Top 9 Best Gay Hookup Sites in 2023

You no longer have to visit questionable bars or beat around the bush with a cute potential love interest to get yourself a date. With gay hookup sites now being a norm, you can find like-minded people from the comfort of your own home. We had no doubts that the gay population will catch up with the trend, and now finding a partner is easier than ever.

best gay hookup sites reviewed

No matter if you’re looking a one night stand or an exclusive relationship, it’s a click away with the number of apps available. It may not be the preferred way of the romantic souls out there, but convenience is guaranteed. The choice of apps is growing, though, and you may worry that the one you choose is a scam or just useless.

That is why today we bring you a complete guide on free gay hookup site apps. Read on for instant improvement of your love life without a hassle.

Best Gay Hookup Sites: Top 9 Sites Reviewed

With the growing popularity of gay-only dating sites, it may seem there’s too many to keep track of. This review is here to ensure you don’t settle for anything less than excellent.

We will look into the service each site offers, mentioning both the benefits and the drawbacks. Also, we will include information on target demographics and popularity. That way, you can decide based on your dating pool desires. Finally, we will talk about the chances of getting scammed when using them. There are no guarantees, but past experiences and security protocols of the sites say a lot.

Now, let’s jump into it.


Grindr is one of the best gay hookup sites on the web today

This dating app is one of the most famous for gay people, and for a good reason. It welcomes trans, gay, and bi men, meaning you can join in and find a pair almost certainly. It’s a geo-targeting app which uses your location, as well as your preferences, to match you with others. That means that the first people offered to you will be those nearby.

Keep in mind that people who come to this app tend not to be interested in dating. Famous for providing one-night-stands, Grindr is best known as a hookup app.

The positives: If you’re looking for a no-strings-attached relationship, this simple, efficient app will be ideal for you. After a straightforward login, the choices are never-ending. Log in, scroll, and wait for the pick-up lines to start flooding in. Grindr also provides an excellent selection of filters, allowing you to pick the type of man from your dreams. You can also choose based on how ready they are to meet you.

The negatives: Of course, sex can lead to relationships. However, when you use this app, people are likely to suppose you’re looking to hook up. Another thing to be cautious about is the geo-targeting feature. If you’re closeted, or ashamed of using it for some other reason, remember that everyone in your radius will be able to see you.

The demographics: Owing to the popularity of this app, there is no set demographics of people who use it. With over 6 million active users, you can find a mixed bag of people here. Their filters ensure that this feature is positive, though.

Scam-meter: Unfortunately, getting catfished on Grindr could happen. The app is free and easy to sign up to, making it a perfect spot for lurkers.


Adam4Adam dating app

This website is one of the pioneers in gay online dating. To this day, it keeps providing service to a vast number of members. Being one of the rare sites which offer all options without a fee, it earns money by advertising pornography, selling toys and providing live cam shows. It also allows you to buy toys and similar products within site.

Any gay man can join, and this app boasts being the most ethnically diverse dating site on the Web. Most of the members are very active in this vivid community. As a rule, they look for more casual types of relationships.

The positives: You will find great diversity in this free, foolproof app. The large diversity of people using it is easily managed with the help of their comprehensive filters. Be as specific or as general as you want, there will be a person there for you. The extra perks and options of the site make it a one-stop-shop for all your romantic and sexual encounters.

The negatives: The number and length of conversations you can lead at a time is limited. Also, you will most likely be restricted to using it from a desktop – an app exists, but the design and features are not great.

The demographics: Over 50% of the users are non-white, and a multitude of nationalities is available. A lot of the users are 55+ years of age, but younger users (25-55) are also plentiful.

Scam-meter: The chances of scams are a bit lower than in Grindr case, for the log in is a bit more comprehensive and asks for more personal information. It exists either way, as it does with every zero cost service.


Scruff dating app

This app was initially meant for beard-lovers to find their match. Since then, it has grown and now provides service for over 12 million users worldwide. Safe and reliable, it allows gay, bi, and trans guys to join and connect. Whether you’re looking for sex, dating, or making friends, Scruff has you covered. It is a bit more modest than the previous two we talked about, as it banned underwear photos. It may sound disappointing, but it was a way for it to stay available for free on Google Play Store and Apple Shop.

It features 12 communities, and you use filters to find the man of your dreams within them. They provide a beautiful chat interface, and both matching and chatting are entirely free.

The positives: The system is straightforward, making the matching extremely simple. Plus, if you aren’t sure if you like what you see, you can postpone the decision until the following day. Moreover, Scruff comes with a traveling app. It delivers both general information and finding companions on the way. To become the ideal wingman, Scruff even organizes meets and events.

The negatives: Their app tends to crash often, and logging in is comprehensive – if you’re a casual visitor, you might find it bothersome. Also, we understand they need funding, but the pop-up ads appear too often.

