Top 11 Best Jewish Dating Sites in 2023

Finding love has never been easy. To complicate matters, millennials today suffer from all sorts of calamities that make it difficult to find the perfect match. Potential matches for Jewish people are even harder to find, even on Jewish dating sites.

Never fear! We are here to help you find which online dating sites are more likely to lead you to the most potential matches!

You would think that being part of a minority group of some sort might narrow down the ways you might meet a significant other. However, romance is such a lucrative business that even these niche markets have lately exploded with options.

Whether it be for religious beliefs, sexual orientation, dietary, or any other specific reasons, there is a site or an app for that. In this article, we review the best Jewish dating apps on the market today.

Jewish Dating

So, what’s a nice Jewish girl or Orthodox Jewish guy to do? Where would you start? If you are really desperate, you could seek out the services of a traditional Jewish culture dating coach, shadchanim or shadchan, or Orthodox Jewish matchmaker.

However, some in the Jewish dating culture may feel that there are better options these days for a Jewish dating service in the online dating scene. We are well into the 21st century, and the world is an amazingly connected place replete with opportunities to introduce you to all sorts of people. with an awesome dating site profile on any of the many popular dating apps, you could have a successful match in no time!

There are now dating sites and apps for everything, including finding compatible matches in Jewish-focused casual dating. Now, before you scoff, dating apps in general, and Jewish-themed ones, in particular, have come a long way from the awkwardness of the early 2000s dating process.

JDate used to be the only real option for progressive young adults looking to find someone of their culture or faith in the Jewish dating culture. Compatible partners in a Jewish match for a life partner with a similar religious background are much more likely today for Jewish daters.

Check out our top picks below and try them out:

Best Jewish Dating Apps Reviewed

These days there are many options for Jewish dating sites. There are general dating apps for non-Jewish people that give you the chance to narrow your search by religious preference in your online dating experience. Alternatively, you can find plenty of prospective partners on Jewish-targeted apps that are specifically focused on linking people with similar faiths and lifestyle choices.

So before you resort to an Orthodox Jewish family intervention or Old World matchmaking to find the perfect partner, give the following apps a try. Review

Almost everyone has heard of It is one of the most popular dating websites in the world. is not just for dating; you can also try looking for long-term romantic relationships with a real person. But what about Jewish partners?

Surprisingly, this is one of the top sites for Jewish dating. They have extensive search filters that include searching only for Jewish singles and people with a Jewish background. Their online dating services and matchmaking is based on an algorithm that matches you with a wide range of partners who best fit your personality.

The only downsides to are that it is a paid program, and it can often have many fake profiles. But paying for the service also means that you know that anyone on this site is serious about finding a long-term partner.

You can’t search profiles without signing up for a paid account, but with 82% of the app’s members being university graduates, the fact that payment is required is unlikely to be a limiting factor.


EliteSingles Review

While not a specifically Jewish-oriented app, EliteSingles allows you to narrow your search results by religion and specify how important it is that your matches be Jewish. The app uses personality tests for its matchmaking model and sends out 3-7 matches every day to assist (or replace) the need for you to personally sift through profile after profile. 

Visit EliteSingles

JDate Review

The one that started it all, JDate boasts the world’s largest network of Jewish singles between its website and app. Since 1997, the site has been offering a way to meet fellow community members who are looking for friendships, casual connections, or true love in meaningful relationships.

JDate does not restrict its membership to Jews only, so it’s possible to match with non-Jews, depending on your preferences. The company hosts singles events both on and offline, to give users the widest variety of opportunities to connect in any relationship type.

Visit JDate


While this might sound like Tinder for Jews, that is not an accurate assessment. Tinder made its name on casual hookups and JSwipe is definitely not about that. It may have been designed almost identically to Tinder, but Jewish daters come to this app specifically looking for commitment with someone who values the same things as them spiritually.

On JSwipe, you list your religious affiliation, be it Orthodox, Reform, etc., and whether or not you keep kosher. With over 1 million users worldwide now, it’s currently the most popular Jewish dating app on the market. It is also free to download, with additional premium content available through a paid subscription. So get to swiping – Jewish style – and find someone your mother might actually not nag you about.

