Free Dating Sites in Germany Without Payment in 2019

Free Dating Sites in Germany

German online dating sites are heeding the famous words of The Beatles “…money can’t buy me love”. Now, members of these extraordinarily popular apps and websites can find their soulmates free of charge.

What do these sites provide and do they deserve a look? Our research indicates that many of these free dating sites in Germany without payment requirements are very much worth a try. We chose the sites best positioned to deliver their promise of finding a life long partner or a one-night stand, hookup, or whatever the German free-user wants.

What about being scammed?” we hear you say. Might you find that perfect partner only to discover that it’s going to cost you real money to actually communicate with him or her? And what about this “perfect partner” anyway? Might they just be looking for a perfect sucker to defraud?

The bottom line is that the Internet has provided us with yet another invaluable gift. Now it’s up to us to figure out how best to benefit from it. Here is our guide to free dating sites in Germany without payment requirements.

Free Dating Sites in Germany Without Payment Requirements

Let us now dive right in the reviews. We will take a look at two sites which have a strong German/European focus, Parship and LoveScout24, as well as two large global sites, OKCupid and Tinder.

Tinder Review


The trailblazing, innovative app which invented the swipe function, Tinder is the global leader of the pack. With 57 million users accounting for over a million dates a week in 190 countries around the world, Tinder is the definition of a leading app.

The trailblazing, innovative app which invented the swipe function, Tinder is the global leader of the pack. With 57 million users accounting for over a million dates a week in 190 countries around the world, Tinder is the definition of a leading app.

Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, is valued at about $20 billion; is this because it is charging its users high fees? No. Of the 57 million users, only 4 million (7%) pay for the upgraded features available with their “Plus” and “Gold” plans. So, the big news is that there’s no need to pay fees in order to be a happy and successful user of Tinder, but is it the right app for you?

The good news…

It’s huge. Tinder accounts for more than one and a half billion swipes per day. It’s global, so if you travel a lot, you can use it wherever you are. There is a new “passport” function for paying users. You don’t need to upgrade and pay more, but if you do, the upside is quite significant.

“Plus” allows you to hide your age, adjust your location, delete your last swipe, add a monthly “boost,” add five super likes each day, limit who sees you, and to right swipe an unlimited number of times, ad-free.

“Gold” provides additional benefits on top of Plus: a list of all those who have right-swiped you, and auto-match feature and four to ten “top picks” per day.

  • It remains innovative, with new, well thought out features continually added.
  • Previously it was required for users to have a Facebook profile.
  • There is now a Super Likeable card provided to users, which highlights Tinder’s suggestions on those with the best matches for you.
  • Swiping Up instead of left or right for those you are particularly attracted to.
  • No time limits on your messaging.
  • Lots of diversity in terms of users’ goals.
  • Some are looking for shorter-term hookups, while others for a lifetime mate.

The mixed news…

Men quite dramatically outnumber women on the app, so this is good news for all you females out there, but not such good news for the fellas.

About three-quarters of the members live in urban areas: suitable for the city-slickers, but not so great for the suburbanites or those in the farm belt. It’s easy to set up your profile, but this means that there is often less information on your potential mate to review.

The not-so-good news…

There is a limitation for free users on the number of right swipes, currently set at 100 swipes in twelve hours. If you are looking for a longer-term, more serious relationship, Tinder may be too superficial for you. Tinder is not as popular in Germany, but many tourists use it in the country.

Our Conclusion:

A handy app for traveling Germans looking for relatively shorter-term relationships. But for the majority of Germans looking for a free dating app, this one is probably a left swipe.

OKCupid Review


While not as large as Tinder, OKCupid still boasts more than 30 million users, and more in Germany than Tinder. Although OKCupid didn’t discover the right vs. left swipe like its rival Tinder, it has added several innovations of its own.

In particular, OKCupid asks its users to provide as much data as they like about themselves. This allows potential partners to discover you more efficiently and to determine if you are a likely match. They go one step further and provide users with the percentage likelihood of compatibility, based on OKCupid’s in-house analysis.

Additionally, you can filter your potential partners by providing a list of the answers you would find acceptable to all the questions you answer. This way, if there is an answer that turns you off, you can make sure someone who answered that way doesn’t get paired with you.

The good news…

  • It’s enormous and very global.
  • Its interface is easy to use and more detailed than Tinder.
  • Each potential match has a percentage number next to it, providing users with OK Cupid’s analysis of the potential compatibility between yourself and the person in the photo.
  • It provides “Quickmatch,” which pre-screens possible mates and allows you to focus your browsing on those OKCupid predicts are most compatible with you.
  • As with Tinder, there is no need to upgrade and pay more, but if you do, again the upside is quite significant with the A-List upgrade as well as Incognito and Profile Boost modes.

