LoveAwake Review in 2023: Is LoveAwake Legit?

Have you heard of LoveAwake? Is that the reason why you’re about to read this LoveAwake review? Well then, you’re at the right place, so continue reading below and get to know the LoveAwake dating app.

LoveAwake Review

Online dating is quite common nowadays, but there are still some who are secreting this part of their lives. But you shouldn’t be ashamed of this because joining dating sites is already familiar. The reason behind this is because of the busy lifestyles that people have today. They no longer have the luxury of time to look for that someone. Fortunately, with today’s technology, everything is now more accessible, including finding a date. One of the online dating sites where people can find a date is at LoveAwake. But is this a good site? Get to know by reading the information provided below.

Better Alternatives to LoveAwake

There are more modern and improved alternative dating sites to LoveAwake. These other recommended sites have large member base, improved state-of-the-art features, and methods to be protected against scammers. See our highly-recommended sites below:

LoveAwake Review

LoveAwake is a somewhat new online dating site, wherein everyone van registered for free. Thousands of single men and women have registered to look for a date or someone they can be within different parts of the world. Upon going to LoveAwake, you will notice that threes a map guide available to help you choose the right country where you want your date to come from. LoveAwake will give you all the necessary information to ensure that you will get the right match for you.

If you are a registered member, then you can easily access all the profiles on the website. One of the best things about LoveAwake is that it will let you obtain contact information of members so you can strike up a conversation with them. 

Webpage of LoveAwake

As you go through the site, you won’t expect vibrant colors, catchy headlines, or alluring images. Typically, the majority of online dating sites have vibrant colors and pictures of beautiful women. But with LoveAwake, there are none of these. This means that their webpage is somewhat dull.

Restrictions When It Comes To Dating

LoveAwake is trying to spread all over the world, but they are still in the process of spreading the word about themselves. They may have a map guide, but some continents are not even included. For instance, if you check the African continent, you will notice that they are not complete. Also, the majority of the members are from America, which is wrong. Since this online dating site operates globally according to them. 

LoveAwake Review

It would be best that LoveAwake should keep up with their words. Since they are claiming that they are operating globally, it would be nice to have different options. Maybe the site is still in the process of putting the word out on their website. Hopefully, they’d be able to become globalized so that more members will have options.


With all these being said since LoveAwake is a free site, then you may want to try it out. You can check whether you can find a date or not. Maybe we can all check back in after a few months if LoveAwake has indeed made it globally. 

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Written by Chelsea King

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