Connecting Singles Dating Site Review in 2023

Have you been checking out Connecting Singles online dating service lately? Did someone recommend the site to you or did you just come across it when looking for quality singles? Whatever your reasons for your online dating searches, it is a good thing that you are here reading this Connecting Singles dating app review to get a feel for the site before signing up.

Connecting Singles Review: Quality Singles 

Connecting Singles is a forum and dating website that is free for everyone to use, with no charges for features. Besides being an online dating site, it is also known to have different fun profile options that will help you pass the time.

This, of course, includes event lists, profile reviews, forums, chat rooms, and as well as quizzes in their list of criteria. If you are a Connecting Singles member, then you can access all of these features, as well as a favorites list, and birthday list all from your dating profile. It is a refreshing approach to online dating that is different from most mainstream dating apps.

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Searching Who’s Nearby

One of the good things about this Connecting Singles app is that you can search for other members who are nearby. But of course, you can always opt to explore globally if you want to use it as a service for singles offering connecting singles in global hookups.

Now, once you have found that member that is near your place, you might choose to send flowers, which is a way of letting the member know that you are interested in a long-term relationship. Lots of women and potential matches are available at their singles events, making it easy to find the perfect match for you.

Features Included With Connecting Singles

There are a lot of features available on the Connecting Singles online dating site that makes it much different from its competitors. This site is 100% free for singles and allows users to send emails, flowers, and eCards, take quizzes and poll questions, read forums and blogs, keep up with current events, and rate photos. With the mobile version, you can take Connecting Singles with you anywhere.

There are also videos, articles, movies, music, groups, recipes, groups, poetry, and online games. Books, profile reviews, puzzles, events, tags, and top10 lists will keep you busy for hours. You could almost call Connecting Singles the Facebook of online dating and connecting singles with its shopping list of free features. Perhaps the most fun is finding the perfect connection for your activity partner or game player in the matching process of unmarried adults.

Connecting Singles Really Is Free

Unlike other dating apps that only allow you a few minor features with a basic plan, all of the features of Connecting Singles are free. Free online dating, matchmaking, personal ads with photos, and hookups with quality singles who are looking for friendship, casual flings, romance, or even marriage. Connecting Singles is awesome for single men as well as single women.

They offer compatibility matching that is one-way and two-way, quick and extensive searches and favorites lists. You can search by country, keyword, state, or province. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for romance, a wedding ring, friendship, a soul mate, or just a little fun, it is all free. You can find your own suitable partner, or let them do the work for you in your search process.

Always Date Safely

When dating online or in the “real world,” it is always important to date safely. Using a dating site can be very rewarding and satisfying, but also very dangerous if you do not take steps to protect yourself when getting to know someone. This is especially true of free dating sites such as Connecting Singles.

While free sites have their advantages for those who do not want to pay for access to other members, there can also be drawbacks. On sites where someone does not have to pay to chat with you, there is usually less verification of identification. So you literally could be talking to anyone.

Because of this, it is important to keep a few guidelines in mind, regardless of which dating sites you choose. When using a dating site with the potential to move into real life, protecting yourself is vital. Even before you ever discuss meeting in real life, there are ways that you can be sure you are dating safely.

  1. Make sure that you do not upload or share any images that could be used to find your exact location. Your house, neighbor’s house, buildings nearby, schools, workplace, etc., should not be seen in the public pictures that you post, or in the ones that you share with a new contact.
  2. Before agreeing to meet with someone, ask them to video chat with you live. Be sure that the face on the video matches the face in the images that they have sent to you. It is also a good idea to share pictures of the person that you plan to meet with a trusted friend or family member so that someone knows what they look like.
  3. It is also a good idea to give that trusted person the location where you plan to meet your date. You can have them on standby so that you can text them if you need a “way out.” You might also set up a time that you will text just to let them know that all is well.
  4. That first meeting is always the most dangerous, and therefore should be in a public place where a lot of people are expected to be. You should keep your cell phone with you at all times, and remember to check in with that trusted friend. 
  5. While it may not seem like fun, you may not want to drink alcohol, use drugs, or do anything that could influence your decision-making abilities. Watch your drink carefully and be aware of your surroundings. 
  6. It is also best to provide your own transportation to and from the date. This makes it so that you do not have to depend on the date to give you a ride home if the meeting is not going well. You could ride with your trusted friend or family member, take your own car, or even get an Uber, but don’t depend on a stranger to take you home if things start to feel “off.”
  7. Trust your gut. If something does not feel right, don’t ignore it. 

While all of these tips may sound ominous, they are simply meant to help protect you so that you can enjoy online dating safely. Taking the time to get to know a person a bit before being alone with them is always a good idea.


With the information given above, it’s fair enough to say that Connecting Singles is a decent online dating site. It’s free to join and free to look for a date, which means that you can opt out if the site is not satisfying your needs. There are a lot of added activities and interests to keep you busy, all of which you can enjoy with any dating interest that you might find on the site.

A lot of dating sites will claim to be free, but then hit you with unexpected fees, or only allow you to send various types of nudges to another member unless you pay. Others will make everything on the site free for women only and charge men outrageous fees for every little interaction.

Connecting Singles does not work that way. They don’t charge you anything to join and use their site. It isn’t a gimmick, and you will not need your credit or debit card on this site. All of their features are always free for everyone.

You can go through the entire process of searching for love, finding that spark, coaxing a flame, meeting, and falling in love without ever having to pay fees at Connecting Singles.

Knowing this, there is nothing to lose by trying them out. No money-back guarantee is needed because you won’t have to spend a dime. All you need to do is show up, sign up, fill out your profile and start enjoying the many games, videos, chats, matchmaking, recipes, books, and more.

So hit the sign-up button and see how things will go from there. We are betting that you won’t be disappointed.

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