The mixed news…

While convenient that the data on each member is self-generated and the amount of information provided is up to the user, this can disappoint when one party is hoping for more detail on a prospective match than is provided.

On the other hand, signing up can be much quicker and more convenient than on other sites since reams of information aren’t required.

The not-so-good news…

Anyone using the app can send you messages, even if they are not compatible with you. The photos are smaller than with Tinder and require you to click on them for a larger image.

Our Conclusion:

If you are in Germany looking for one of the free mega-sized, global dating apps, which cover virtually the entire spectrum of mainstream dating, OKCupid is an excellent choice. It has more features and a bigger footprint in Germany than Tinder.

Although both Tinder and OKCupid have long-term track records of success and a substantial global presence, the next two apps/sites appear to offer stronger results for German-based singles, particularly those looking for long-term commitments.

Parship Review


Unlike the other services, Parship began in Germany, though it is now pan-European and also in Mexico. A large business, it has over 10 million members, but it’s a far cry from the size of OKCupid or Tinder.

While OKCupid has its own algorithms to help members narrow down their searches and contacts, Parship takes this to a much deeper level. Parship employs a proprietary questionnaire, developed over 40 years, which uncovers a great deal about your personality. This is called the Parship Principle.

It then compares your profile to others with the idea of finding the most compatible matches between members. The questionnaire takes between a half hour and an hour to complete, mostly made up of multiple-choice questions, though there are some other types as well.

After this questionnaire, there is still additional information to furnish as well to complete your profile. This takes another hour or so. As you can see, this is for serious people.

Unlike most other dating sites, free-users don’t get to see the photo of their prospective partners, just a blurred image. Instead, you get to learn about whether Parship feels you are compatible. You only get to see the high-resolution photo once the other person has viewed your profile summary and agreed to share his or her photo with you.

The other way to see the actual photo is to upgrade to a premium membership. In addition to being kept in the dark regarding the picture, you are also not allowed to see your potential partner’s name without permission; you only get to see their profession. And these are just some of the rules and regulations, there are quite a few more.

The bottom line with Parship is that it’s a very serious site, with a lot of science involved and it is designed for Europeans who are serious about finding a lifetime partner, not dating a different dude or chick every other evening.

The good news…

  • Heavy use of science and testing over decades provides confidence that Parship’s recommendations are strong ones.
  • The two-hour sign-up procedures deter casual daters and hookup artists.
  • Parship shares results and insights from your personality test with all members.
  • As with the others, there are significant incentives to upgrade. Premium members get a full 40-page personality/compatibility report, the ability to see released photos immediately, and a guarantee that if you don’t make a satisfactory contact within the six-month period you paid for, they will provide another six months free of charge.

The not-so-good news…

  • It takes more commitment to use this platform. If you don’t like the user interface or any of its methods, you wasted quite a bit of time by joining up.
  • With other platforms, you can generally sign up pretty quickly and get your feet wet, then over time you can learn how to use the site better, refine your profile, maybe upgrade, and increase your success ratio.
  • Parship is clearly intended for premium membership, meaning that although you can use it in free mode, you are a second-class citizen if you can’t see photos clearly and others can. Paying members also have unlimited messaging, unlike free-users.
  • The pricing for premium members is a bit higher than most sites.

Our Conclusion:

Although it may cost a bit more than some other products and takes more work to complete your profile, Parship is a high-quality platform utilizing higher technology than most, if not all, of its competitors.

Interestingly, by making it so challenging for free-users, it weeds out the less serious ones, providing a better experience for all. This is a winner for any German single looking to find their soulmate.

LoveScout24 Review

This is a very successful site in Germany which has been around since 1997. It is only available in Europe and only in the native language of the various countries.

It is quick and easy to join LoveScout24 by entering the standard information (gender, the gender you are looking to meet, age, email address, and a username and password) and then another 20 questions or so about yourself, but these can be tended to later. In stark contrast to Parship, you can be looking at clear photos of your potential dream date after just a couple of minutes.

While not as sophisticated as Parship, LoveScout24 has some quite advanced features and filters, which enable its users to have particularly strong results with their searches. The more than one million German singles utilizing the platform tend to have far fewer time wasters than one finds on OKCupid and Tinder.

Although the success rates and feedback on LoveScout24 is very high, the experience for the free-users is a bit challenging. Free-users are unable to initiate chats, but rather are only able to respond to messages from paying members or paying members who specifically allow/encourage contacts from free-users.

Profile placement is also disadvantaged if you are not a paying customer. Fortunately, the pricing for LoveScout24 is considerably lower than Parship and some others, providing quite good value for money to paying members.

