Top 4 Free Dating Sites in Canada Without Payment in 2023

Free Dating Sites in Canada

Whether you are visiting Canada or you are a Canadian citizen, finding a date can be a daunting task. Are dating apps and sites worth it? Should you pay for a website? Are free sites better or worse? There are so many questions about what to do or where to go when considering online dating sites in Canada. Sometimes free doesn’t always mean free.

Too often users fall victim to various dating site’s false promises, believing that free sign up meant free services. Many learn this lesson the hard way that free just doesn’t mean free anymore. It may be free to join but after signing up the site demands you to join a paid service to see potential matches.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are now several great choices for totally free dating sites in Canada. Some are better than others. Here you will find a selection of the best free dating sites in Canada that can be used without payment.

But before doing so, check out our most recommended dating apps:

Free Dating Sites in Canada Without Payment Reviewed

To offer the best insight for these top four dating sites I’ve chosen, I’ll be looking at various details the following dating services have to offer. All sites are free to use and will not require any payment unless there’s a premium feature. Dating in Canada has never been this easy.



Tinder, who doesn’t know about this dating service. Available for iPhones and Android devices as well as having a browser version for computers, Tinder has been around for a while and will be around for time to come.


Using location to let you find other relationship seekers near you. Tinder keeps you close to home. Tinder is based more on just profile pictures than overall profile allowing you to view the images before making your decision quickly. You’re spared from the heartache of rejection as well since you’ll never know if your profiles been swiped past.


Tinder is used all over the world since it features more than 40 languages, featuring over 50 million users monthly. Since it’s focused on appearance, this service is used by anyone of any race or size.


However, due to this focus on appearance, we can easily be tricked into liking only by what we see. You may be matched with people only to have them try and get you to use a scam website. My warning for Tinder, be aware when someone says they’re a cam girl. Tinder takes scam reports seriously though so always report any questionable behavior.


  • Location-focused letting you look close to home.
  • Spared from rejection.
  • Doesn’t require payment to use the service
  • Easy to use and readily available on any device.


  • Focused more on looks than personality.
  • Upgrading your account can be pricey



Bumble is very similar to Tinder, using both location and a side swiping method to decide. However, Bumble offers some unique features, such as requiring the females to make the first move. Once two people match it is up to the women to send the first message.


Bumble also features multiple versions. Bumble includes a date and a friend mode, each containing separate profiles for when you want to make friends or partners. Bumble is also working on releasing a business model catering to those looking for employers or employees.


Bumble is an ever-rising contender for Tinder, using Tinder’s base style but upgrading it to focus more on people, Bumble boasts higher rates of successful dates. Bumble is for the people looking not to waste time and get a partner fast. Bubble has millions of users worldwide, and it is a fast growing site. You are sure to find a Canadian close by that matches your interests.


Requiring a higher level of detail entered and a photo verification system Bumble has less opportunity for scammers to get to you or me. Profiles that are verified display a small blue tick, this makes it easier to find a Canadian who isn’t out to get you.


Has a free version

  • Location-based
  • There’s no waiting for someone to message first; women start the conversation.
  • Detailed profile section focused on the actual details.


  • You only have 24 hours to confirm a match.
  • Upgrading costs money



Hinge is a dating app that is available in Canada and other countries. The app is designed to be more focused on finding meaningful connections rather than casual hookups. It allows users to create a detailed profile that includes information about their hobbies, interests, and preferences. The app uses a “swipe” system, where users can swipe left or right on potential matches. If two users “like” each other’s profiles, they can start a conversation and potentially arrange a date.

Hinge offers free basic features, such as the ability to create a profile, browse potential matches, and send a limited number of “likes” each day. However, the app also has a paid subscription option, called “Hinge Preferred,” which offers additional features such as unlimited “likes,” the ability to see who has liked your profile, and the ability to set advanced preferences for potential matches.


Hinge focuses on fostering meaningful connections between users. The app’s “swipe” system encourages users to take the time to read through potential matches’ detailed profiles and choose those who they feel have common interests and values. By providing users with a more in-depth look at potential matches, Hinge helps to create a more personalized and thoughtful dating experience.

