Christian Mingle vs Christian Cafe: 2023 Head to Head Review

christian mingle vs christian cafe review Online dating is all the rage these days. There are sites for finding your soul make or for finding a fling, but what about sites for Christians? We all know there are several options, but are they worth trying? Today we have reviewed and rated Christian Mingle vs Christian Cafe based on prices, membership, features, success stories, and number of scams, all to figure out what is the best choice for you. 

Christian Mingle vs Christian Cafe: Overall Review

Since online dating has started, there has always been a demand for finding people with similar interests and values. The innovation of Christian online dating has lead to the creation of sites like Christian Mingle and Christian Cafe, with Christian Cafe being one of the oldest, having been founded in 1999.

Christian Mingle and Christian Café are two of the most popular Christian dating sites with a lot to offer between the two. Both have plenty of features, pricing options, and inventive ways to communicate both publicly and privately. 

The winner between Christian Mingle and Christian Café is not exactly clear cut. Because of this, it is important to compare each aspect of the both sites to figure out what works best for your budget, your goals, and your heart.

Christian Mingle Rating: 8/10  

With all kinds of compatibility based features, fair prices, and legitimate ownership, Christian Mingle is worth a shot in the realm of online dating. Not only does it seem, objectively, like a good choice, but hundreds of people would insist on the same in the reviews written about it.

Christian Mingle also seems to be on the cutting edge in regards to its features. A lot of its features use third parties that Christian Mingle utilizes for its users. Most of their features are either for communication or potential partner matching, and specified for every user.

Spark Networks, the owner of Christian Mingle, owns multiple other dating sites and isn’t affiliated with any one religion. They are, however, a legitimate company who is currently successfully running 6+ businesses.

Overall, if you are looking for a Christian Dating app, Christian Mingle should be on your short list of ones to try. It seems to have plenty of satisfied customers and to have made a positive name for itself. This site has developed some really impressive features that could be the difference between every other dating site, and the best one for you.

Christian Cafe Rating: 6.5/10

Between being one of the oldest Christian dating sites, offering a 10 day free trial, and being owned and operated by a Christian Christian Cafe certainly holds its own in this head to head competition. With over 3,000 stories of people who have found their husband or wife from Christian Cafe, it’s hard to overlook the success of actual users.

Christian Cafe has been running since 1999, making it nearly 20 years old, and very old in terms of the internet. Not only has it been running all of that time, but it has consistently had a fair amount of members at any given time, which isn’t an easy feat. You are also able to utilize the 10-day free trial which is incredibly convenient as you get the chance to try the service before deciding on whether or not you actually want to pay for a whole month membership.

Christian Cafe is also run by an actual Christian, which may tip the scales in this sites direction if this is important to you. While the site isn’t the most cutting edge, it is still an easy, and fun to use site. It also directly reflects Christian morals and values, both in the owner and user base. This site has been proven to work for thousands of couples, for nearly two decades and may just be the one for you.

Winner: Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle has more impressive features, is newer, and seems to be a user favorite. It seems to fall short in a couple of categories but overall might be the best choice. In the end, it all depends on what is most important to you, what features work best for you, and which sites prices work best for your wallet.

Christian Cafe vs Christian Mingle: Pricing

Christian Café and Christian Mingle are both paid services and as such try to provide the best experience possible for the price. While both can be used for free in some capacity, whether that be a free trial or a free version, they only allow you to use certain features. This means that if you really want the full experience of the sites, springing for the membership is the best option.

As for most things in this world, buying in bulk will save money in the long run, this is also true for Christian Mingle and Christian Cafe. Over all they both sit around the median price for dating sites. While, some sites offer the first month at a discounted rate and then the total year cost ends up very high, the opposite is true of Christian Mingle and Christian Cafe. Both Christian Mingle and Christian Café offer higher single month rates but discounted multiple month rates. If you choose this route your total year cost ends up being much lower than comparable sites. 

Christian Cafe Rating: 8/10  


Christian Cafes’ price for a one month membership is $34.97 which is higher than Christian Mingles one month membership, however the price for paying for a three month membership up front is $47.97 ($15.99 per month) and the price for a six month membership is $77.97 ($12.99 per month).

