Top 9 Best Little People Dating Sites and Apps in 2023

All types of people deserve to find love. However, many groups (such as little people or in other words midgets) that stray a bit out of the ordinary feel they don’t have this possibility. It takes great strength for the different to even join the world of dating. That’s where online dating comes into play.

The best part about dating sites and apps is that it opens a universe of dating possibilities. It spreads the borders of your scope by allowing you to join an existing network of people like you. If you’re a little person, you may already have an established group of friends and potential partners.

But not everyone is as lucky. If you live in a judgemental environment, this may be your best chance to find love without any anxiety and fear of mockery and refusal. Here we discuss the best midget dating sites to get started with.

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Do Little People Date? Yes!

Little People Dating Sites

Of course, they do. Think about it; over 5 million people in the U.S. were diagnosed with Dwarfism as of 2004. However, most of these people choose to stay in their communities and date people similar to them.

There are both people of standard height and little people who would be interested in meeting more members of this community. While for some, staying within your niche of people is the desired course of action, others want to go out and experience the real world. This group is no different than everybody else, except physically, and they have the same wants and needs as everyone else.

Best Little People (Midget) Dating Sites Reviewed

Now we come to the point of this text. We will go over 9 free online dating sites for little people (midgets) that allow you to socialize and flirt with no strings attached. If you’re lucky, you may end up finding the love of your life there, too!

We will take a look at how these services work, and list the benefits and the drawbacks based on the user experience. Then, we will delve into the types of people likely to visit it, and the level of safety the designs of these sites provide. Simply said, having read this, you will be fully equipped to start an online journey of your own. Review

This website is the largest platform for alternative dating. This one allows people to bond over fetishes, kinks, BDSM, and different populations – any little person is bound to feel accepted there. They try their best to ensure all users are 18+, and ban slurs so they would create an accepting, supportive environment.

The sign up is simple. You will be asked to fill a detailed questionnaire, personalizing all your future experiences with this service. The messaging is also great, with a variety of options and the choice to block what seems like a fake account. There is a lot of blog posts allowing you to get more acquainted with things that tickle your imagination, and you can see who’s been viewing your profile for information or just a confidence boost.

The positives: The member base is extensive and very active – you will not feel alone using this website. It’s an excellent place to find yourself feeling at home and also to explore things you may never knew would wake up your imagination. The questionnaire and the profile you create will be detailed, as well as the profiles you explore.

The negatives: The options you get with a paid membership are far superior to the free one – it looks a tad unfair for a website that boasts being free. Also, their interface is dark and a bit chaotic so you may feel overwhelmed the first time you enter this website.

The demographics: enjoys a high population while keeping niche demographics. As the name says, anyone interested in alternative types of relationships will relish in the service.

Scam-meter: Due to the nature of the website, many people create fake accounts – either to lurk or out of simple shyness. Be careful about the people you match.

AdultFriendFinder Review

One of the oldest hookup sites since 1995, AdultFriendFinder has a large member base, high-quality scam management process, and affordable pricing. The entire premise of this site is for hookups.

They cater to all sexes, demographics, sizes, etc. It’s perfect for smaller people to find a one night stand or long term hookup.

We highly recommend checking out AFF. Review

Match has been around for a long time, and as such, it presents one of the most popular services for finding love online. They claim that you will find a partner in 6 months tops!

This service does not target little people directly. Still, their extremely detailed filters allow for searching across a range of criteria – height included. The profile you create on this website will be very elaborate as well.

It even starts by giving you a questionnaire to fill, so the people you get offered to match with (pun not intended) meet your desires. If all of this sounds like too much, we are here to assure you that their platform is straightforward and easy to use.

The positives: the variety of choices you get using this service is indeed unsurpassed. Their success rate is astonishing and gives hope to even the loneliest of people. It also organizes local events that give you a chance to check out the crew and make some friends while feeling safe. Plus, their customer support is excellent, meaning you won’t be alone in your experience.

The negatives: The options you have without paying for subscriptions are limited. For example, you won’t be able to text people that way. And even if you pay for a subscription, you may message someone unable to respond. The broad audience is excellent, but looking through it could be time-consuming as well.

The demographics: This is where attracts a lot of attention. The site features over 25 million active users, so there is something for everyone.

Scam-meter: The chances of getting scammed do exist with this website. If you upgrade to a paid membership, many privacy options included lower them, though.


Date a dwarf

If you’re a little person in search of a partner, maybe you would feel more comfortable using a website designed specifically for that purpose. Date A Dwarf has a growing population of little people of all sexual orientations joining.

On this dating website, you can search by age, gender, and profile picture. There’s an option of making a profile video for it to stand out if you wish as well! The website uses a matching algorithm to find people like you so you could meet people you’ll like.

Also, there is a group chat option if you’re there for getting more invested in the community and making friends. Date A Dwarf proves that dating websites don’t have to be about romantic interests only, especially if they are as niche as this one.

