Top 3 Best Dating Sites For Serious Relationships in 2023

Online dating sites are the norm today if you want to look for someone to date. But more and more people are also relying on the available dating sites today to help them find a serious relationship. There is actually nothing wrong with this because there are people who have met online and who are now happily married. 

But with the many online dating sites today, it can be challenging to find a site that will cater to serious relationships. Since people are having a hard time differentiating between casual, and serious relationship. So, to make things easier for you, I’ve gathered the top 3 free dating sites for a serious relationship. In this way, you will be assured that there are like-minded people there. Plus, your chances of finding someone is high.

Top 3 Best Dating Sites For Serious Relationships

At a snapshot, here are our recommended dating sites that have excellent features, large member base, and excellent protections against scammers:

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is another online dating site that is intended for people who are looking for a serious relationship. One of the best things about Elite Singles is that the site has like-minded people who are all looking for a serious relationship. There are also a lot of professionals on the site, who are looking for someone that they can date and have a serious relationship with. 

A lot of people love using Elite Singles because of its ease of use. They help people find their match due to the personality assessment that was given to their members upon signing up. Once Elite Singles sends you your potential math, all you have to do is to choose amongst them. You can start sending them messages and introducing yourself as well.

Another good thing about Elite Singles is that you can join for free. This means that you no longer have to spend any amount so that you can find that one person that you can be with forever.

Try EliteSingles for Free


eharmony is a great dating site eHarmony is known as one of the online dating sites that are responsible for over 2% marriages in the US since the year 2000. One of the best things about eHarmony is that they will be the one in charge to help you find the perfect match. This means that all you have to do is to sign up an answer all the needed questions so eHarmony will help you find that match.

Another good thing about eHarmony is that they have features that will surely help you find that match that you’re looking for. They are conversations that are pre-written, which will help you communicate with other members. You can also keep track of your favorite members, via Mutual Favorites, Favorited Me, and My Favorites.

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match review Match is one of the online dating sites for people who are looking for serious relationships. The site was founded in the year 1993, and they have launched officially in the year 1995. This makes the site the longest running online dating site today. In fact, Match has a total of 42 million sign-ups so far and monthly, they have more than 38 million monthly visitors. 

Majority of the members on Match are looking for a person that they can date and be with a serious relationship with. Their goal is to marry the person that they have met here eventually. One of the best things about Match is that you can sign up for free. This means that you don’t have to worry about any fees, because the only thing that you need to worry about it is finding your true love.

Another good thing about Match is that they have features that will help you find that partner that you are looking for. Some of the features including advanced search features, mobile support options, communication, and viewing tools. With their user-friendly interface, you will surely get to find your perfect match.

Try for Free

Difference Between A Casual Relationship and Serious Relationship

In today’s generation, people are having a hard time figuring out on how to differentiate a casual relationship to a serious relationship. This can become a problem, especially if what they are looking for is a serious one. So to avoid confusing everyone, I am going to give you information about the difference between a casual relationship and a serious relationship.

Seriousness Level

When it comes to the level of seriousness, people who are into a serious relationship are more serious compared to casual relationships. People who are into a serious relationship usually move in with each other, or they often spend the night at each other’s homes. With the casual relationship, they actually don’t get to see each other often, and that’s fine with them. They may even not talk to each other for weeks, and that won’t become a problem. 


When it comes being monogamous, casual dating is not really monogamous. But with a serious relationship, this is important. The reason behind this is because they are committed to each other. Also, they need to be only involved with each other and not with anyone else. With a casual relationship, there is no commitment at all. In fact, they are allowed to see anyone they please. They can, in fact, see each other while they are still with someone. Not unless they start to talk about it and start being serious and committed to each other. 


Couples in both casual and serious dating are both sexually active. The difference is that people who are into casual relationships tend to have other sex partners. They even have people that they are friends with benefits with. If you are into casual relationships, then it would be best to take extra precautions. This will help avoid spreading diseases and of course pregnancy. 