Not only does the price end up being significantly lower for the multi month memberships, but you also get a 10 day free trial to decide whether the site is right for you.

Christian Mingle Rating: 7.5/10


Christian Mingles one month membership price is $29.99, making this the cheaper option for the one month membership. The prices for the multi month memberships, however, are not as good of a deal as that of Christian Cafés’, while they do significantly lower how much each month costs, it’s simply not quite as large of a price cut. The price of a three month membership is $50.97 ($16.99 per month) and the price for a six month membership is $83.94 ($13.99 per month).

While that isn’t significantly more than Christian Cafes’ membership prices, they don’t offer the free trial to give you a chance to test the site before paying. This may not be a deal breaker for some, but most people would want to know exactly what they’re paying for before they pay.

Winner: Christian Cafe

With both slightly cheaper prices and a free trial, Christian Café is the clear winner in terms of pricing.

Christian Mingle vs Christian Cafe: Demographics

One of the most important factors when choosing a dating site is determining who is using it. There would be no point in creating a profile only to find out that no one you would want to date is using the site. Luckily, we have done that work for you. 

Christian Mingle Members

Christian Mingle, with almost has one of the highest women to men ratios with women making up 58.6% of the total users. The average user tends to be 35-49 years old, Caucasian, and with a college education of some type.

While the 35-49 year old age group is the most popular, under which 44% of Christian Mingles users fall, there are still plenty of twenty-somethings using the site as the 18-34 year old age group makes up 31% of all users. 

While the 35-49 year old age group is the most popular, under which 44% of Christian Mingles users fall, there are still plenty of twenty-somethings using the site as the 18-34 year old age group makes up 31% of all users. 

Christian Cafe Members


Christian Café is much like Christian Mingle in terms of its’ user base, and has nearly 25,000 marriages that have resulted from using the site. However it does have a slightly higher women to men ratio, with women making up 61% of total users. The average user tends to be 35-49 years old, Caucasian, and with a college education.

These are all like Christian Mingle, however Christian Café has more women, more people in the 35-49 year old age group, with 46% of its’ users in the 35-49 year old age group. The 18-34 year old age group is the group that is smaller than Christian Mingle at 29%.  

Winner: Christian Mingle

The winner was hard to pick as most of the statistics are very similar and the differences are almost negligible. Christian Mingle has a closer gender ratio meaning that everyone has a better chance at finding that special someone. Christian Mingle also had more younger users with the 18-34 age group being slightly larger than Christian Cafes’.

Who is better at being Scam-Free?

is christian cafe spam free

Online dating will always have its dangers. Regardless of what the person on the other end of the conversation says, the only thing you know for certain about them is that they have a phone/computer. There is always the chance of being catfished or scammed, so taking the proper precautions and understanding the risks of both sites is the most important. 

Christian Café monitors all of the activity of users very closely, and is run by a legitimate company. Since the site started, in 1999, it has been run by an actual Christian. If you chose to do a free trial any contact information that someone may direct message you will be blurred automatically. They also ask users to provide a lot of information on their profiles. Users may upload three pictures, which are monitored by admins and may be taken down or modified if they’re deemed inappropriate.

They provide a “vitals” section, in which the user will provide simple information like age, gender, and location. The next part is the “profile” which gives more in depth information such as education, children, denomination and career. Last, users write a personal paragraph explaining who they are, what they’re looking for, and show off their personality.  This may help cut down on scammers as there is a lot of information given and you may just be able to weed out who you want to associate with and who you don’t.

With over 3,000 successful dating stories and close to no scam complaints Christian Café seems like a safe choice as far as Christian dating sites. 

Christian Mingle, is run by a legitimate company, Spark Networks. While we know this company is not a scam and has multiple success stories, it is not run by a strictly Christian company like Christian Cafe is. Spark Networks also runs Jdate, a Jewish dating site, LDSsingles, a Latter-Day Saints dating site, EliteSingles, a dating site for educated professionals, and many more. They have thousands of success stories, 16 million members, and much more.

The site absolutely works, however if you want a Christian owned and operated business Christian Mingle may not be for you.

