Free Indian Dating Sites Without Payment in 2019

Are you looking for free Indian dating sites without payment? Do you want to date Indian women because of how lovely and gorgeous they are? Then continue reading the information that I have provided just for you below.

In to day’s day and age, there are a lot of dating sites for different categories. There are some categories that focus on sexuality, while there are also some that cater based on the race. One of the popular category of online dating sites today is an Indian dating site. The reason differs per person, but one of the main reason is that Indian women are gorgeous. 

So if you are looking for top Indian dating sites without payment, then the information below will surely help you.

Free Indian Dating Sites Without Payment Reviews

Match is the best for dating in IndiaMatch is an online dating site that’s not meant only for westerners, but as well as for Indian singles. Joining Match is free, and you can actually find a match in no time. The site is equipped with filter options, wherein you will be allowed to search via religion, ethnicity, and location. Currently, Match has more than 30 million members, and they have 14 million visitors every month. 


DesiKiss reviewFounded in the year 2002, DesiKiss is one of the free Indian dating sites without payment. The site provides an in-depth questionnaire to its members to ensure that everyone will be able to find their perfect match. The questions range from lifestyles, hobbies, education, and so on. Typically, the questionnaire is optional, but if you want the site to provide you with matches, then answering this would be best. 


IndianDating reviewIndianDating is not only a dating site, but it is also a site where people can find someone to marry. The site is packed with members who are looking for a commitment and not just a date. One of the best things about IndianDating is that they are free, so you can sign up and use all the features almost immediately. If you are looking for a person to date and get to know and eventually marry, then IndianDating is the one for you. 

IndiaMatch Another great and free Indian dating site is IndiaMatch, which is part of the family of People Media. People Media is one of the leading websites when it comes to dating sites today. IndiaMatch’s goal is simple, and that is by helping millions of their members find their perfect match. They want to connect their lives and create meaningful relationships. What’s good about IndiaMatch is that they are free so you no longer have to think twice about signing up. 


GetClose is another Indian dating site that offers free membership for people who are looking for their perfect match. Their motto is:”The Premier Dating App For Lovely People” and they focus on Indian singles to find a match. Majority of its members are from Punjab, Delhi, and Assam. But of course, whether you are from those cities, or not, you can freely join 

These are the top 5 free Indian dating site where you can sign up to. But once you sign up, what’s the next step? Well, I’ve decided to give you a few tips to ensure that your Indian dating experience will become a success.

Indian Dating Tips That You Should Know About

Whether you are an Indian looking for Indian women to date and marry, or someone with a different race, familiarizing yourself with the tips below will surely make your date with an Indian success.

Family & Tradition

One of the things that you should know about is that Indian women in particular value their family and traditions. They love celebration family events, and they need to be on every social occasion if needed. If you want to get her attention, showing respect and enthusiasm with their family and traditions will surely do the trick. 

Expectations & Roles

Arranged marriage is quite popular in India, and in this situation, the man is usually expected to rule the relationship. But with women’s who are progressive and don’t see the need to be in an arranged marriage, it may be different. Indian women love to be in control when it comes to a relationship. Both of you can have control and talking about it would be best. Mutual respect is essential for every relationship to work. 


Indian women value their virginities, and you should be patient with that. The best thing that you can do is to talk about any sexual expectations and boundaries early on. Now, if you think that sex is essential to you, let her know that. Both of you may not be compatible when it comes to sex, so the two of you better think things, and if you want to pursue having a relationship with each other. 

Be Clear Of Your Intentions

Before getting into a relationship or even going on a date with an Indian woman you found in one of the Indian dating sites, it would be best to be clear of your intentions. This will help you know whether she is also up for it or not. If you are online and is just looking for casual encounters, then being honest about it would be best. If you are looking for a serious relationship, let her know as well. 


Lastly, since you have started to communicate online, make sure to keep the communication flowing. The problem with today’s generation is that communication no longer seems so important. But the truth is, it is still, and with the number of communication tools that we have today, that’s very easy to do. So always make sure to communicate well but of course, don’t overdo it.


With all that being said and with the top 5 Indian dating sites without payment, you surely have to figure out which site to sign up to. Just make sure to follow the tips above so your Indian dating experience will be a success.

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