Now if you are into a serious relationship, intimacy stays between the two of you. The relationship is monogamous so it is only ideal to only have sex with each other and no one else outside the relationship.


People who are into casual dating are looking for fun. The reason behind this is because they can be with each other but also get to see other people. They also don’t have to worry about anything because they don’t need to commit to anyone. When it comes to a serious relationship are still having fun by looking for things that they can do together. This means that both types of relationship can both have fun in different ways. 

Tips On Dating If You Want A Serious Relationship

It Takes Time

When it comes to looking for a serious relationship, things will not be easy and fast. Finding someone that you can be with for an extended period of time will not take you a day to see it. The best thing that you can do is to get to know the person first before you commit. You need to make sure that the goals that you have in mind will be met first before committing.

Searching Online

Since looking for a serious relationship online is becoming the norm now, there is nothing wrong with that anymore. The reason behind this is because almost everyone’s doing it now. So if you are going to sign up on one of the many online dating sites for a serious relationship, let a friend help you out. This will make creating your profile more fun.

When creating your profile, make sure to be concise, short, but funny. Avoid boasting or to even pretend to be cutesy. Some people hate this kind of thing, so always make sure to keep it short yet interesting. Also, it would be best to upload photos that show you doing your favorite activities. And of course, an updated profile photo of you. 

Browse Through Profiles

The next thing that you need to do is to start browsing through profiles of different members. It would be nice if you can pick four to five guys and send a message showing that you’re interested. If you can send a pre-written message, then that’s fine. But remember it would be best to come up with your own messages. You can either make a comment about something on the profile or on the photos uploaded. 

Start Communicating 

Now that you have your respective prospects, the next thing that you need to do is to start communicating with them. Continue exchanging messages and avoid bringing up a meet up too soon. But, it would also be best to avoid prolonging the meet up as this may give an impression that you’re not interested. If that person would love to flirt through chat but not suggesting a meet up, then there must be something wrong. This person may be married or is into a different relationship. 

After a few chat exchanges, you can set up a meeting at a coffee shop. You can also suggest having drinks at a location that’s convenient for both of you. Make sure to avoid being late once the both of you agreed to meet up.

Create A Prior Commitment

Before the meetup, you can say something like you need to go after a couple of hours because of a prior commitment. In this way, the person won’t have to think that you are bailing out because you’re not interested in this person. So the best thing that you can do is to tell the person that you have this prior commitment that you can cancel.

This is actually a good thing because if things suddenly go the wrong way, you can always make that commitment as an excuse. Now, if you are enjoying, it would be best to still leave but to make sure to let him know that you’re interested. Yes, this may be a little straightforward, but it’s always good to be clear. 

Upon Meet Up Pay Attention

Now, when you are already fact to face with the person, it would be best to pay attention to everything. This may include the way both of you converse with each other. Check if you are finding some common interests with this person and if he is somewhat dominating. When conversing, it would be best to avoid talking about your issues in life even if the other person opens up about it. 

If the person wants to get your advice, avoid giving it as you don’t know the entire story of the problem is. Plus, this is inappropriate so by all means, avoid doing so. Always make sure to stay upbeat in conversation as the whole.

Splitting The Check

Gone are the days where a woman will expect the man to pay the entire bill. The reason behind this is because there are women today who prefer splitting the bill. Yes, even if this is a date, they will always offer to split the bill. If this happens, let her split the bill with you. But of course, if you really want to, you can always shoulder the bill and just tell her to get the bill for the dessert or something.

Wait And See

After both of you go on your separate ways. Wait and see if you are going to be contacted again if you are a woman. But if you are a guy, then you can always initiate. If you don’t see here anything from your date, then it would be best to cross him or her out of the list. You can then continue and start over again. 

Now if he starts sending you messages and is putting on the effort to meet up with you again, you can respond. This time, it would be something with a fixed place and time. It should be a real date and not just a spontaneous kind of meet up. Now, if he says something like “let’s see on Friday” then it would be best not to include it in your calendar. The reason behind this is because he might just cancel it or it may not really be happening. 