Winner: Christian Cafe

With the amount of monitoring of photos, messages, and profiles, Christian Cafe is the best choice for being scam free. Since it is Christian owned and operated the site reflects Christian morals and values by keeping its members safe and scam-free. Christian Mingle is also owned by a legitimate company that runs many other successful sites, so it is also a safe option. However, Christian Cafe has been around since 1999 and has consistently held up Christian values which has given it the winning edge as far as being scam-free.

Features Comparison

Christian Mingle Rating: 8.5/10  

is christian mingle spam free

Christian Mingle has quite a few features available when you make an account with their service. You have the options to use the fairly standard features such as direct messages, sharing photos, getting matches, and even anonymous messaging.

Then they offer a few other features that are fairly unique to this site, such as allowing members to share their values and personalities a little more in depth, as well as The Question of the Week. The Question of the Week is a thought provoking, ethical question that is meant to cause conversation between members who can answer, or share the question and open up discussion with anyone who chooses to answers or discuss.

There is also a search bar that will be able to sort people based on location, gender, age, personality type, pictures, appearance, and even who is currently online.

Christian Mingle is cornering the market on special features with things like the COMPASS Matching Test, the Color Code Personality Test, and Secret Admirers. The COMPASS Matching Test, starts with a questionnaire that you are to fill out and turn in, and the results will be sent back to you in your mailbox. There will be a list of the best possible matches for you based on your personality. The Color Code Personality Test is an amazing feature that matches people based on compatibility and gives you a color code to match with other people.

Finally, the secret admirer feature notifies a user when a profile they are interested in, likes their profile.  With all these extra fun activities and an interface that is incredibly easy to navigate, you might find yourself spending a lot of time on Christian Mingle.

Christian Cafe Rating: 7/10

Christian Cafe also has a rich array of features all of which are made for the user to make the best of their time on Christian Cafe. They have private messaging, chat rooms for all kinds of subjects, saved searches, a friend locator, and even the ability to post prayers. Of course they have the search option like Christian Mingle, however the search option doesn’t have as many ways search people based on appearance or personality.

They do, however, save your last five searches so you don’t have to keep typing the same thing over and over again. You are also able to make a “friends list” and see who has viewed your profile this gives you the opportunity to build ongoing relationships with other users. Their most notable and distinguished feature may be their “vacation” option where you can plan a trip with other Christians, meet up in a neutral place and enjoy a trip with your online friend(s)!

While Christian Mingle may have more compatibility and matching features, Christian Cafe has just as many communication features, and plenty of distinguished features in its own right.

Winner: Christian Mingle

While Christian Cafe did have plenty of useful and interesting features, Christian Mingle was the clear winner as it had many more features focused on finding you matches based on exactly what users are looking for.

Dating Success

dating success

The entire point of using dating site, especially Christian dating sites, is to find that special someone. These sites pride themselves on creating happy couples everywhere and each credit themselves with thousands of people finding their perfect partner. Christian Cafe says it has created over 3,000 couples and has a plethora of success stories, every one of those stories has been written by an actual user of the site, who credits the site for helping them create their relationship, and most testimonials come with wedding pictures.

Christian Mingle also has many positive reviews, however most of the testimonials were found from a third party, as opposed to the Christian Cafe format where all the testimonials are found on the site. This doesn’t negate the fact that Christian Mingles reviews tend to be absolutely glowing!

Winner: Christian Cafe

With the testimonials prominently on their website, along with wedding pictures, and thousands of positive testimonials Christian Cafe is the winner as far as dating success.

Verdict: Which is Best?

There is no easy answer as to which is the best dating site between Christian Mingle vs Christian Cage. Both have amazing features, reviews, and testimonials, all of which may be what tips the scales for each person. From all of this evidence, objectively Christian Mingle seems like the best bang for your buck. That’s not to say Christian Cafe isn’t a great site, or even that it isn’t worth a try, that’s only to say that Christian Mingle has done a really great job staying ahead of the curve. Overall, it seems that Christian Mingle is the slightly better of the two sites though both have their place as important and useful Christian Dating sites.

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