Demographics: With over 12 million users and 12 distinct categories, it’s hard to tell. The best way to put it is – the demographics are whatever you want it to be.

Scam-meter: There’s not a lot of chance for you to get catfished or scammed using Scruff. The app boasts being 100% safe, and the login process will make you believe them.


Gaydar dating app

No matter if you’re gay, bi, or even curious – Gaydar is there for you. It allows you to immerse yourself in a growing, vibrant community and see if you like it. It caters for both open and discreet types of people, making your profile as private as you want it to be. On Gaydar, you can find a casual hookup, a friend or a new partner.

Available in the browser and as an app alike, the site brings unlimited 1-on-1 messaging and location-based chat rooms. Another remarkable feature is the HIV status which they demand reported, to practice complete safety.

The positives: Gaydar offers detailed descriptions of every user, letting you know about a person before you meet them. The population is large, but it’s still safe. You have full control of what you want to be shown on your profile. We are sure you will find it comfortable, with its exceptional design and lack of ads other apps tend to have.

The negatives: Their chat room takes a lot of time to load, which is a bother, especially in the era of lightning-fast instant messages.

Demographics: Gaydar introduces you to a wide range of people, but not as many as the previous ones. As a result, you get a more personal feeling of the site.

Scam-meter: The chances of being scammed or catfished are almost non-existent. The site promises to ban everyone they notice is not who they claim to be.

LUCKY Review

Lucky anonymous hookup app

If you’re looking for a completely anonymous app which is all about action, Lucky is the one for you. Once you match with someone, there’s no chatting, and you have three hours to set a date. This is the ideal app for guys looking to find some fun. It doesn’t ask you to connect your profile to other social media apps. If you’re still in the closet, you will feel entirely relaxed using this app.

The positives: The complete anonymity will make you relaxed and open for casual encounters. Any type of sex you can imagine is available. It’s hedonist heaven as well as a safe haven for the insecure ones. Lucky is a significant first step towards going into the real world to find a partner.

The negatives: Again, the complete anonymity, because it implies a lack of safety. You have no guarantee about who you’re meeting. It is obviously not a romantic app (unless you really hit it off), but be sure to stay safe.

Demographics: It is hard to determine due to the nature of the app, but it uses geo-targeting to connect you to your next date.  This means the people you meet will be from your close environment.

Scam-meter: As you can see, Lucky doesn’t offer safety guarantees. However, catfishing doesn’t seem likely in an app where people look for the same thing you are

TAIMI Review

Taimi hookup app

Taimi is more than a dating app; it’s a gay social network as well. Not what you would typically expect, but the brave step ended up creating an excellent product. You can be 100% yourself on Taimi, let people get to know you, build friendships and enter relationships.

Layers of verification required before you register work to create a comfortable and safe environment for the users. You can alter your profile however you see fit. There exist a video chat option and a multitude of chat rooms. You can meet friends of friends, and talk almost in person to people you match with.

The positives: The interface allows you to post on, change and regulate your profile. Chat boxes and video options make Taimi seem no different than any other social network. It’s super safe, and an ideal choice for those feeling lonely. The app brings you into a world of people similar to you, and lets you feel more at peace with yourself.

The negatives: The app can be slow sometimes, and even crash if you’re unlucky. Also, you will have to own an Apple device to use it.

Demographics: Here you will find seasoned gays deep in the community. Most people are out of the closet and interested in interacting. Taimi is famous and has a lot of visits daily.

Scam-meter: You are as safe as you can be using this service. It’s more than a hookup app, so even if a fake profile passes the verification, it will be visible.



Growlr was designed to match bears (older, bearded gay men) with bear lovers. It lets you explore this kink to its full potential. The filters go in great detail, ensuring you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Since the app is growing in popularity, using it means you can chat with a bear from across the world, or meet one who happens to be living next door.

Besides, Growlr is simple to use and lets you create a personalized profile. Thanks to this, you don’t need to pick on looks only, and the messages you receive will base on how you present yourself.

The positives: This app is the most popular for this category, and getting in touch with your match is easy. Both texting and video chat are well-designed and completely free. Additionally, Growlr organizes meets and gives information on local bars where you can find people like you. It makes interest-based socialization easy.

The negatives: The app is limited to Apple users, and it tends to crash often. Plus, statistics on the website shows that bears usually look for casual hookups instead of long-term relationships. Keep this in mind, so you don’t get your heart broken.

Demographics: Numerous bears and bear chasers from all over the world love and use this app.

Scam-meter: You should be cautious. The app doesn’t regulate the profiles created, and it’s free – anyone can join.



SilverDaddies made a spot for silver foxes (older, gray-haired gay men) and those who pursue them. As such, it is the best place for people who are into this. The site is designed to be clear and straightforward, but the rotating gallery of pictures offers a lot to see.