The good news…

  • A strong reputation and strict language and location barriers deter flighty users and encourage more serious participants.
  • Success rates are quite high, encouraging word of mouth referrals and active online positive reviews.
  • Members receive a weekly summary of their results, including the number of views of their profile, the number of sent and received messages, etc.
  • Unique features like “date roulette.”
  • Premium features are many and varied, providing those who are willing to pay with such extras as a who smiled at you list, a who-will-hit-you list, profiles of those who visited your profile, and active flirting with other singles. As with the other platforms, you also avoid advertisements.

The mixed news:

  • LoveScout24 is only open to people living within the same country and only in their native language.
  • Google Translate doesn’t work well, and people trying to log onto the site from outside the borders are disqualified.
  • While a strong positive for many users, this certainly limits the available match pool.

The not-so-good news…

You need to be at the Premium Plus level to access partners who fit your psychological compatibility profile, unlike Parship and OKCupid, who provide this sort of information to free-users.

Our Conclusion:

The simple fact is that LoveScout24 users have high success rates and like the interface. That it is smaller than the global sites and focuses solely on the members in one country has not proven to be a problem. Although the free site has plenty of ads, it does seem that even free-users have positive experiences and those who upgrade even better.

How to Avoid Scamming on German Dating Sites

While the number of Internet scams is only ever limited by the ever-growing number of scammers and their dastardly ideas, they typically fall into two types:

First: Catfishing


Catfishing can be perpetrated by humans or bots. In each case, the catfisher attempts to gain the trust of the intended victim and then acquire compromising information or manipulate the victim in some other way.

Please don’t pass on any information that can be used against you to your potential love interest (or your potential scammer). Don’t tell them secrets about your company, your colleagues, or your family unless you don’t care if these people hear this news.

Don’t send them nude or other compromising pics of yourself unless you want them plastered all over the Internet. Remember: the Internet is forever. Once you put something out there it can never be completely taken down.

Second: Information Stealing

Information stealing via what appears to be automated systems is a prevalent problem in Germany, as well as all over the world. Sophisticated scammers often masquerade as the administrators of a given site or app and provide official-looking forms to fill out, which compromise your info.

Sometimes these applications appear to be a verification or a similar form. The two most important things to keep safe are your credit card details and your passwords.

What to Consider When Dating Germans?

Maybe you’re not a native German. You may have moved to Germany and are now looking for a way to find love. Maybe you just like the sound of the language.

Cultural Differences

Dating in Germany

Dating people from other countries can be an interesting experience, but you may experience culture shock if you are not prepared. However, it’s easy to avoid blunders on your first date by bearing cultural considerations in mind. Of course, individuals may differ, but these things are what catch most foreigners off guard.

Dating German Men

German men tend to marry in their thirties. Keep in mind that unlike in America, for example, they will most likely live with their parents by the time they start their own families. If you plan a serious relationship and decide to take a man from Germany into your home, expect them to be clueless in domestic questions – that may not always end up being true, but it’s better to be prepared.

Dating German Women

When it comes to German women, do not expect a passive, subordinate person. Germany is a place of gender equality, so the women tend to be strong and assertive. They will hate it if you’re macho and if you treat them like you’re stronger than them. Respect is what they want and what you should give them.

Direct and Blunt

Both genders are cheekier and more direct than what you would expect when it comes to German business making. They are not the nationality to beat around the bush, so if you’re of the shy kind, be prepared to blush.

Tips to Be Successful When Dating Germans

Tips to Be Successful When Dating Germans

Again, this is highly individual. What works for one person might not work at all for another. However, there are some areas that are common sense to Germans that you may not think about.

Be On Time

First of all, be punctual. It’s true what they say about the structure of German life, so your date will not understand you showing up for dinner 15 minutes late. Checking your watch is a good way to seem respectful of their time, and they will repay you in the same manner.

Don’t Be Shy

Be direct. As we said before, they are not a very discreet nationality. Regardless of your gender, if you like a person, start talking to them. Be friendly and engaging, and do not play games. Nobody likes that, and in this culture, it just seems childish.

Be Kind

Compliment them. German is not a very poetic language, and neither gender is used to their looks and traits being pointed out. While it may sound counterintuitive, giving a nice compliment could melt the heart of your future partner. Be careful not to overdo it, though.

Wrap Up

Tinder is a very good tool for free German users, who travel a lot and plan to use it in the cities they go to. OKCupid is the choice for free German users wanting the greatest variety of potential dates and are willing to sift through a higher percentage of time-wasters.

Parship offers the coolest advanced technology and should appeal to the serious free German dating looking for a spouse and wanting to find them scientifically. The co-winner, along with Parship, is LoveScout24.

Their interface, features, ease of use, and success rates are equal to or better than Parship, and it’s a lot easier and quicker to get started with LoveScout24. We wish you luck in your dating quest, whatever that may be.

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