The positives: The site is simple, relatively safe, and many people use it. These features guarantee a positive experience using it. To enhance this even further, they included a block option, so you don’t have to deal with pushy members that don’t interest you. An additional excellent feature of it is a video chat option – it helps you connect with a person before you meet in person, and gives a helpful preview for the first date.

The negatives: The search options are few so you may find you need hours of searching before you find someone who seems interesting. Plus, this website is public, meaning anyone who enters it can see your profile. Keep that in mind if you have a reason not to be seen.

The demographics: This is not a hugely visited website, but still has thousands of active members. People of all orientations are welcome to join.

Scam-meter: Being small made it possible for this website to guarantee safety. An e-mail address is required when you sign up, and all pictures have to be approved before they become visible. Plus, you can report a person who seems fake for further investigation.


Little people match

This website does their best to affirm you and prove to you that you’re worthy of love. Even their slogan confirms that.

This website does their best to affirm you and prove to you that you’re worthy of love. Even their slogan confirms that.

They connect little people-lovers with little people. The site is family friendly, without featuring nude images and pornography. It uses geo-targeting to match you with people you can meet in real life to give the best service.

The primary and extended search allows you to find a future partner to your liking. There’s also a group chat option so you can reveal yourself to like-minded people. The group chat option and the possibility of being invited into a private chat make the website excellent for socialization.

On the other hand, if you prefer to observe until you find someone worthy of attention, you can easily make your status ‘offline’ or ‘invisible.’ Feeling comfortable has never been easier!

The positives: The design of the website is compatible with computers, iPads, and phones – you can use it from the comfort of your home and when you’re on the go alike. Also, if you want to add an extra set of photos available just for some special people, there’s an option of creating a private photo album.

The negatives: Just as the last one, this website is public. Remember that you will be visible to all visitors and consider if that’s a good or a bad thing. Plus, the login is a 13-step process, which ensures safety, but is also a bother.

The demographics: The geo-targeting feature implies that the people you run into will be those comparatively close to you. All sexual orientations are welcome, too!

Scam-meter: Any scam is unlikely, as the layers of verification and moderation are required before a profile springs into existence.


Short passions

Anyone on the shorter side, whether or not they were diagnosed with dwarfism, are welcome to join Short Passions. The website works to create a loving, accepting atmosphere for all. Plus, this is a social network as much as it’s a dating site, reducing the pressure of becoming intimate with a person you meet here.

A private and group chat are both available. You create a profile following a short set of steps, and off you go. You can create friends lists, friend groups to talk to daily, and more. Also, Short Passions allows people to talk to each other via video, which makes for a great chance to develop a connection while preserving your safety.

The positives: It’s easy to join one of the many existing groups to narrow down the selection. There are adorable options such as sending online gifts and 50 reactions to make the chat and general flirting much more fun and less awkward. You can update your mood on your profile and chat with people all over the network. It feels lighthearted and fun.

The negatives: It seems the website design hasn’t been updated for some time now, so if you’re a part of the tech generation you may be bothered with the old-looking design. Also, the many websites they feature throughout theirs can be a bit distracting for some.

The demographics: This is a popular website, but not extremely popular. Still, tens of thousands of short people from all over the world are welcome to join.

Scam-meter: The sign-up process in itself doesn’t do a lot to prevent scams. However, the social-network website design makes it quite obvious who the fakes are, and the video camera allows you to confirm your doubts.


Dwarf dating

This site hopes to create an environment where little people can be who they are and find love just as they would if they were of average height. They seem well aware of the difficulties little people tend to face and resolved to provide a space free of such issues.

The registration process consists of just a few steps, so singles are just a couple of clicks away from you! It’s open for all sexualities in the spirit of their entire website. Both the front and the back end of the interface are well developed – you will encounter excellent design and well-functioning services using Dwarf Dating. Create a detailed profile with photos and videos, and start browsing!

The positives: Most of the options are available in the free version on the website so you can use it functionally without paying anything. You can easily chat, and the group chat will allow you ease into the world if you’re not comfortable with private communication right away. The mobile and desktop versions mean you can use this service wherever, whenever. Plus, you can always block annoying users.

The negatives: The sign-up process is quite complex, so you should be careful when filling in the forms. If you make a mistake, your profile will be denied. Plus, a lot of users have problems with changing their information – the entire interface is complicated. They offer a comprehensive FAQ section, though.

The demographics: This is a small person-only website, but takes in all sexual orientations and identities. You will find a broad, yet niche, demographics.

Scam-meter: Any scamming is virtually impossible thanks to the great moderation on the website and the safety concerns they put first.


Shorter singles

Shorter Singles is a niche website aimed towards short people – whether those suffering from dwarfism or only of shorter stature. The developers decided to create a site where this kind of people won’t fear mockery but will feel comfortable to express themselves. You no longer have to mention your height on your profile or worry about causing awkwardness on the first date!