Beware Of Texts

Once the two of you have met up, beware of texts that come during odd times. The reason behind this is because they may not be looking for a relationship, but only an intimacy. Also, it might just be because he’s bored and decided to look for someone that he can chat with. 

Tips On Making Your Serious Relationship Lasts

Find Time For Making Love

No matter how busy life can be, always make sure to know when to make love. You can start going on date nights again and end it by making love on your bed. If you don’t have time to go out on a date, then you can just cook something at home and make a candlelit dinner. Both of you can always dress up during date nights even at home. Keep the fire burning by these gestures. 

It would be best to make love at least once or twice a week. Yes, no matter how busy you are or how stress you both are, it will still be okay. In fact, making love can reduce stress for both of you. 

Find Time To Talk

As mentioned above, no matter how busy life can be, always find some time to talk. Ask your partner on how his or her day was and this should be comfortable for the both of you. If one of you is currently not in the mood to talk, then you can just enjoy each other’s company. 

Now, if you did get to talk, it would be best to avoid having distractions around. , like watching TV or being on your smartphones, would not be nice. 

Know When To Compromise

If your partner is going to go out with his or her friends, you shouldn’t deny him or her that chance. Know when to compromise and when not to. For instance, if you and your partner have an important meeting for the next day, it would be best not to let him go to that party. But if he or she is free, then letting your partner go and be with friends won’t be a problem. Just make sure that both of you know how to compromise. 

Travel Together

One of the best things that you can do as partners is to travel together. Whether you’re traveling on an out of town trip or going on out of a country, it would be best to do it together. This will help you to grow and appreciate the beauty of the world. 

You can also take a short trip together if you please just to get away from your usual routine. If you and your partner are already married, then it would be best to go on a honeymoon again. Going on a honeymoon doesn’t mean that you need to make babies. This just says that you want to renew and commemorate your love for each other. 

Find A Hobby Together

To make your relationship more interesting, it would be best to find a hobby that both of you can do together. In this way, you have something that you can both bond over. You can even start enrolling into a gym so both of you can go and workout together. Having something that you can bond over is an excellent way to tighten your relationship. 

Of course, you can also do something that is both out of your comfort zone. For instance, you can try hiking or mountain biking. Just make sure that you will both be okay after that. If he or she doesn’t find it interesting, then you can find something elsewhere both of you can agree with.

Avoid Planning Your Relationship

The first thing that you need to do is to avoid planning your relationship. Avoid having a script or a blueprint wherein you need to do this and expect these things are happening in your relationship. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that your relationship will run passionately and spontaneous. 

Know How To Forgive

The next thing that you need to do is to know how to forgive. Remember that everyone can make mistakes. If something happened, it would be best to talk about it and to find it in your heart to forgive your partner. Now, if you are only going to hold grudges, then it can make your relationship very toxic. If you want your relationship to last then avoid doing that.

Do Your Part

Getting into a relationship is not all about you or your partner doing everything for the relationship to last. This is a two-person relationship, and you need to both work on making your relationship work. You both need to contribute emotionally and physically in the relationship. If only one of you are contributing, then your relationship might not last.

Start Growing Together

The next thing that you should know is to start growing together. You need to both start growing up, and this will actually help you know if the person is for you or not. Typically,  growing together means bonding and talking with each other. If one of you is having a hard time growing with each other, then the relationship might not last. 

Know How To Adapt

As you all know, you can’t actually expect your partner to have the same beliefs and ideas as you. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you know how to adapt to your part. If you love your partner, this won’t actually be a problem. There may come a time that some of the things that your partner does can become a deal breaker, but if you know how to adapt, then you won’t have to worry about anything at all. 

Respect Your Own Interests

Just like with adapting above, you should also respect the fact that both of you can develop your own interests. Don’t get disappointed if your partner has different interests as you. Having different interests is actually a good thing because you will have things to talk about. 

