Are There Any Free Dating Sites Without Email Address Requirements?

Online dating is becoming the norm today only because of how convenient it is to find someone to date online. People no longer have to dress up just to get to know that girl that you’ve been eyeing. You’re not even required to go outside and mingle, only so you can find someone that you can date. The reason behind this is because you can do all these by joining online dating sites today.

With the many online dating sites today, people prefer joining free dating sites simply because they want to try it out first before spending any amount of money. But besides finding free sites, a lot of people are also looking for online dating sites that won’t require them to key in their email address.

Are There Sites That Don’t Require An Email Address To Sign Up?

Email address is one of the personal information that a person has. Also, some people only have an email address that they use for work and one that they use for family and friends. This may just be one of the reasons why people are always asking if there are any free dating sites without an email address. 

Now, to answer your question, unfortunately, there are no available free dating sites that don’t require an email address. The reason behind this is because websites are using your email address to help verify that you’re someone who you say you are. Plus, this will help protect you and other members against scammers who are just joining the site to look for someone that they can victimize. 

All these simply means that online dating sites, free or paid one’s purpose is to verify your account so the site can get rid of scammers or fake profiles. This is for you and the other members’ own good, so don’t worry about them asking for your email.

Alternative Ideas To Protect Your Email Address

Now, if you really don’t want your email address to get associated with any online dating sites, then it would be best to create an email address that is catered for dating sites. In this way, you don’t have to worry about your family and friends finding out that you’re in dating sites. Also, you no longer have to worry about your personal emails mixing with online dating sites notifications. 

So don’t let that chance of finding that new friend or new love just because you’re hesitant about giving your email address. 

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