Match vs OKCupid: 2023 Dating App Comparison Guide

match vs okcupid

Which is best between Match vs OKCupid? Let’s find out. Online dating is at its peak! Marriages and relationships are starting left and right all over the country, ad you probably know a few friends who have gone on dates with online matches. From Match to OkCupid and every site in between, the dating pool on the internet is truly endless.

How do you know where to search for your chance at companionship? Do these sites really work? Is it safe or will you be scammed? These questions will all be answered in this dating app guide that takes a close look at Match vs OkCupid!

Match vs OkCupid: Overall Review

Though both online dating apps, Match and OkCupid couldn’t be more different. The only definite similarity is their presence online and the hopeful end goal – meeting your special someone (or several)!

What makes each app different and special in it’s own right, and which should you choose to download on your cell? Those questions will be answered, so read on.

Match Rating: 7/10

Match is a very traditional dating site. It’s the oldest and has the highest reputation for success among the industry, but it’s not big on changing their tried ‘n true formula for matching and interaction. You can explore locals around you, read their profiles, and message – there it is, that’s the whole package!

With tons of loyal members and active users, you’ll find someone for sure on Match, but it’s pretty basic when compared to some of the cutting edge apps out there.

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OkCupid Rating: 8/10

OKCupid review

Everything about OkCupid is trendy and modern, with new fun gadgets and fun features that put the fun back into online dating. It’s not exactly traditional, though it is a swipe-style dating app. On the app, everything is focused on you and what makes you unique.

Nothing is uniform and it’s the most inclusive app and caters to a liberal, younger crowd. A lot of online daters are under 30 anyway, which is why OkCupid has experienced so much success in it’s long run.

Winner: OkCupid

Obviously Match knows what it’s doing, but OkCupid knows how to keep up with the times! It’s a close-call between the two, but in the modern society, we’re taught to value acceptance and inclusivity as well as progressive thinking.

The exception here is for older daters wanting to just enjoy the simple basics. If that fits your bill, try out Match instead. It has an older demographic and easier to navigate pages and matching without the whistles and bells like OkCupid boasts of.

Match vs OkCupid: Pricing

The biggest differences between these two dating apps is their pricing. While one is entirely free, the other will need you to buy a membership to get access to their full features., being as reputable and successful as they are, comes at an affordable price.

OkCupid, on the other hand, gives you 90% of their service for free, including messaging and profile searches. Some additional extras will cost money and you can choose for a membership, but it’s not required like Match.

Let’s take a peek at what effect these apps will have on your wallet.

Match Rating: 6/10

So, membership does require some payment. You can make a free account on Match to view potential profiles and experience the basics of the website, but in order to actually communicate with your favorite singles on there, it’ll cost something.

On the bright side, their membership plans are very affordable! You can get access to Match for less than a dinner out would cost you and a date, which is your end goal, right? Here are the different payment options available for a Match membership:

  • $31.99 gets you 3 full months of service
  • $26.65 gets you 6 months, plus the promise of 6 more months for free if you don’t find a match within your first term! That could be up to 12 months for less than $3 a month.
  • $23.99 gets you a full year of unlimited access to

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OkCupid Rating: 9/10

Basically – it’s free. Who can beat that, right? You can swipe on members, message them, send likes, and utilize a lot of the social media aspects on OkCupid for $0, which is incredible! Most apps require payment for this many features, but not OkCupid. Although, for dedicated users, they have two membership options available. Each unlocks special features that enhance your dating experience with them, like seeing who liked you and visited your profile. Check them out!

  • A-List membership is $9.95 for one month and $6.65 a month for a 6-month term.
  • The A-List Premium has even more great features for $24.09 a month or $19.90 monthly for a full 6-month subscription.

Winner: OkCupid

OkCupid pricing

Since free is always better, OkCupid takes the cake for this round. It’s hard to beat anything that you can use without breaking the bank for, but since Match has a lot more on their site and several years of experience, it’s understandable they require some membership subscription.

Neither apps are too expensive, so at the end of this article, make a choice on who to register with and work the price into your budget.

Match vs OkCupid: Demographics

The most important thing to consider when choosing a dating app is who uses it. Besides you, what profiles will you encounter? Does it have enough members to keep you busy? Let’s consider the differences in the demographics between Match and OkCupid, which is pretty big.

Match Members

Believe it or not, but over 30 million of the 42 million members on Match use the site regularly. That’s nearly all of the registered accounts, which accounts for both paid and free, being active daily. You’ll get plenty of chatting time with this amount of loyalty.

Members can come from 25 countries and speak tons of languages, so the cultural diversity is extensive. Plus, you’ll get a great range of ages, experiences, and backgrounds. Almost half of the users are between 30-49, so the website caters to this demographic mostly. Most of them are college educated, and several report having kids already.

