Best Dating App in 2019

Having a dating app that you can use no matter where you are or what you’re doing is essential. With the many Smartphones today, everyone can enjoy their phones and joining dating sites today. This also means the birth of many dating apps and one of the best would be Tinder. Ever since its launch, it has how a lot of swipes because of the many users that it has. Get to know more about Tinder by reading the information below.


Tinder was established in the year 2012 and have become very popular across the world. It is now operating in over 190 countries and has 1.4 billion swipes daily from different parts of the globe. There are also 26 million matches daily, and 10 billion matches are already made in total. Tinder is the one responsible for how people see dating today because it’s online and it made people feel more open about finding a date online. The stigma of finding an online date had died down and all thanks to Tinder.

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Why Choose Tinder

With the many dating apps, you might be wondering as to why choose Tinder. The reason behind this is because you can get matched in just a single swipe. All you have to do is to post a recent photo of you, and once a person swipes right to it and you did the same, you two will become a match. 

Another reason why should choose Tinder is that you can not only find friends or dates but as well as hookups. Hookups are a thing to many young people today who are not into commitments yet.

Also, if you want a date that you can just go to in an instant, you may do so by finding a nearby match. There are undoubtedly other people in your neighborhood who are looking for a match and using Tinder will surely help you find one.

Sign Up Process

When it comes to signing up, it’s pretty easy as all you need is a Facebook account. Tinder will get some photos from your profile and other information to get to know you. Some of the information will include your location, age, sex, education and work history. The page likes, and friend list that you have will also include in your Tinder profile. 

Once you are done with the signing up process, the next thing that you need to do is to write a 500 character information about yourself. You can leave it with a few words or write something for as long as it won’t exceed 500 characters in total.

Amazing Features On Tinder

Linking to Spotify

If you are someone who is into music, you can easily link your Spotify account to your Tinder. This will help other members to get to know you and your music taste. A lot of people find this useful as this can help to start up a conversation.

Tinder Social

Another feature that Tinder has is the Tinder Social, which will let you nominate your Facebook friends that you want to go out with. You can invite them through Tinder by stating the information of the night out, including the date and place. Also, you can invite some of the Tinder members to join in which will surely widen up your social life.

Tinder Picks

The Tinder Picks feature was just newly launched and is available for Tinder Gold. This feature will give you Top 10 Picks which will only last for 24 hours. The picks are profiles of other members that you might like. The picks will be presented on the diamond icon which is located on the top of your profile. All of the recommendation’s profile will be posted to you, so you know which ones to swipe right to or not. 

Tinder Boost

The Tinder Boost feature was launched to help members get a boost to their profiles. This is by making your profile to be top for at least 30 minutes.

Overall, Tinder is a great site to help you find that perfect match especially if you are always on the go. Download and install Tinder for free and who knows, you might just find your match while drinking your hot cup of coffee or eating your sumptuous meal. 

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