It is a great site for Jewish Seniors, Marriage Minded, and those of various religious views and political leanings. Whatever your religious observance, JSwipe is a solid option.


Jcrush is another swiping-based application among mainstream dating sites, with over 200,000 users worldwide. This is a fun app to use for casual dating or searching for a partner without serious intent. Unlike other dating websites, JCrush does not use an extensive algorithm to match you with a partner. Instead, it relies on your own personal preferences when looking at the profile of another user. This is a location-based app, so you can see if there is someone in your area. It has a whimsical and fun interface.

Shlish Gan Eden

If you are looking for an Israeli love connection, then this is the app for you. Google Play touts it as the most popular dating site in Israel and the company claims that “it marries off the most Jews in Israel – Guaranteed!”

Saw You at Sinai

This app incorporates the use of professional matchmakers to assist and improve your chances of meeting The One. They work with people who identify across the spectrum of Judaism, from “Just Jewish,” to Conservative, Modern Orthodox, or Yeshivish/Black Hat.

A detailed profile completed during the signup process gives these modern-day yentas access to your likes, dislikes, hopes, and dreams. They then select potential matches for you and send them to you for perusal. If both parties like what they see, the matchmakers initiate contact, and the romance blossoms from there.

Mazel Match

One of the newer entries into the Jewish dating app scene, Mazel Match is totally free and offers unlimited just about everything, from swipes to the coveted “undos” to messaging. It also claims to be a “zero ads” app, which anyone on a budget will appreciate.


Jared is a Jewish dating site that is exclusively for Jewish singles looking for marriage commitments. Many dating sites make it hard to know if somebody is serious about finding a long-term partner or not. By using JWed, you know that everyone who has signed up is looking for marriage. This could be a great choice if you’re sick of the causal nature of some dating sites. is a site that is dedicated only to finding a Jewish love interest for people over the hill. This is one of the top senior dating sites for Jewish seniors and is exclusively for Jewish singles over 50 years old. Many of the mainstream dating websites are geared towards younger people, so this is a pretty great option if you’re looking for a new partner later in life.

Other Dating Apps to Consider

Zoosk Review

While Zoosk is not a Jewish-focused website, it does have more than 35 million members from all over the world. One of the best things about dating on Zoosk is you can search exclusively for Jewish singles.

Zoosk also offers a patented behavioral matching system that will make selections based on your personality and what you’re looking for in a partner. Zoosk has quickly become a trusted dating website not just for Jewish singles but also for people all over the world. You can search by education level, religious orientation, and any other criteria you find important in a partner.

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Frequently asked questions on Dating Sites Jewish

How do Jewish dating sites work?

Jewish dating sites typically operate like other online dating platforms, allowing users to create a profile, browse potential matches, and communicate with other users through messaging or other features. Some Jewish dating sites may have additional features or filters specifically tailored to the Jewish community.

What are the benefits of using a Jewish dating site?

Jewish dating sites can provide a platform for individuals who are Jewish and looking to meet other Jewish singles for dating and relationships. These sites can also provide a sense of community and connection with other Jewish individuals who share similar values and beliefs.

Are Jewish dating sites safe?

Like any online platform, there is always a potential for scams or fraudulent activity on Jewish dating sites. However, reputable dating sites take steps to ensure the safety and privacy of their users, such as verifying profiles and offering reporting features for suspicious behavior.

Do Jewish dating sites have age restrictions?

Age restrictions can vary from one dating site to another, but many Jewish dating platforms are open to individuals of all ages. Some sites may have specific age groups or categories to help users find age-appropriate matches.

Are Jewish dating sites only for Jews?

Yes, Jewish dating sites are primarily intended for Jewish individuals who are looking to date within their own faith and culture.

Some Final Thoughts

There are many more options out there aside from these apps that we’ve mentioned. There are also other, quite reputable Jewish dating websites that, for whatever reason, have yet to jump on the bandwagon and design their own smartphone apps. And, of course, there are countless mainstream dating apps with large Jewish populations, as well.

So if you haven’t tried at least a few of the best jewish dating apps outlined above, then go ahead and give them a try. There are many, many others like you out there also searching for love with a Jewish twist. So get on your phone, download a few, and see who is out there looking for someone just like you!

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