For generations who spent their entire adolescence using the Internet, it seems even too simple. It makes sense, though, as it’s made for older gentlemen. They may not be ready to use a complex website, and SilverDaddies aims to attract them to create a large user base.

The positives: This is the best place to pursue this kink. Older men are less likely to join more traditional dating websites, so SilverDaddies made a spot to cater to them. The simplicity and easy-to-access options for communication suit many different groups of people.

The negatives: Be careful, if you access the website while you’re at work. There are pornographic pictures of men even on the front page. Understandably so, as they need funding, but we feel they could have been a bit more discreet.

Demographics: The population is vast but kink-based. The silver foxes and boys you can find here are in the highest percentage from the US and Canada.

Scam-meter: The site’s registration process is free and straightforward. Thus, it offers very little protection against scams.



If you want to understand Hornet, think Grindr, but worldwide. It is a casual flirting app allowing you to meet men from across the globe. Instead of focusing on a niche population, it invites everyone to join. You can be gay, bi, trans, or just curious – log in and enjoy.

The app allows you to post and follow other users. There are even hashtags. You will be notified about the activities of people you follow – like gay hookup Instagram. The straightforward design looks minimalist and beautiful. Plus, Hornet gives information about the HIV status of your matches – could it get any better?

The positives: Besides the already mentioned, there’s an extra perk. Hornet allows you to play matchmaker and recommend a profile to a friend. Also, the social network style of this app is excellent for making connections, without seeming as personal and serious as Taimi.

The negatives: Should you have a question, we are afraid you will have to figure out the answer by yourself. Their customer support is weak. It does feature a FAQ section, but what they covered is only the very basics.

Demographics: You will find plenty of people here, belonging to various populations. Hornet is proud to be the most multicultural gay dating app in existence.

Scam-meter: No safety guarantees exist on Hornet. Yet, the profiles are detailed, and you don’t need to pay for anything, so with a little caution, you will be fine.

Dating is Hell Sometimes

Dating can be complicated and messy. It holds true even for straight people with most ordinary preferences. If you’re gay, and especially if your taste is outside the box, things are that much more difficult.

In some cases, you may feel the need to settle. All the more so if you live in a small, closed environment. The limited choices make you think that you should just take what comes first. You shouldn’t do that. Instead, try to cast the net further. A hookup app helps you do that. If you decide to stay positive and not too uptight about your possibilities, chances are you will find happiness with more ease than you expected.

Another problem that you could have faced is fetishizing. Kinks are one thing and no doubt they are lovely. Regarding people as stereotypes or checklists is not. Remember that you are a person and never settle for people who see you as less. It’s not worth it.

Even if you use dating apps, you may come across some difficulties. People tend to be judged in this case, as people think they are looking for sex only. Reality check: they are there for the same reason you are, and we are all adults. Live and let live.

What About Scams and Catfishing?

Scams and catfishing in gay hookup apps

Wherever you may go on the Internet, chances are somebody will try to scam you. On dating websites, you can expect both being asked for money and people catfishing you for countless reasons. Both of these scams tend to target older people and those who lead more private lives.

No website, no matter how big or small, can guarantee safety. It’s up to you to keep yourself secure as you venture in the online dating world. When it comes to money scams, it’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t share your payment info online. Plus, all the sites we will offer have free versions, and select options aren’t that much better. Your money will be safe with them.

Catfishing is a whole different issue. There are common red flags to look out for. For instance, don’t match with people with few images and no bio on their profile. If you do match, ask for personal information and look for inconsistencies. Continue chatting in the dating app for at least some time. Finally, ask for a video chat, in particular, if the website you use offers it. The only way to know for sure is to see the person with your own eyes.

Scam Issues You Will Come Across on Gay Hookup Sites

The extent of choices will be exciting, especially at first. You shouldn’t let yourself get carried away, though. Stay cautious about making your experience that much better. With gay hookup sites, these three things are what you should avoid:

Profiles without bios. Either this is a catfisher, or a person looking to hook up only. Even if the second option is real, you will want someone who put at least a bit of effort into finding a partner – looks do not account for everything.

– ‘Straight-acting‘. Gay men who want to act straight exist, and while that is their choice, it’s not the best dating option. It usually implies that a person is not okay with who they are. They probably won’t be okay with who you are, either.

New singles. This may be okay in case you’re not looking for anything serious with strings attached. Yet, if your new match still lives with an ex, it’s a huge red flag. Run away from the drama.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the gay hookup sites available online. We tested and researched, trying to find something to work for everyone. Besides, keep in mind that you can also use traditional dating apps such as Tinder and OkCupid. Choose depending on what you’re looking for and remember that love can be born even out of a casual fling – if that is what you and your partner want. Either way, be sure to practice safety, and have some fun!

Written by Jibin K

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