This service has a membership of mostly mature adults, well into their lives and career. It’s been a major contender in the paid dating game, so their members reflect this with their personal success outside of the platform.

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OkCupid Members

Ever since their humble beginning in 2004, OkCupid has acquired over 50 million users to date. That is a lot of members! With 1 million installs a week and about 5 million active users daily, there is plenty of users online to match with and meet.

Thanks to the multiple options for gender identity and sexual orientation, you get a very diverse group of users on OkCupid. Like previously mentioned, most users are under the age of 30, and very liberal. Extensive questionnaires show that the majority of the members are LGBTQ+ identifying, or accepting, and their gender identities range.

Winner: Pretty Close!

Both apps have very different members, so it’s really hard to pinpoint exactly wins the round. If you’re 30+, try Match. If you’re younger or more liberal in your political leaning, give OkCupid a chance. Since both attract opposite groups of people, it seems unfair to assign one as superior.

OkCupid vs Match: Who is better at being Scam-Free? vs OKCupid review

Anytime you put yourself out there online, you run a risk of experiencing a scam. These come in different forms, but usually always end up costing you time and money – and lots of heartache. Can you avoid this entirely on OkCupid and Match?

The answer is 99% yes! With the paid membership Match requires, it’s hard for bots and scammers to get past that, so everyone you interact with has genuine intentions.

As for OkCupid, they verify accounts and monitor user behavior closely, and will flag and remove accounts which violate standard activity rules. Plus, fake accounts are easy to spot, since the registration process for OkCupid is so intensive.

Winner: Both!

Both sites are great at eliminating the chance for scams, spam, and bots. Every blue moon, something may fall through the cracks, but such is life. With either of these sites, you’re set up safely and protected from the fear of being scammed.

OkCupid vs Match: Features Comparison

Once again, we’re met with very different approaches across both systems. As you may have gathered, Match keeps things pretty lowkey, but efficient. OkCupid has several new ideas that contribute a very fun and successful aspect to the online dating experience. Which one does it better?

OkCupid Rating: 7/10

OKCupid review

Talk about a progressive app! OkCupid takes everything a dating site has and improves and grows on it, making this experience massive. OkCupid has tones of interaction options, but their biggest claim to fame is the giant questionnaire that is available.

This quiz allows you to answers several questions in sex, dating, politics, psychology, and other categories. You can also determine how important your match’s answer is, so you won’t have to deal with majorly conflicting views. This quiz also helps calculate compatibility scores, both partner and enemy.

That isn’t all!

  • Easy profile creation – just answer questions
  • Swipe-style matching
  • Social media interactive elements
  • Only receive messages from your matches
  • Advanced search filters
  • Double-take offers a deeper look into potential matches

Match Rating: 8/10

This platform will deliver about 5 matches to you individually every day, curated with their matching technology and selected based on your behavior with previous matches. You can also browse profiles on their grid-list, as well, if you don’t like what the tool provides automatically.

Some of the other features found on include:

  • See when someone reads your message in real time
  • Email and text alerts when you get a match
  • Advanced search filters including match words, interest compatibility, and much more
  • Favorites lists
  • Filter your messages
  • 7 games to break the ice with other members
  • 6-month Match Guarantee

Winner: Match

Not everyone likes answering dozens of personal questions about themselves, and that’s the biggest selling point for OkCupid. Match keeps things a little more bare-boned, but it’s classic and proven, so they’re inclined to get a bigger audience who appreciates the simple things in life.

OkCupid has features that are great for anyone who doesn’t mind over-sharing, and they have the swipe-style dating feature that puts members on a carousel that is quick and easy, so it definitely shouldn’t be counted out just yet.

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Match vs OkCupid: Dating Success vs okcupid dating success

It’s been proven that Match has more successful dates, relationships, marriages, and children born from their service than any other out there. That’s a pretty reassuring promise, huh? Match has been known as a sure-fire way to connect with your perfect match, but OkCupid has tons of successful stories, as well.

While Match may have more success stories, which can be found everywhere, OkCupid has a really great way of bringing a smaller, like-minded individuals together on a safe, inclusive platform.

Winner: Match

You can’t beat the numbers! Match has an amazing reputation for successful dates, with over 500,000 relationships having been started on their platform. Of course, this doesn’t mean OkCupid isn’t worth a genuine shot!

Verdict: Which is Best?

Honestly…it’s really almost an even tie. Match and OkCupid brings together entirely different groups of people with different backgrounds and personalities. Match has the experience and the numbers to be worth the membership, and OkCupid has the modern feel and new technology to really find success.

If you’re looking for a definite answer, you’ll have to look within yourself! This guide helped you understand the mechanics of each site, and now it’s up to you to decide where your heart belongs! Personally, OkCupid is the spot for me.

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