Avoid Keeping Score

Always remember that a relationship is not a game and don’t need to keep score of everything. For instance, if your partner did something nice or something bad, you don’t need to keep score on those and later on use that on them. Avoid holding something against them as this will only turn your relationship with him. Remember that in every relationship, no one actually wants to feel like he or she is a loser. 

Know Self-Awareness

If you want to make your partner happy, you need to make sure that you also know how to make yourself happy. You need to be aware of yourself, so you know what your partner makes him or her happy. Of course, you also need to know the things that will make you hit it off. This will surely make your partner feel that he or she deserves you.

Improve Your Qualities

Improve the qualities that made you or is making you the better person that your partner deserves. Some of the qualities that you can work on are trust, compassion, and of course loyalty. 

Know How To Encourage Each Other

When your partner is going through something, it would be best to know how you can encourage him or her. You can also do something new and make sure to encourage your partner so he or she can try it out. Always remember to encourage your partner to help him or her achieve the goals that your partner has. 

Always Offer Solutions

Now if something bad happens at the office or anywhere else, the best thing that you can do is to offer a solution. Some people tend to criticize their partners, and this can cause a problem. So provide a solution by giving advice on how the problem can be solved. Stop rubbing the problem on their face as this will cause a huge fight. 

Do Compliment Each Other

Complimenting each other is actually a good thing because this will help show that you do care for your partner. Couples who don’t compliment each other tend to think of how they actually mean to each other. It makes them overthink, thus making them doubt themselves. 

Space And Time

You may be a couple, but this doesn’t mean that you own each other’s space and time. Always remember to let your partner have space and time that he or she needs. The reason behind this is because it will help both of you to grow even if you are away from each other. Of course, being away from each other will make you miss each other.

Know How To Say Thank You

Saying thank you has been taught to everyone since we were little. But saying thank you to your partner when needed will mean something to him or her. This will make your partner feel appreciated. You surely don’t want to stay in a relationship where you are not being appreciated. 

Own Up To Your Mistakes

It can be challenging to admit our mistakes, but admitting this will only make our relationships stronger. If you are wrong, it would be best to admit it instead of making up hundreds of excuses. No matter how high your pride is, always be willing to lower it down for your partner. If you do this, they will be more than willing to forgive you. 

Share Your Thoughts

If there comes a time where you and your partner have something to talk about, especially big decisions, it would be best to share your thoughts. If you are someone who just keeps on agreeing to whatever your partner is saying, then things might not go well in the long run. It would be best to know to share your thoughts about the subject. There is nothing wrong in sharing your thoughts as this will help you and your partner’s relationship to become stronger.

Show Romance

No matter how long both of you are already dating, it would always be best to know when to give her flowers. Or you can give your partner simple surprises as this will help your partner understand that you still care about each other. This is one of the most essential things in a relationship. 

Respecting Family And Friends

Of course, you need to make sure that you know how to respect your partner’s family and friends. Your partner should also do the same, as this will show respect to both your families. Remember that you don’t need actually to like them, but respecting them is definitely necessary.

Always Be Affectionate

Another important factor is your affection with each other. This is important as this will also show your partner that there is still care. You can just give your partner hugs and kisses. If you are the guy in the relationship, then showing her how you love to play with her hair or massage her head during stressful times would be best. Your relationship with each other will surely become blissful. 

Be Mindful Of Your Manners

You may be in a relationship, but you still need to make sure that you still have manners. For instance, you might find it funny whenever your partner burps but this will surely annoy him or her. Some people will find this their deal breaker so it would be best to be mindful of your manners. If your partner is doing something that you don’t like, then it would be best to talk about it. 


Lastly, check out the best dating sites for serious relationships summarized in the table below for your convenience. You will surely get to find one that you’re looking for and make sure to get to know the person first before getting into a relationship with him or her. Being in a serious relationship can be fun and challenging. It takes time and patience to be in a relationship. There will be some adjustments that you need to do for the relationship to work. 

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