for members that will match your preferences. You can choose depending on physical appearance, location, age, and whether they want to have children or not. Of course, you can also determine their level of education and their religion.

Another good thing about the profile lookup is that you can also filter the kind of relationship that you want to have. You can choose to select just an intimate encounter, or you can also select the severe relationship one. Of course, there are also requests for romantic encounters, illicit affairs, and long-term relationships. Just make sure to use extra precaution when choosing the kind of relationship that you want to have. 

Compatibility Quiz

If you want other members to know your preferences, then you might want to take a compatibility quiz. Once you answer this, it will be displayed on your profile. You can also see the result for others, which will help you know if you are compatible with them are not. Also, having this will help keep your profile on top of the result page.

Searching and Profile

MetroDate ReviewMetroDate will let you browse through the other members’ profile even before you start completing yours. I’ve noticed that some of the profiles were not filled with details, which can be a little frustrating. Majority of the section where you can write one-liners do not have information that is useful. The site does not say if the profiles are being monitored, but with how the profiles look, I don’t think that they are.


With all these being said, you can try out MetroDate if you want someone to travel with you in the city. If you want a companion or an intimate encounter, then MetroDate is the one for you. But if you want a serious relationship, then I think you’re better off somewhere else. There are a lot of online dating sites today, and you can find a serious and long-term relationship there in no time. 

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