Additionally, the app’s paid subscription option offers additional features that can help users find more compatible matches. Overall, Hinge’s emphasis on quality over quantity and its focus on creating meaningful connections have helped it become a popular and successful dating app.


Hinge is a dating app that is popular among young adults aged 18-34. The app is designed to appeal to people who are looking for more meaningful connections rather than just casual hookups. The user base is fairly diverse, with a mix of genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities represented.

According to Hinge’s website, the app has a slightly higher percentage of female users than male users, and the majority of users are college-educated. The app is popular in urban areas, and many users are professionals who are looking for other like-minded individuals.

Overall, Hinge’s demographics are fairly diverse, but the app is particularly popular among young, educated, urban adults.


Hinge does have measures in place to help prevent fraudulent activity, such as a reporting feature that allows users to report suspicious profiles or behavior. However, it’s ultimately up to users to take steps to protect their personal information and to be vigilant for signs of potential scams or fraudulent activity.

Pros of using Hinge:

  • Focus on meaningful connections: Hinge’s design and features are geared towards fostering more meaningful connections and relationships rather than casual hookups.
  • Mutual matches: Hinge’s “swipe” system only allows users to match with each other if they both express interest in each other’s profiles.
  • Detailed profiles: Hinge encourages users to create detailed profiles that showcase their personalities and interests, which can help facilitate more meaningful conversations and connections.
  • Advanced features: Hinge offers several advanced features, such as the ability to see who has liked your profile, the ability to set advanced preferences for potential matches, and the ability to send “prompts” to start conversations.
  • Diverse user base: Hinge’s user base is diverse and popular among a wide range of age groups.

Cons of using Hinge:

  • Limited matches: Hinge limits the number of potential matches that users can see each day, which can be frustrating for users who want to see more options.
  • Paid subscription required for advanced features: Hinge’s advanced features are only available through a paid subscription, which may not be feasible for all users.
  • Potential for scams or fraudulent activity: As with any online dating app, there is always the potential for scams or fraudulent activity on Hinge, and users should exercise caution and protect their personal information.



DragonFruit is for those of us who have nerdy interests. Finally, Canadians can boast their fanboy or fangirl side and display their Star Wars trivia while looking for a date. This is a great way to find a partner in this specific niche group of people.


For geeks by geeks, DragonFruit matches pairs based on their fandoms and interests. DragonFruit is continuously updating and improving its website and app to keep up with its growing popularity.


DragonFruit is for people who enjoy geeky interests such as games, anime, and fantasy. The service is still in a growing phase so there may not be many users near you, but it still provides a chance to make some new friends and maybe meet that special someone. Many Canadians use this site to find a partner that fits their unique passions.


Beware the usual types of scammers, but since this service is still growing it shouldn’t be as near as bad as a more accessed site. Be careful with the profiles and use basic online safety to avoid disaster.


  • No adverts.
  • Frequent updating of the geekdom database.
  • Meet geeks like you.
  • Geek out as you make new friends as well.


  • Doesn’t always have your geekdom
  • The app is a bit buggy in sign up section.



OkCupid is a little bit of Tinder, and Bumble mixed together, focusing equally on pictures and profile. The service also uses fun, quirky designs and poses questions early on to determine your ideal match. Afterward, you then get to see how close people match to your perfect partner.


OkCupid is living up to its name extremely well, giving you your own Cupid to sit on your shoulder. The depth of the apps profiles is excellent for anyone looking to find the ideal partner and allows you to search for your length of relationship as well. All this is done with ease thanks to the 50 million and higher user base. This is one of the largest sites for Canadians to find dates all over the world.


Scammers are there, so just watch out for things that may seem too perfect. The profile system may work against you allowing scammers to target specific types of people. Just make sure you double check profiles before taking that step forward.


  • Basic is free and allows for a lot of use.
  • Has extended location filter
  • An in-depth look at each user’s profile to your ideal profile.


  • Lengthy sign-up
  • Has paid upgrades

What to Consider When Dating Canadians?