The sign up consists of four easy steps, but that doesn’t mean you will get a Tinder-style profile. Quite the opposite, every user holds a detailed description of their personality and preferences, for easier searching and connecting – no more trial and error! Joining and searching are all entirely free, and the search tools are super comprehensive. The list of people you receive upon entering the search is more likely than not going to fit your preferences.

The positives: The site is developed in a beautiful, yet simple manner. Due to this, fitting many different populations is certain. One thing that caught our eye, though, was the icebreaker messages they offer. Hoping to make meeting people as simple as possible, they eliminated the awkward first stage of dating. Plus, the customer support is superb.

The negatives: This is not a drawback, but it can be a consideration if you’re meticulous about your online activities. This website is a part of a network of sites, and they all work in unison. That means that if a person from a different website enters criteria that you’re likely to match, they will be able to see you. Privacy is guaranteed, but your profile is visible across a range of websites.

The demographics: The only real thing to consider here is the height. As all reputable websites, Shorter Singles welcomes all sexual orientations. The detailed profiles make searching easy even though the members are many, so don’t worry.

Scam-meter: This website claims to protect all of your information. However, the simple login process makes us not completely sure there are no chances of scams occurring.



This website is based on the idea that everybody deserves happiness – no matter how much they differ in characteristics. That is the reason Cupid made subsidiary websites to cater to the needs of many different groups of people. Joining in means broadening your horizons and proving to yourself that you, too, can find happiness.

The design of the website looks vivid and inviting, with many icons and options all over the interface. Handling it all isn’t difficult, though, thanks to the dropdown menus. The initial profile creation is short and covers the basics only, but if you want to personalize, Cupid gives many chances to do so – especially if you’re looking for a deeper relationship, it may well be worth going that extra mile. The filters will make searching through their broad base foolproof and fast.

The positives: The free account comes with many perks, including browsing profiles and interacting with other members. Speaking of interaction, there are several ways to get the conversation going so your shyness won’t stop you from pursuing your match. Plus, the entire design provides clear, concise browsing.

The negatives: The new-age design of the site could be overwhelming for some, especially if you’re not proficient with surfing online. Also, if you aren’t a paid member, the prompts to upgrade will be popping up left and right – prepare so you wouldn’t get annoyed.

The demographics: Cupid is a popular website, so many little people are flooding in to take advantage of the section aimed to satisfy their particular needs.

Scam-meter: Anyone can join, and the site is free of charge, so be careful. However, your personal information is safe with Cupid, and you can choose to stay anonymous for as long as you want.


Short friends date

Joining a dating website means looking for a romantic relationship for most people. However, specific groups visit to find friends and a good conversation – that is where Short Friends Date comes into play. The developers created a website on which it won’t be implied you’re looking to date – but that option, of course, still exists.

The user base is not huge, but most of them are relatively active. In fact, their data shows that as much as 80% of users log in daily. This fact already says something about the vivid, involved community. The people available are divided into categories so you can narrow down your niche even more if you feel you’d enjoy that.

The website is compatible with mobile usage, meaning you don’t have to stop talking with all the great people you meet when you’re on the road.

The positives: This website is one of the rare ones that doesn’t even mention credit card information. While you can always refuse a websites suggested upgrade, this fact creates a more homey atmosphere. You can use the search tools to find your ideal match, and they even include searching by area if real-life communication is more of your thing.

The negatives: As with most of these networks, your profile will be available on a range of joined websites. Plus, they don’t do much to ensure their users are over 18. This problem is not huge, as the site is family-friendly and there’s no explicit sexual material, but it is a concern.

The demographics: This is a niche website letting little people in only. Among them, you can find many varieties, because they promote acceptance.

Scam-meter: The chances of being tricked using Short Friends Date are quite low. They track the activity on their website, and they work hard to keep all of the profiles 100% genuine.

Will I Get Scammed?

Little people dating

Getting scammed is a real risk with using any website. With dating websites, it doubles. There are even higher chances when we talk about sites guided towards a specific group of people, like little people. Let us take a look at two different types of scams likely to happen.

The first type entails money-related scams. When it comes to websites, we will recommend, you can never avoid that entirely, as all of them are free to use. What you can do is be careful if your new match asks for your bank account number or a ‘loan’. You may be kind-hearted and wanting to help, but ensure you know what you’re doing first.

Second, catfishing. This idea may scare you, especially if you were a victim of bullying at some time in your life. We are happy to say that most people who join these kinds of sites are delighted to meet you and talk to you. There will be some people who come there to fetishize, though. Make sure that your new match doesn’t regard you as a stereotype, so you wouldn’t get your feelings hurt.

Final Thoughts

We hope we inspired you at least to some extent. Besides these websites, you may use any traditional dating website for the same purpose. However, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with that idea. We highly recommend or AdultFriendFinder as top-notch sites.

Today, we wanted to take a look at little people dating sites that cater to their specific needs – or which at least allow you to find a group of people you feel comfortable with. And if you’re a little person-lover reading this, we hope you learned a bit.

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