Dating a Stripper: Things to Know, Pros, Cons

If you are dating a stripper, there are some things that you should know about your new partner that will help you to have a more successful relationship.

things to know when dating a stripper

The unfortunate reality is that strippers get a bad rap. What is seen as shocking or an embarrassment by some people is actually a very lucrative, often temporary career for the strippers themselves. Making several hundred to several thousand dollars per week is nothing to sneeze at, and many girls put themselves through college and grad school, buy houses or live very luxurious high-end lifestyles as a result of their jobs.

Dating a stripper isn’t any different than dating someone in any other profession. Just as dating a doctor comes with its own set of complications, so too does dating a stripper.

Fundamentally, strippers are entertainers. They work at night, usually late evening into the wee hours of the morning. Depending on the type of club he or she works at, lap dances are permitted. Some clubs only offer performances while others offer lap dances, VIP private room dances and more. Some states allow limited touching while touching is forbidden in others.

Regardless of the specifics, strippers can make a lot of money in a night and they work hard for that money. They deserve respect, too.

If you’re starting out in a new relationship with a stripper, here are some things that will help to make your relationship strong.

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Things To Know when Dating a Stripper

Dating a stripper is much different than dating a pornstar. While they both work in the adult entertainment industry and they both bring home great money, the reality is that people only watch your significant other in videos when he or she is a pornstar. With a stripper, it is a real life interaction and that can be tough for a partner to handle.

Strippers come in all shapes and sizes, and they usually have their own special tricks for earning tips every night. She might be an amazing pole dancer or she could be known for being incredibly flexible. Her special talents are what give her an edge over the other dancers, and so you can bet that she’s competitive and motivated to succeed.

Unfortunately there is still a very large stigma attached to strippers and exotic dancers and it is unfair to make negative assumptions about strippers. They’re ordinary people with fascinating lives. They’re no different than anyone else, but it takes a fair amount of understanding when it comes to what they do at work. Dating a stripper can be an incredible adventure, but it’s not for anyone who gets jealous easily.

Pros of Dating a Stripper

The Money is Amazing

Strippers who work in nice clubs can earn hundreds if not thousands of dollars in a single night.

Strippers who work in nice clubs can earn hundreds if not thousands of dollars in a single night. If that’s not motivation, we don’t know what is.

Most strippers have financial goals in mind. They want to pay off student loans, buy houses or support their lavish lifestyles, and they work hard to achieve those goals. Strippers know that the money won’t last forever because with every passing year there are new, younger girls who are out for their jobs and their tips. More often than not, strippers have a plan of how much money they want (or need) to make, and they know how long they plan to stay in the industry.

Adventurous Lifestyle, Great Stories

Since they work so hard for their money each night, it’s no wonder that strippers like to live large. When you’re dating a stripper, be ready to take advantage of days off with quick trips and getaways. They enjoy the finer things because they work hard.

They also have great stories to tell about the people who come into the clubs each night. Dinner conversation will never be boring when you’re dating a stripper. While some people tell stories about their newest customers or accounts, strippers will tell stories about drunken guests, amazing feats onstage and interesting characters who leave large tips. 

Bragging Rights

Let’s face it, being able to say that you’re dating a stripper will earn you massive bragging rights among your social network. Given that most people don’t know strippers personally, your new partner will be as popular at a party as a doctor, celebrity or athlete.

One of the caveats to having bragging rights is that your friends might want to see your girlfriend perform. For her, this probably isn’t an unusual situation but it might make things awkward for you. Make sure you talk with your partner about how you both feel about friends coming to watch her dance so that you don’t have issues later.

Cons when you Date a Stripper

Lap Dances

Lap Dances

If you’re dating a stripper and she works at a club that allows lap dances, then you have to contend with your girl grinding on some other man’s lap. This means you could visit her at work and find her dancing for someone else. Even though it is part of her job, this can be a bitter pill for you to swallow.

This probably isn’t the first time she has been with someone who was uncertain of how to process seeing her dance for other men. Talk with her. Tell her how it makes you feel so that she can reassure you and explain the rules of the club (like whether or not they allow touching) and what you can do to be better prepared in the future. After all, you want to be supportive.


Jealousy, in any form, is one of the trickiest emotions to deal with. It doesn’t matter where you encounter it in your life, there’s a reason they call jealousy the green-eyed monster. It can drive people to do things that are totally out of character.

Knowing that your significant other is dancing nude for other people is enough to drive anyone mad, but it’s particularly true if you’re the jealous type. It can be maddening to know that your partner is dancing for other people every night and that she will make more money the more she can turn on her customers.

If you’re new to being with someone in the industry, it is very challenging to get used to the lifestyle. There is absolutely no reason to think that she will be unfaithful just because she’s a stripper, either. What it boils down to is your ability to adjust and adapt, and those are not easy things to do when you know your partner is a stripper.

Working Nights at the Strip Club

Strippers work regular shifts, sometimes only two to three days a week. Some work more than that. Generally, a stripper will start work in the early evening and work until the club closes, which is usually 2am. (Unless you’re in Las Vegas, in which case dancers perform around the clock)

Some people really enjoy working nights, but if your partner is always gone until the early hours of the morning it can throw your schedules off. You might have a traditional day job and that means that you only see each other when your schedules overlap. Though she might be home for an early dinner, date nights generally need to be reserved for days off because she will always have night shifts.

Introducing a Stripper to Mom

Unless you have really cool parents who don’t pass judgement, it will be a little awkward to introduce your stripper boyfriend to your parents. You’ll probably need to break that news to them before the first meeting takes place to allow for time to adjust. Expect that it could lead to uncomfortable questions and bad jokes.

You should never feel ashamed of what your partner does for a living, but be prepared to deal with awkward moments with your friends, family and even coworkers. Make sure you talk to your partner about your concerns so that he knows what to expect as well, because the last thing you want is for him to be blindsided by disapproving parents at a holiday gathering.

Job Hazards

Being a stripper means working at night with lots of customers who spend money on girls and drinks. When they drink too much, they can become belligerent and sometimes violent.

On the one hand, clubs hire bouncers to protect the staff from harm so you can rest assured that your girlfriend will be safe, but on the other hand there are still people who become overly obsessed and obsession is never a good thing for a stripper.

Make sure your partner feels safe leaving work. Offer to pick her up or make sure that someone walks her to her car and that she texts you so you know that she gets home safely.

Dating an Exotic Dancer: The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, dating a stripper is no different than dating anyone else, but you do have to think about how the people around you will react to the news. Find out what questions she finds offensive and subjects she would rather avoid when she is out with your friends or family, and certainly don’t allow anyone to make her feel bad because of what she does for a living. The reality is that strippers make great money and they work hard, so they deserve respect.

Being with a stripper has its challenges, but it is an absolute adventure and it can open your eyes to a new world. Keep in mind that what she does for a living doesn’t define her. Do your best to understand what she does, her motivation for doing it, and how you can support her. If you can do that, then you’ll be in for a relationship that will keep you on your toes.

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