As with every country, Canada has its own culture, traditions, and way of life. These also include more holidays, such as Family Day, Victoria Day, and Canada Day. With more holidays comes more opportunities for us to bond together, especially those of us in a relationship.

Even if you’re not from Canada, but you’re in the country, you’d be shocked at the openness and welcoming offered by Canadians. Canadians are very welcoming to other cultures and traditions. Whether you are from Canada or you’re in the country for a while, why not go on a date? But, how and where should you find a Canadian to date? And are their specific guidelines for dating a Canadian?

Tips to Be Successful When Dating Canadians

Tips to Be Successful When Dating Canadians

People are different, I wholeheartedly believe this fact, but sometimes it’s not hard to class groups together. Canadians are different from Americans and any other country’s people. Here are a few tips for dating a Canadian, whether you are from Canada or just visiting.


Dating is not as easy as we always think it is. I know it, I’ve been that cool guy online on my profile, but the moment I talk to a girl, I get shy beyond comprehension. Dating online is a little easier than going up to a stranger and asking them to go on a date. Prepare yourself mentally ahead of time.


Whether online or in real life people like what looks good. Dress well, dress to impress even if it’s only for a profile picture. Dress to be the best version of yourself, others will appreciate it. Don’t be afraid to show the real you though. Nothing is worse than finding out someone isn’t who they say they are online.


Many people out there are looking for a short relationship. There are plenty of people looking for a long term relationship. Online dating makes it easier to see what you’re looking for. One’s profile can often denote what type of relationship they’re looking for, sparing you the heartache of a one night stand. Finding the right dating site that is catered to what you want is essential. Know what you are looking for and then choose a site that matches that goal.


Too many times people lie about their situations to avoid a more uncomfortable one. People don’t always say that they aren’t interested in you or that they want another date. We can be shy or scared as a human race but push through. You’ll be better of telling the truth of how you feel. And you’ll regret less later by doing so.

This also goes for sharing your thoughts on subjects. You’re allowed to believe what you wish to, and I have the same right. It shouldn’t tear people apart, yet I’ve seen it break bonds between people.


It may seem like a stereotype that Canadians are polite, but it really is true. When dating a Canadian be sure always to mind your P’s and Q’s. Always keep your manners in check and be courteous. A little while ago Canada has a contest to find a new slogan for the country. The winning entry was “Be as Canadian as possible under the circumstances”. To win a Canadians affection politeness should always take priority.

Avoiding Scams

Avoiding scams

It’s scary to think that people can be fake and are after your wallet, not your heart, or worse. Online dating is a little more tricky to navigate since it’s a few clicks of keys and a mouse and there’s a new profile on the site. Sometimes these are bots, looking only for information, the least harmless of the bunch. Other times there’s con-artists and catfishers. Worse is when you come across the people willing to lead you into dark alleys.

Precautions to take

These are the personal actions that you can take on every site you use.


Don’t leave your personal information lying about. Don’t put your phone number in your profile description or your exact location. This is good advice online no matter what; don’t over-reveal yourself. Be cautious of people asking for personal information and never give out your location until you are positive; it is safe to do so.


Check the profile you’re considering dating. Often spam and bots only use one or two pictures, yes many people do the same. Looking at a profile carefully can tell you more about the person as well, or you’ll find that someone’s been playing with photoshop. A keen eye is often the best security when it comes to people.


Take your time. If someone’s into you, they’ll give you your time to get comfortable before trying to go on a date. If they ask and you say no, they’ll be respectful. People who are less morally aligned may not be as patient. Don’t give in to their pressure, if you’re worth it, they can wait.


With dating, there are no guarantees, no shortcuts, and no best method. All the sites shown today have applications for both Android devices and iPhones. I know how busy we all can get, never having time to go through endless pages of profiles on traditional sites or we simply prefer to use phones more. Whether you are a Canadian or just looking for a date in Canada, these free dating sites in Canada without payment are ideal to check out.

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Written by Chelsea King

Chelsea has been a direct victim of romance scams herself losing over $35,000 in a span of a year in 2015. She joined and took over operations of in 2015. She brings first-hand experience in studying romance scams, and also experience in vetting dating sites for legitimacy. Read more of Chelsea's articles.

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